Valid until: on 2021-07-21

Good morning, I am looking for a person who can add nice animations to film shots. There is a shot of a drone flying by. You will need to add an animation of what the new construction will look like in this place. The appearance of the...

Animation, gif, advertising on social media

Valid until: on 2021-07-21

I am looking for creative people for permanent cooperation who, through animations, videos, gif etc., can show the product in a different way than a standard photo. mainly for use in social media, website etc.

Hello, I need to make a short animation video that will be used in a series of videos on the YouTube channel. Animation max 20 seconds. 1 figure representing me, desk, globe, etc. I have the whole vision in my head, I just need someone to draw...

Hello, I am looking for a person who knows After Effect very well to make an animation similar to the example below:

Explainer Video - animation fixes

Valid until: on 2021-07-07

Hello, I am looking for a person to make some adjustments to an explainer video.

Each text/image that is animated must display for a minimum of 2 seconds Maximum file size: 300kB Various formats to test ad on external sites.

2d animation

Valid until: in 2 days

Good morning, I am looking for an agency / freelancer to do 2d animation. Our goal is to present the functionality of the new version of the product It will be an animation of a similar style and level of complexity: Example 1....

1-minute animation

Valid until: tomorrow

I will commission 8 short one-minute animations with background music and a voiceover.

I will commission a 60 ~ 120 sec animated film once a month, I am interested in permanent cooperation. Greetings,

We are looking for people who will undertake the implementation of advertising animation, lasting from several to several dozen seconds together with a voice over. We want a transparent form of promotion of our mobile application.

Animated video for a song

The job is closed

I am looking for a person who will undertake a simple video for the music I composed, lasting about 2 minutes. Change my mind. Rainy, stormy night, a tall skyscraper in the city center illuminated by lights. A boy in a sweatshirt burns...

Simple svg animation

The job is closed

Good morning, I need to animate a simple svg graphic (in css). There will be about 5-6 moving parts. Please provide me with the cost and example of previous work.

Hello, I am looking for a person who would create several videos like...

Hello, I'm looking for an animator for simple short animations. Mainly subtitles + photos, I am preparing the content and concept Example - I already have another asap order. Permanent regular cooperation. Please...

Video animation - Explainer

The job is closed

We are looking for a person / company that deals with animation. There is a 60-second movie / explainer to be made with all the preparation - drawings, animations, sound, etc. Please give us a quote for a video with an aesthetic similar to...

Short animation for kids

The job is closed

Good morning The subject of the order is the development of an animated film presenting biblical themes (the lives of saints), aimed at children. We provide a voiceover background, which guides you through the story and is its script at the...

Hello, we are looking for a person who will prepare characters in 2D and 3D (we made their profiles) and short animations with music / dialogues 1min / 1.5min in Blender and give us the copyrights to characters, music and animations. The video...

I will have an interesting and eye-catching email signature made. It has to be with a photo (in several versions to choose from) and links to social media, maybe an animated element.

Product video

The job is closed

Nobody said product videos had to be serious. Zelce a product video combining humor with the product (with excellent audio narration). Can you do it in less than 30 seconds? without words it will be even better! Maybe a galactic scenery showing...

Technology operation animation

The job is closed

We are looking for a person or company that will create an animated presentation for us explaining how our technology works. We want to add to the animation short, realistic shots of the machine's operation in 3D. Animation should combine a...