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Hello, I am a website owner and I am looking for an expert to help me fix my site. I have been using Flastome for a few months and I am very happy with its features and performance. However, I need some help with some aspects of my website, such...

Online store


Creating an online store whose items are online products (short, stock videos) available for download in a subscription model. I will be happy to send a sample site in a private message.

I am looking for a contractor who is able to create me a nice landing for the service I am selling and optimize the purchase path to be as user friendly as possible. The service will be a woocommerce product. The website is (elementor),...

I will outsource the complete implementation of the e-store and configuration with Comarch ERP Optima along with light crew apprenticeship and startup assistance. I expect a ready-made project in which I start with a ready-made and configured...

We are looking for help to implement a system that changes prices in the Shopify store based on the inventory of products shared in a CSV/XML file by contractors. Identification of products by product code (SKU). There will be two conditions...

Good day, I am looking for a person with experience in creating PrestaShop based stores. The assignment would consist of: - Migrating an existing store from Prestashop 1.6.x. To the latest 8.x ( we have about 3k products). - Improving...

We are looking for a software house that will prepare for us and implement the design of an online store at the highest level of UX/UI, we want everything to be caught up and implemented individual design and not template. Currently we have a...

To optimize the store put on Woocommerce, used Porto Theme template,approx. 3500 products and growing. Tried with WPRocket, NitroPack or WP Fastest Cache will not work - needed DOM and FCP limitation.

Store with API


The order includes the development of a store. Graphically it does not need to be very elaborate. We have some graphic material to use, a logo. A certain template can be a...

I am looking for a person who powprowadzania me changes on the website, minor corrections, adding, for example, that the company has the appropriate certificates, etc. With the person who created the site unfortunately there is no contact, all...

I will commission a website in WordPress Text and layout are on the currently made website (flawed) Images I will provide Pagespeed > 90/95/100/100 required (these are the parameters to obtain, which I obtained on another site written in html) -...

I am looking for a graphic designer who will create a website layout + store or a web developer who will both create the website layout and code it in Elementor. Very important for me is a great look of the site, in line with current trends and...

I will commission a website in WordPress Text and layout are on the currently made website (flawed) Images I will provide Pagespeed > 90/95/100/100 required (these are the parameters to obtain, which I obtained on another site written in html) -...

Hello, I will outsource cookiebot implementations using gtag on prestashop software.

We are looking for a reliable contractor to create a pricing module (or adapt an existing solution) in a Prestashop store. The customer adds products to the shopping cart. When finalizing the order, it is to be possible to choose 1 - fulfill the...

Online Shop


Hello, I would like to create an interface for an online store (dealing with the sale of handmade things) - Logotype - Clear layout - Adding/editing products from the admin panel (both products and new subcategories) - Online payments -...

We are a rapidly growing company publishing English language learning materials, looking for an experienced IT professional to help us improve the optimization of our website. We are looking for a candidate who will be responsible for improving...

I am looking for someone who is able to hook up payment gateways. For the time being, he wants to run an unregistered business to test the product. Is it somehow possible to do this? Because payments are not working for me. The platform is...

I am asking for a quote to create a store based on a clean custom template, possibly Falcon. Desktop + mobile We care about high performance. For this migration of data from the current store to 1.7 I ask for a quote for a ready-made...

I need someone to help me enable the store. I have a template and products uploaded. I need to configure it for myself. Connect supplies, upload banners.

How to Get a Job as an E-commerce Website Developer?

Breaking into the e-commerce development field or advancing your career? This guide provides invaluable insights for both entry-level and senior e-commerce website developers. Discover the programming languages and platforms essential for success and learn how Useme can elevate your freelance journey.

Understanding E-commerce Website Development

Ever wondered what makes e-commerce websites tick? It's the magic woven by skilled developers like you! E-commerce development is not just about coding; it's about creating seamless shopping experiences. Whether you're starting or scaling up, mastering languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and platforms like Magento or Shopify is key.

The Path to Success: From Novice to Pro

Every journey starts with a single step. For e-commerce developers, that means grasping the basics and gradually mastering complex systems. It's a mix of continuous learning and real-world experience. Remember, every expert was once a beginner!

Why Useme is Your Go-to Platform

Now, let's talk about how Useme fits into your career as an e-commerce website developer. This platform isn't just another job board; it's a gateway to secure and fruitful freelancing.

Diverse Job Opportunities

On Useme, the world is your oyster. With an array of remote e-commerce development jobs, you can send proposals directly to clients worldwide. It's not just about finding work; it's about finding the right work.

Secured Payments, Secured Future

Wave goodbye to payment woes. Useme ensures your efforts are rewarded by securing client deposits before you start. This means peace of mind for you and trust in your client relationships.

Hassle-Free Invoicing and Legalities

Useme isn't just about jobs; it's about making freelancing a breeze. With invoicing and legal contract services, you can focus on what you do best – developing top-notch e-commerce sites.


Becoming a successful e-commerce website developer takes skill, perseverance, and the right platform. Useme brings job opportunities, payment security, and legal ease to your fingertips, making your freelance journey smoother and more rewarding.


What programming languages are crucial for e-commerce development?

Key languages include HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP, with platforms like Shopify and Magento being industry standards.

How does Useme ensure payment security for freelancers?

Useme secures payments by requiring clients to deposit funds before project commencement, ensuring freelancers are paid for their work.

Can beginners find e-commerce development jobs on Useme?

Absolutely! Useme caters to both novices and seasoned professionals, offering a range of job opportunities suited to various skill levels.

Are there any additional benefits for freelancers using Useme?

Yes, besides job variety and payment security, Useme provides invoicing and legal services, streamlining the administrative side of freelancing.

Is experience in e-commerce development necessary to start on Useme?

While experience is beneficial, Useme offers opportunities for developers at all stages of their career, encouraging growth and learning.