Useme pays off!

Bill your client with the tax invoice when you need it! Enjoy safety in freelancer work thanks to our online deals and get paid with fast money transfers from around the world. All for less than the monthly subscription plan in other services.


Freelancer receives

Useme commission 0  EUR
0  EUR

Employer pays

Net amount 0  EUR
0  EUR

Additional fees

freelancer Freelancer
  • You only pay for the successful cooperation and have access to the marketplace for free
  • Sending payment via Paypal: +5% of the contract
  • Sending document via post: 20 EUR/USD/GBP
employer Employer
  • You pay only for the work done and approved
  • Sending the payment via credit card: 1.5% of the contract in EUR/GBP and 2% of the contract in USD
  • Receiving the tax invoice without pre-invoice: +5% of the contract
  • Sending document via post: 20 EUR/USD/GBP

Useme Club – Save more money with lower commission!

Useme Club is for active freelancers. With it, you have

  • lower commission
  • maximum commission for the higher-value contract
  • exclusive benefits only for club members

Meet one of the conditions in one quarter to join the club!

6 deals
150 EUR

You will automatically be in the Useme Club at the beginning of a new quarter once you meet one of the requirements.

Do you have a Useme account?
You can check if you meet the requirements to join the Useme Club from your account!