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YouTube video editing


Editing the 14-minute video according to the guidelines.

We are looking for a cameraman to make vlog recordings for YT channel and editing, We have our own mini studio partially equipped. Realization of recordings Warsaw Wilanów. Please attach to your offers examples of realizations.

We are looking for a person/company who will be available 30 days a month (10am - 9pm) and will be ready for "asap" materials. The amount of materials per month is 60 (2x30). Editing consists of cutting the material, color grading, masking the...

I would like someone to make me a professional commercial that I can share with influencers. Ideally, the ad will include a person(or the voice itself on the background of some video) who will tell in a few seconds about the project, and then...

We will commission the creation of a video that will become a sales presentation of the system. The production of the video will include the recording of views of the system (showing the interface, clicking through the functions), along with...

YT video editing


Hi, I am looking for a person who has experience in video editing. Business channel, the main audience is sellers on marketplace portals. The first assignment will be editing an interview recorded in the studio. Rates and portfolio are welcome.

Product video


The order is to create a product video (pet bed). Selection of appropriate music that fits the material and subject matter. It is likely that it will be necessary to improve the lighting, it is necessary to cut appropriately, so that the...

Hello, We are looking for an assembler with fluent German, available immediately. We currently need assembly for three different materials and one combined assembly. There is a possibility of permanent cooperation.

Recording of 10 several-second rolls on instagram in Krakow for the profile gomatura_polski. In addition, recording 3 short "spoken" videos up to 4-5 sentences. You will need to find an aesthetically pleasing place in Krakow where the...

Promotional video


Preparation of a 15-second promotional video for Facebook from the video footage shot.

I will order the preparation of a short video presentation: film from photos + short video elements + superimposition of texts + addition of background music The presentation will be for about a minute The presentation must be made max.until December 8

We will commission videos for social media on pregnancy and baby topics. We need about 30 pieces per month of "talking head" type videos with interesting editing, topics such as what to watch out for during pregnancy, how to prepare a birth plan,...

Hi, we are looking for an editor for occasional project collaboration with our company Granator Film. We will send materials via the cloud. Small projects at first - artistic flair in line with our brand style is important to us -...

Good day, We need someone to edit a nice, modern, short video (about 25-30 seconds). We will provide the materials ourselves - these will be videos of our store display, and bathroom boxes. The video should be a short video showing the...

We have the materials in the form of separate videos, recorded on a Go Pro Camera, and audio separately. I am looking for a person to price and make two materials. One of 5-10 minutes in length, the other 1-3 minutes.

Social media rolls


I am looking for a person to create social media rolls: video recording and editing. The theme of the rolls will be a little challenge, because it is about windows in 2 hotel buildings. We will discuss the details later :) It would be best if...

Looking for people from Silesia to undertake the production and making of 6 to 16 commercials for a public figure, between December and April.

I am looking for a video maker to edit 20-90 second long rolls on Instagram. I anticipate editing about 6 rolls per month. Please send me a quote, form of cooperation and a link to sample work.

I am looking for a person/company to work with to edit videos of vacations and trips with friends. The previous editor with whom I worked for a good few years unfortunately has so much work that he is no longer able to help me. I was very...

We are looking for an experienced videographer/editor to work with us on upcoming YouTube video projects. Our ideal candidate should have both camera and post-production skills. Please post a portfolio of edited footage.