Pay freelancers effortlessly without signing contracts

Invite your subcontractor to settle a deal
Subcontractor uploads the finished work to Useme
You pay for the ordered work
Ready! Subcontractor receives payment in 48h and you receive a tax invoice
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Why is Useme a better solution than traditional contracts?

Only a couple of clicks to settle a deal

Formalities contracts, legal complexities - leave it to us.

You get a tax invoice

Whether your freelancer has his own company or not.

You save company resources

Our solution remains more cost-effective than traditional employment.

Delegate your administrative tasks to us

Freelancers signs a contract of work with Useme

We handle your freelancers on your behalf

  • we take care of compliance and accounting issues
  • we manage all formalities associated with the payment
  • we take over the hiring costs

We provide you with the freelancer’s work along with a tax invoice.

Collaborate with freelancers in a modern way

With us, your settlements with subcontractors will be safer, simpler, and more cost-effective

Invite your freelancer to make a deal

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