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No matter if you are an individual or a business owner. Sign a job contract, send a VAT invoice to your client, receive the payment quickly, and even find the next client here.

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Secure your freelance work

Useme stands in the middle. The client needs to pay for your work to download it. You receive payment once the client accepts the final project.

  • Contracts and invoices online No more wasting paper, it is the 21st century
  • Same-day payout 98% of freelancers receive their money within 24 hours
  • Free international transfers 0% extra commission, powered by:
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How Useme works with you

Get paid easily

  • Fill the form and upload the final work
  • Useme sends an invoice to your client
  • Receive the payment in the way you want within 24 hours
Invoice and get paid

Secure your work

  • Send the deal offer to your client and wait for the confirmation
  • uSafe: The client cannot check your work before sending the payment.
  • You receive the payment once the client accepts the work.
Sign a freelance contract

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