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the table is to collect data and automatically recalculate them, the difficulty is that the calculation of profitability of orders may consist of 5 to max 7 sections in which there is a loss on one section of the route and a profit on another,...

We are looking for a person to work on a database of simple HTML texts, in terms of improving "heading" tags and adding "div" tags, according to the guidelines. Assignment to be performed in the company's internal system.

I will outsource the task of automating the import of customer order data into an existing Excel database and assigning the appropriate data for new items from orders based on the existing database. Details: 1. downloading the data from a csv...

Project Description: We are looking for an experienced freelancer, specializing in European funds in the field of Green Energy, to cooperate in the preparation of applications for funding under the European Funds for Infrastructure, Climate,...

Responsibilities: Research and identify potential companies. Reach out to them in English and present project opportunities. Requirements: Fluent in English with strong communication skills. Basic proficiency in email and communication...

We are looking for a person who has experience with, or similar tools. It is about setting up and connecting databases and automating activities.

We are looking for a virtual assistant to assist a company in the construction industry. Objectives: - Improve communication and information flow, - piloting issues, - controlling deadlines, - completing data in systems, - Implementation of...

Need to create a subscription contract under Dutch law

I will order the creation of a database, containing: - www address to the offer from olx, - the category of the offer (e.g., sale of apartments / sale of houses / lease of houses, etc.), - type of transaction (sale/lease), - the date the...

OBJECTIVE : to acquire email addresses + mass mailing to companies (PL) aiming at inquiries in the field of private medical care and group life insurance.

The assignment consists of two parts. The first is based on a web search for price lists for two general types of energy storage (low-voltage from 5 to 15 kilowatt-hours and high-voltage from 15 to 40 kilowatt-hours) for the customer and end-user...

Amazon account support - listing products from Baselinker We are looking for a person or company who will list items for us via baselinker on The Amazon account is hooked up to baselinker and configured . The Amazon account has...

We are looking for a virtual assistant for a project to create a database and contact external companies and contractors. Your goal is to search for companies, contact them and gather quotes and set appointments on the calendar once criteria are...

I am looking for a person who will collect press materials and VIDEO, and then create a script along with an outline to create a commentary video on national politics. On my YouTub channel I comment daily on the most important political events,...

Hello, we are looking for a person for permanent cooperation, who will do first a market research on what potential our products have for further sale on a given marketplace "marketplace". This person will additionally be responsible for the...

I am looking for a person for about 1/4 FTE - at the beginning (in the following months possible increase in FTE) from customer service for shipping products to Germany. Work 100% remote. We provide training. Required communicative German. Asking...

Our company is looking for a person to launch our online store on the new eMag marketplace. We are keen to make the auctions clear and easy to read. Therefore, we are looking for an experienced person who has the time and is able to devote to the...

Hi, I am looking for a person for a design collaboration. I PROJECT: Material proofreading: PDF about 15 pages + Excel file Excel formatting to PDF according to the instructions I will provide - I can't prepare it myself. Please...

I've surpassed 120k in income this year, and haven't embraced DRA files for a few months now Looking for someone to enter 5-7 files One-time assignment


How to Get an Administrative Assistant Remote Job

Embarking on the journey to become a remote administrative assistant opens up a world of opportunities and flexibility. This guide will walk you through the steps to secure your dream job, highlighting how Useme facilitates this process for freelancers.

Understanding the Role of an Administrative Assistant

An administrative assistant plays a pivotal role in supporting businesses by managing tasks, organizing schedules, and ensuring smooth operations. In a remote setting, these responsibilities are carried out from the comfort of your own space, requiring strong organizational skills, excellent communication, and a proactive attitude.

Steps to Become a Remote Administrative Professional

Breaking into the field of remote administrative work involves several key steps, from enhancing your skillset to understanding the nuances of virtual communication.

Develop Relevant Skills

Focus on cultivating skills such as time management, proficiency in office software, and strong written and verbal communication. These competencies are the backbone of an effective administrative assistant.

Creating a Compelling Online Profile

Your online presence is your gateway to remote opportunities. Create a professional profile highlighting your skills, experience, and what makes you the ideal candidate for remote work.

Leveraging Useme for Job Opportunities

"The world of freelancing is competitive, but platforms like Useme provide a unique advantage." Useme connects freelancers with a multitude of remote job offers, allowing you to send direct proposals to clients.

Securing Your Payment with Useme

One of the biggest challenges in freelancing is ensuring payment. Useme addresses this concern by securing the client's deposit before you start working, guaranteeing payment for your hard work.

Navigating Invoicing and Legal Contracts

Freelancers often struggle with the legalities of contracts and invoicing. Useme simplifies this process, offering invoicing and contract services, ensuring you're legally covered both within and outside the platform.


Embarking on a career as a remote administrative assistant is an exciting and rewarding journey. By honing your skills, creating a strong online profile, and utilizing platforms like Useme, you can navigate the freelance world with confidence and security. Remember, success in this role requires adaptability, commitment, and leveraging the right tools and opportunities.


What skills are essential for a remote administrative assistant?

Key skills include time management, proficiency in office software, and strong communication abilities.

How does Useme ensure payment security for freelancers?

Useme secures payment by holding the client's deposit until the project is completed, ensuring freelancers are paid for their work.

Can Useme help with legal contracts and invoicing?

Yes, Useme provides invoicing and legal contract services to freelancers, simplifying the administrative process.

Is remote administrative work suitable for beginners?

Yes, with the right skill set and tools like Useme, beginners can successfully embark on a remote administrative career.

How can I stand out as a remote administrative assistant?

Develop a strong online presence, showcase your skills, and leverage platforms like Useme to connect with potential clients.