Speed up your growth

Zero Commitment Freelancing

You grow without limits, and the price never exceeds 99.
Other platforms
When you’re just starting and your income doesn’t exceed 2,000 per month
5.9-9% depending on the platform.
When you’re growing and your income exceeds 2,000 per month
The service fee stops
at 99 per month
, unlocking
free deals!
The service fee grows without limits, and you pay more and more.
When you work internationally and need a simple way to get paid
Always the same.
Often more expensive in
non-Western countries.
Stay flexible

Everything you need for efficient freelancing

As you grow, the service fee remains the same, and you can earn as much as you want.

Clear pricing rules,
no surprises

The service fee is always 4.99%.

Monthly payment limit

You will never pay more than
99 a month.

No obligations

Stay with us only as long as you want.


Stay fee-free when you’re not earning.

Fixed prices
wherever you are

Prices are the same regardless of your and your client’s country.

No setup fees

Explore the platform with a free freelancer account!


Get even more with Useme Club

We reward regularity! Meet just one condition and we'll not only lower your service fee limit but also highlight your offers on the platform.

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Answers to the most asked questions
  • How fast will I get my payout?

    We know how important it is to receive your earnings fast, which is why we prioritize transferring your payouts to your account within 24 hours.
  • You can receive payments using any of these four methods: Payoneer, Wise, PayPal, or bank account transfer. Choose the one that works best for you!
  • No matter which country you're working from or where your client is based, you won't have to worry about any increase in service fees with Useme. So, go ahead and work globally, enjoying your flexibility!
  • If you don't generate invoices, there won't be any service fee, and you won't have any obligations to fulfill. Work as much as you want!
  • Enter how much you want to earn to check your client’s invoice value. Alternatively, enter your client’s invoice value and check how much you’ll get.

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