I need a 2d animated music video for the song. An example of a music video is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=izQ5IAmTaFA Please send the bids.

2D animation of a company logo

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We are looking for a contractor for a simple but aesthetic animation of the company's logo. It's about a few seconds for the intro to a website - a spinning loading circle, then it disappears, the logo appears, the logo disappears. The use of...

Two characters animated

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Hello, I need one or two characters animated in different situations / backs. I am asking for a quote for one animation. Possibility of permanent cooperation.

We are looking for an animator to create charming fairy-tale animations for pre-school children songs (2D or 3D). The animations are intended to visualize the content of the song (some fragments may be repeated). Potentially the possibility of...

Hello, It's about animations of the company logo / INTRO. I'm looking for someone to make it an animated logo / INTRO that will be used as a cutout in a ppt presentation or at the beginning of a presentation. Possibly somewhere on the page;)...

I am looking for a person / company who will make an animated (hand-drawn) film about the company's activities during the coronavirus based on the script, with a voice-over. I am asking for offers with examples of similar implementations and...

Hello, we are looking for an animation artist to create many 90-120sec animations in the style like this: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCS1PMrf0eMcYvLgpPDBKQZg/videos We already have the script! :)

Animated banner on Facebook

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165/5000 Hello, we are looking for a person to make an animated Facebook banner for a development project. Such as: https://www.facebook.com/SentoGrupa/?fref=ts

2d explainer video animation

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I would like to prepare a short 2d animation according to our script. I am asking for a portfolio and offers.

I am looking for a person / company who will make a video promoting a website very similar to this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3I7XqiDz9SQ

A short animated movie

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Hello, I would like to make a short animated movie, something like: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1il_zqlWvKM (only without real videos) More information in a private message and please offer a price - 2D or 3D, as you prefer.

Animation of a company logo

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I will commision an animation duration: 5-10sec format: 4K 50fps mp4 animation of the company logo (source files available in curves, as well as jpg, png with alpha channel) together with the accompanying inscription (4-5 words) animated in...

I will commision creating the Intro and Outro to the Youtube channel for the recordings that I create. The subject of the channel is mentality, success, financial freedom. The recordings are max. 20 minutes.

The goal is to prepare a 3D animation of a non-existent object (UV lamp), made of plastic, using additional special effects showing the product's advantages and its functionality. More specifically: - transfer of a technical drawing to a 3D...


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Hello. I'm looking for someone to make an advertising movie, it's about a short 30-second slide show. Retouching and combination of photos from various stages of work. I am asking for offers

We are looking for a freelancer to create animation, eg as in a powtoon for a loan company using fintech; a loan process, which will then be posted on the website, as a briefing for clients.

Good morning, I am looking for a person who, basing on my logo, will make a short animation, which will serve as an introduction to every movie published on my youtube channel. Animation can be simple, although I count on creative...

Car catalyst work animation

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We are looking for a person who will professionally deal with the creation of a car catalyst work animation. We are interested in a pictorial representation of how the exhaust gas passes through the interior of the catalyst, in which chemical...

I am looking for a person who will be able to prepare a short intro with an animated logotype (I provide the 'normal' company logo). I am asking for the valuation of the whole order (net) along with information on how much time it will take....

Short animation, movie 30 sec

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I need a few animations, one animation should be within 30 sec, preferably with sounding (background music, not necessarily a lector, although I will consider every proposal). Please send your offers and portfolio! Subject: - consolidation...