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Free your head and focus on business goals. Recruitment documents, legal issues, closing deals - leave it to us.

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Useme is for you if:

Freelancers help you

0-3 deals/month
  • you need to bill a freelancer or a friend after a single, occasional order
  • you would like to get an invoice after settling
    a deal
  • you want to access our database of freelancers to choose from whenever you've got a job that needs to be done

Freelancers help you

3-15 deals/month
  • you collaborate with subcontractors frequently and want to streamline the billing
  • you want to settle accounts legally, without involving other people or departments
  • you want your transactions to be safe for both sides (escrow service)

Freelancers are the basis
of your business

>15 deals/month
  • your company relies mainly on remote specialists
  • you want to free your head from hundreds of formalities like signing contracts
  • you would like our solution to be incorporated into your system via API

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expand your talent pool

Work with freelancers from
all countries

We make borderless hiring real. Useme lets you legally collaborate and pay freelancers from around the world.


Useme in numbers

+250K deals
10 years of experience
+30K companies

Only 3 steps
to a successful collaboration

Let’s take a quick tour through our process.

1. Invite your freelancers to Useme

We’ll send them a short form to start.

2. Pay for the work you’ve ordered

We’ll take care of the rest of formalities.

3. Get the final work and download the invoice

We’ll pay the freelancer within 48h.

Less time spent on formalities

More time for strategic work

Have peace of mind

Never ever worry about compliance again. We’re 100% legal and the liability is on us.

Save resources

Our solution allows you to save on costs associated with hiring employees. We become the legal employer. You receive the ordered work and a tax invoice.

Stay on the safe side

With our escrow service the freelancers’ payments are kept in deposit until the timely delivery of work - in accordance with your guidelines.

Free up your time

We automate the process of closing deals. No need to bother the legal or accounting department.


Answers to the most asked questions
  • How does Useme work?

    When you decide to collaborate with freelancers via Useme we act as the legal employer and handle the formalities such as compliance, signing work contracts, and classifying the type of work.

    Useme creates two contracts at the same time: a specific work contract with a freelancer and a purchase contract for you - the client.

    With Useme you can:
    • collaborate with your existing freelancers or find a new one in our marketplace,
    • accept or decline the work and ask for corrections,
    • keep the payment in a deposit until you accept the freelancer’s work,
    • pay all your freelancers at once,
    • receive a tax invoice after a finished cooperation.
  • You can start by:

    • inviting a freelancer to Useme. To send an invitation you just need the email address of the person you want to work with. The freelancer will receive an invitation from Useme saying that you're inviting them to collaborate.
    • posting a job - in this case, after filling in the details of the outsourced work, you'll receive offers from freelancers from among which you'll be able to choose the ones that suit you best. Then you'll be able to sign a contract.
    • finding a new freelancer in our marketplace.
  • We charge you a service fee for each transaction. The service fee is ~5,5% and decreases as the amount of your transaction increases. If you need more information, check our calculator.
  • In civil terms, you do not sign any contract with the freelancer-subcontractor. Useme signs the contract with your freelancers and becomes their legal employer taking over all the admin tasks. The service is 100% legal.

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