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Good day, I am looking for a specialist to develop an application to manage construction equipment rental contracts Specification below and in the following Functionality 1)data entry (except users and login) basic -contracts: a...

We are looking for a DevOps person who can refresh SSL certificates on GCP (kubernetes)

Web application


I am looking for a person to write a simple application that: will be displayed web-based on computers and tablets The application must have the ability to add what who is to produce at given stations (ultimately 6-10 stations) It must display...

We are looking for permanent cooperation. Knowledge and skills needed/to learn: * Next.JS ^12 - pages router. * React ^18 * Styled Components ^5 * Formic ^2 * CSS 3 * Application UI mapping from mockups and client specifications,...

Application development: 1. Laravel, Symfony - mainly API or API+Blade 2. SDK (internal communication bridges) 3. development of integration plugins with the company's API system 4. writing tests of ww app Please contact freelancers with...



Order to write a script for email addresses

Hello,I need to commission a graphic designer and programmer for a custom store for a foreign client.It is important that this is an out-of-the-box order,so if the contractor has rigid rules then let go of reporting.

Hello, I am looking for a programmer who can write code and implement it, on a Chip applied to a simple device to change/add functionality.

I need a module of store reviews, able to integrate with services for collecting reviews such as TrustedShops, Opineo, etc. which would be able to show these reviews on the home page in the form of a slider. Most available modules require...

Hello,looking for a programmer,who is able to program a plugin under mozilla firefox.Commissioned immediately.

Poszukujemy agencji zajmującej się rozwojem aplikacji mobilnych ze specjalizacją w Unity do nadchodzącego projektu gry mobilnej. Idealny partner powinien mieć udokumentowane doświadczenie w tworzeniu gier w Unity, zarówno 2D, jak i 3D, wykazując...

Developer Python


We are looking for a person with very good knowledge of Python. Additionally: REST API WebSockets FastAPI (optional) SQL/noSQL

Good Morning, Due to the expansion of our business, we are looking for a collaborative partner to develop a mobile application for Android and iOS. Our specialty is smart furniture with advanced features. Our goal is to develop the mobile...

I am a Comarch XL user, the implementation of the system is prolonged, the implementer currently has no free time. I am looking for a person with proficiency in Comarch BI Point Analysis to create individual reports. Please give me a price -...

I will commission the development of a desktop and phone application managing the operation of in-wall recuperators. Backend +base in xano with flutterflow, bubble or other no-code. Hardware board 90% advanced, under development. Order...

Hello,I am looking for an experienced programmer who programs in vue.js and preferably still knows the laravel framework.

CRM application


Good afternoon, We are a temporary employment agency that sends its subcontractors (people on their own businesses) abroad to work. We are considering creating our own CRM system, which includes: - CRM - Subcontractors - Projects and...

We are looking for a person to create software to manage our company. We would like to streamline our work and optimize production efficiency. So far we have been working in Excel. The project is likely to be developmental and will require adding...

It needs a site map of If someone is able to extract something like this, or create one using some sort of crawler I would be happy to pay for it.

I need support to migrate websites from cyberfolks to ovh. There are maybe 6-7 of them, simple, not on wordpress. 3 have bases, the rest don't, but something doesn't work when FTPing the files. As much as possible I prefer ongoing instruction via...

How to Get a Coding Job?

Embarking on a journey to secure a coding job can be both exciting and daunting. This guide aims to streamline your path towards a programming job by providing insightful tips and emphasizing how Useme transforms freelancer-employer collaborations.

Understanding the Coding Job Market

Starting your career in coding requires a blend of skill development, networking, and strategic job searching. Learn to code through online courses, bootcamps, or self-study. Build a portfolio showcasing your projects to attract potential employers. The coding job market is diverse and rapidly evolving. From entry-level positions in startups to high-end roles in tech giants, job opportunities abound.

Identify Your Niche

Identifying your niche in coding can help you stand out in the job market and advance your career. It involves focusing on a specific area within the broader field of coding, such as web development, data science, mobile app development, cybersecurity, or software engineering. By specializing in a particular programming language, you can develop expertise and in-demand skills that make you more attractive to employers and clients. To identify your niche in coding, consider your interests, strengths, and career goals. Think about the type of projects you enjoy working on, the technologies you are passionate about, and the industry you want to work in. Research the current trends and demand in different coding niches to find the best fit for your skills and aspirations. Once you have identified your niche, invest time and effort in learning and honing the specific skills and technologies relevant to that area. This can lead to more job opportunities, higher earning potential, and a rewarding career in the constantly evolving field of coding. 

Creating a Winning Portfolio

Provide Clear Documentation

Include detailed explanations of your projects, outlining your role in each project, the technologies used, and the problem solved. This will give potential clients or employers a clear understanding of your capabilities.

Diversify Your Projects

Include a variety of projects to demonstrate your range of skills. This could include web development, mobile app development, data analysis, or other specialized areas within your field.

Keep it Updated

Regularly update your portfolio with new projects and skills. This shows that you are constantly learning and improving, which is an attractive quality for potential clients or employers. Positive feedback from previous clients or peers can significantly enhance your portfolio.

By following these tips, you can create a winning portfolio that effectively showcases your skills and expertise, leading to more opportunities in your field.

Utilizing Online Platforms

Leverage platforms like GitHub to collaborate on projects and showcase your code. Active participation in these communities demonstrates your commitment and skill to potential employers. In addition to GitHub, other platforms such as StackOverflow and LinkedIn offer features where you can share your knowledge and past projects, as well as network with other developers.

Navigating Job Applications

When applying for jobs, tailor your resume and cover letter to each position. Highlight relevant projects and experiences that align with the job requirements. Before you start applying to jobs, make sure to thoroughly research the company and understand their values, culture, and the specific requirements of the role you are applying for.
When filling out the job application, pay close attention to the instructions and provide all the requested information accurately and completely. This may include submitting samples of your work, completing assessments, or providing references.

Leveraging Useme for Freelancers

Useme offers unique benefits for freelancers seeking coding jobs. Here's why it's a game-changer.

  • Job Opportunities: Gain access to a plethora of remote coding jobs, updated hourly, and directly engage with clients.
  • Work Protection: With Useme, start projects confidently, knowing your time is invested in guaranteed work.
  • Handling External Clients: Effortlessly manage invoicing and contracts for external clients, all through Useme's streamlined services.
  • Secure Payments: Enjoy peace of mind with secure payment holding, ensuring you're paid upon project completion.
  • Contract and File Security: Whether it's a new client or an external contract, Useme ensures your work and agreements are secure.


Landing a coding job requires a blend of skill, presentation, and the right tools. Useme serves as a powerful ally in this journey, offering unmatched job opportunities, security, and ease of handling clients and payments. Embrace these strategies to propel your coding career forward.


How can I identify my coding niche?

Consider your interests and the market demand. Experiment with different areas to find your passion.

What makes a coding portfolio stand out?

A diverse range of projects, clear documentation, and client testimonials enhance a portfolio's impact.

How does Useme protect freelance coders?

Useme ensures payment security and offers contract assistance, safeguarding your freelance coding endeavors.

Can Useme help with clients outside their platform?

Yes, Useme assists with invoicing and contracts for external clients, simplifying freelance management.