You don't need to run a company to send an invoice to your Employer. We'll do it in your name.
We have served numerous Employers, including:

6030 jobs

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909 jobs

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How it works? Four simple steps
1. Freelancing job
You've been commissioned a job or have already completed one.
2. Useme
You fill out a form with your client’s data and details of the job.
3. Invoicing
The client clears a pre-invoice, recieves a VAT one and access to your work. We sign a deal with you (with or without a copyrights transference).
4. Payments
When the client accepts your completed work uploaded through Useme, we will transfer the fee to you, minus a tax advance and a small commission.
And that’s it!
We’ll take care of the rest.

How much does it cost?

Enter the value of your freelance contract

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The Freelancer receives:

The Employer pays:

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