Now free of charge: fast online payments in Useme

In response to the needs of Freelancers and their customers, we change the way Useme makes online payments. You can now make fast transfers, BLIK card transactions and payments on more favorable terms. [ Read more ]
Published on 2020-06-01 by useme.

Earn more on freelancing jobs: #WorkfromHome with Useme

The coronavirus epidemic means new challenges for freelancers and the self-employed as well as for their customers: small and medium-sized companies. Useme supports you in your remote work, so we are reducing the commission for our services until the end of June. [ Read more ]
Published on 2020-05-21 by useme.

Hungary: is it worth working remotely?

Remote work in Europe is gaining popularity, however, freelancers do not have an equally easy start in all countries. We have already written in our reports on freelancing in Europe about France, the Netherlands, Bulgaria, Romania and Macedonia. What is the situation of freelancers in Hungary compared to these countries? [ Read more ]
Published on 2020-05-18 by Marek Siarkiewicz.

Remote work: how to organize a team during #stayhome and home office?

Work from home is something that many of us do not have experience with - this applies to both employees and entrepreneurs. The coronavirus outbreak forced us to test some remote work solutions, speed up the process of transition and learn to work from home. [ Read more ]
Published on 2020-05-06 by Zuzanna Ilków.

Home office: when do remote working hours matter?

Remote work can be organized in many different ways. Depending on the industry, work specifics and individual tastes, it can be up to eight hours with a short recovery break during this period; there may also be shorter "sprints" at different times of the day. What is better for you? [ Read more ]
Published on 2020-04-23 by useme.

A 100% remote company

Don't believe the experts. There is virtually no chance for a company that has never operated remotely to start doing it right away, let alone doing it well. The only thing waiting for such a company is learning from mistakes to avoid them in the future. [ Read more ]
Published on 2020-03-17 by Zuzanna Ilków.

Croatia - Freelancers Tax Environment

Croatia is for many a dream vacation destination. Is it also ideal for freelancers who want to work remotely? It turns out that the Croatian tax system for freelancers is one of the friendliest in Europe. [ Read more ]
Published on 2020-03-09 by Marek Siarkiewicz.

The Netherlands – tax environment for remote employees

The country is over 15 times smaller than neighboring France, but out of 17.3 million inhabitants just over 7,000. are individuals registered on popular freelance websites. Do you need to register a company in Holland? Is the income tax high? [ Read more ]
Published on 2020-02-06 by Marek Siarkiewicz.

France - tax rules for freelancers

In this article, we discuss the legal and tax environment of France from the perspective of a remote employee. The latter is understood as a co-worker who is not bound by an employment contract and might have many principals at the same time. [ Read more ]
Published on 2020-01-22 by Marek Siarkiewicz.

Taxes for freelancers in Romania

Do you want to hire a freelancer from Romania and wonder what you need? We answer the questions whether a freelancer from Romania needs to set up a company, how and when to report income, and what are the tax rates. [ Read more ]
Published on 2020-01-07 by Marek Siarkiewicz.

Christmas and the New Year in Useme

When working remotely and being your own boss, it's up to you when to take a vacation and on what holiday take time off. However, there is one exception: Christmas and New Year, which most of us can not imagine spending in front of the computer (except for entertainment). [ Read more ]
Published on 2019-12-24 by Zuzanna Ilków.

Bulgaria: freelancers’ tax obligations

Bulgaria offers conditions that we consider fairly good. This includes law income tax and a significantly high social charges-free allowance. [ Read more ]
Published on 2019-12-05 by Marek Siarkiewicz.

North Macedonia: tax obligations for freelancers

Why Macedonia? Because the country made a lot of effort to become investor-friendly which resulted in obtaining a high, 10th rank in Doing business report in 2018. [ Read more ]
Published on 2019-11-18 by Marek Siarkiewicz.

In which countries is freelancing the most popular?

Have you ever wondered in which countries freelancing is a popular way to earn a living? What local conditions mean that in one country a lot of people work remotely, and in another, they account only for a margin of the workforce? In this article, we present specific statistical data and we will try to answer these questions. [ Read more ]
Published on 2019-10-31 by Zuzanna Ilków.

How Brexit or a no-deal Brexit will influence Freelancers?

Thanks to the freelance sector, the British economy receives upwards of £300 billion every year. But the ongoing debate and the show performed by politicians quarreling about Brexit or a no-deal Brexit leaves uncertainty and unpredictability for a few million independent contractors. How can these decisions impact freelancers in the future? [ Read more ]
Published on 2019-10-04 by useme.

How 5G internet will disrupt the way freelancers work

The new internet, so called fifth-generation communications networks, with its cosmic speed and gigantic capacity, will shift the way independent contractors perform. 5G will also activate new jobs, positions, products and services. [ Read more ]
Published on 2019-09-24 by useme.

The 10 rapidly growing freelancers’ competence

In 2027 more than 50% of the US and European labor force will work as freelancers. So, to reach greater market recognition and lavish contracts, independent contractors need to increase their skillset. [ Read more ]
Published on 2019-09-16 by useme.

How to be a successful freelancer

Currently, many people, especially the young ones from the Y generation, look for tips and tricks to quickly get either high fees or salaries. Usually, this comes from media stories about brilliant freelancers earning several thousand a month or start-upers who were taken over for billions of dollars. [ Read more ]
Published on 2019-08-26 by useme.

10 highest paying freelance jobs

If you’re wondering if the freelance world and its perks are for you, then this is, without any doubt, the best time to do it. Considering the internet, modern online services and tools, it’s feasible to complete tasks and projects remotely on a freelance basis. [ Read more ]
Published on 2019-07-25 by useme.

10 remote IT jobs with a yearly remuneration of $100 000 or more

List of positions that allow you to work remotely not only in startups, but also in top class, global businesses and earn lavishly. [ Read more ]
Published on 2019-07-17 by useme.