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Interactive mock-up


Mobile mock-up, for example, in an interactive suitcase with LED lights. For more details I invite you to contact me by phone.

I will commission interior designs using products from a specific site. Permanent cooperation. We want to offer more or less service to the client. We are open to suggestions. Order visualizations Choose the package that fits your...

I will commission the development of a concept for an apartment of 58 m2, where a couple without children will live and piano lessons are conducted by one person. The other person works in an office outside the home from 9 am to 5 pm, but...

Hi I am looking for an architect to develop architectural technical drawings for a single-family house with an area of 180 m2, along with coordination of the project with construction and branch projects. The technical design is to be...

I have been using useme for a long time and I am looking for people to collaborate on new projects. I would like to create modular houses based on prefabricated concrete elements. These elements would look like containers with dimensions of...

Hi! I am looking for an interior designer to create a visualization of the project. I have moodboards for each room with colors, examples of furniture, etc. and functional layouts of the rooms. I do not need technical designs or a shopping...

Good day, we are a company building intimate estates of houses in Michalowice, near Warsaw. In our process is at the stage of finalizing the construction project for which we will want visualization and a website. We have a project...

I am looking for a person who will visualize in AutoCAD an outline technical design of a 2D building on the basis of provided sketches. The elements of the overview design are sectional drawings and installations.

I am looking for a person with a building/sanitary license (a requirement of the facility managing the building) who can draw a design for a small catering establishment. The premises are located in a commercial building. It is not a matter of...

I will commission high quality interior / exterior visualizations with a strong emphasis on showing windows . A total of about 20 visualizations .

We are building a complex of 4 small wooden houses and for the purpose of advertisements and advertising we need some visuals. We have materials from the company making the cottages, but they are only graphics without source files. We are...

As an architect, I am looking for a proficient designing Constructor with the authorization to design. I am time sensitive.

I am looking for an interior designer to design an apartment in Warsaw in modern retro style.

Drawing in AUTOCAD


Remote work. Reworking simple finished drawings of garages and outbuildings in autocad(dwg) -architecture/construction/electrical installations.

Hello , I will commission a detailed design of the garden , in the option with supervision and without supervision. Only people from the vicinity of Warsaw. Dzialka in part wooded. Please send me price offers with portfolio. If...

Good day, I will commission a functional floor plan of the premises, intended to perform functions: Two training rooms Cafeteria Locker rooms with sanitary facilities Playroom The premises are located in a residential area in Wroclaw:...

Hello, I need inspiration, an idea to make a staircase and one decorative wall in a dental office, and a countertop. Staircase: The floor stays The handrail will be only on the left side downstairs, to the left will be a white door ( I...

Hi, I need sample visualizations for one of the service premises (pdf attached). It would be nice to show the following 4 stores on the visualization: a grocery store, a bakery, a pharmacy and a restaurant. In the case of the restaurant, it would...

Hi, I need 2 sample visualizations inside the apartment (in pdf). The apartment is in a development state hence I care about a realistic visualization of how the apartment may look like. One of the visualizations should draw attention to the...

Hi I will commission a specific project, the wall to be designed is a wall on which there will be a bar / shelves etc for liquor and glassware and TVs on which the menu will be displayed. Attached is the wall to be designed. In as much as...

How to Become a Freelance Architect?

Embarking on a journey as a freelance architect offers a world of opportunities and challenges. This guide provides insights into building a successful freelance career in architecture, emphasizing how platforms like Useme can be instrumental in your professional journey.

Understanding the Freelance Architecture Landscape

Freelance architecture is not just about creating designs; it's about navigating a dynamic world where creativity meets practicality. In this evolving industry, being well-informed and adaptable is key to success.

Gaining Relevant Experience

Before diving into freelance work, gaining practical experience through internships or employment in architectural firms is crucial. This not only enhances your portfolio but also gives you a taste of diverse architectural projects.

Building Your Brand as a Freelance Architect

As a freelance architect, your brand is your identity. Developing a unique brand involves showcasing your style, expertise, and values. A strong online presence, from a professional portfolio to active social media engagement, can set you apart.

Essential Tools for the Modern Architect

Staying updated with the latest architectural software and tools is a must. From CAD programs to 3D modeling software, these tools are your companions in translating visions into reality.

Leveraging Useme for a Successful Freelance Career

Useme emerges as a powerful ally for freelance architects, offering a suite of services that streamline the complex aspects of freelancing.

Access to Diverse Job Opportunities

Useme opens doors to a plethora of remote job opportunities. As a platform, it connects you with clients globally, allowing you to send proposals directly and expand your professional network.

Ensuring Payment Security

One of the biggest concerns for freelancers is payment security. Useme addresses this by ensuring that you start working only after the client's deposit, guaranteeing payment for your hard work.

Handling Invoicing and Legal Contracts

With Useme, the hassle of invoicing and managing legal contracts is taken care of. This service is invaluable, allowing you to focus on your architectural projects while Useme handles these critical administrative tasks.


Becoming a freelance architect is a journey of continuous learning and adaptation. By leveraging platforms like Useme, you can focus on your passion for architecture while ensuring a secure and thriving freelance career.


Q: What are the first steps to becoming a freelance architect?
A: Start by gaining relevant experience through internships or employment, build a strong portfolio, and establish your online presence. Familiarize yourself with essential architectural tools and software.

Q: How can Useme benefit my freelance architecture career?
A: Useme offers access to a wide range of job opportunities, ensures payment security, and handles invoicing and legal contracts, allowing you to focus on your architectural projects.

Q: What is essential for building a strong brand as a freelance architect?
A: A unique brand is built through showcasing your style, expertise, and values, coupled with a strong online presence and professional portfolio.

Q: How important are internships in the field of architecture?
A: Internships are crucial as they provide practical experience, exposure to different architectural styles, and help in building a professional network.

Q: Can I work internationally as a freelance architect using Useme?
A: Yes, Useme connects you with clients globally, offering opportunities to work on international projects and expand your professional reach.