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New pricing, lower commission!

  • We are transparent about the amount of our commission.
  • We charge commissions from each completed invoice or milestone from freelancers.
  • The amount of the fee depends on the value of the final invoice.
  • The calculator will show every element of the rate and the net amount you will receive.

You can also collect bonus points that allow you to send an invoice without any additional cost as a freelancer. For example, you will receive a bonus point when another freelancer who you invited early settles his/her first contracts in Useme. We will also reward you with a bonus point when you complete your portfolio.

How much does it cost?

Enter the value of your freelance contract


The Freelancer receives:

The Employer pays:

Additional Payment

Only the additional services are subject to have additional charge:

For a freelancer

Express money transfer
20 PLN / 10 EUR/USD/GBP + 5% via PayPal
Document delivery by post

For an employer

Create an invoice before send a payment (without a pro forma invoice)
Document delivery by post
Online card payments
Service fee depending on an operator’s rate and the currency