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Recent jobs

  • no avatar
    Andrzej Józeńków
    I will commission the creation of an ebook in PDF format (about 50 pages will be). I will provide the content. I will write all the content. I want someone to put it together nicely and GOOD. So that it is pleasant to read. To make it just graphically nice. I don't give any specific design guidelines. It just has to please :) It can be done in Canva. I would like to get the final product in PDF and a source file so I can edit it myself later. Photos can be from stock. E.g. from Canva premium stock. Theme of the ebook: English abroad Theme: travel Target group: students in their teens. That is, the graphics must be lively, not boring, not monotonous. I am looking for a person who has already created ebooks and has a sense of aesthetics. If you can create something like this for me up to 7 days, you are welcome.
  • no avatar
    Fast Thinking
    Vue.js frontend developer
    Proposed by freelancer
    Fast Thinking is a growing marketing solutions business that helps brands to deliver more relevant and valuable customer experiences across all digital marketing touchpoints. Through the Evolve Marketing Platform and our Marketing Solutions team, we have helped a diverse range of businesses including brands, agency groups and consultancies. These include Unilever Group, Pandora, Crate & Barrel, Heal’s, Majestic Wine, Viking Cruises, Omnicom Media Group, Atomic London, and Flock Associates. We are looking for a Frontend Developer to help us speed up delivery of the 1.0 version of our Product. We have released a closed MVP for our existing marketing services clients. Now we are about to make the product open to a wider audience. We are looking for a person available to do 1-2 months of work on our frontend layer, with the possibility to extend to a longer cooperation. You will create vue components, based on the designs prepared on our end and shared via Zeplin. We need you to have experience and knowledge of the following technologies - JavaScript - TypeScript - vue.js 3 - Sass / Less - jQuery - HTML/CSS
  • no avatar
    Anna Szeflińska 27 deals
    Good day, We are looking for a person who could support us in preparing graphics with animation elements (for posts in SM.
  • no avatar
    Łukasz 45 deals
    I will outsource some Sales Page designs to a UX/UI Expert - mainly for mobile version pages. NOTE If you just know how to make a page - DO NOT bid !!!! I am looking for a person who knows very well and has a successful experience in creating CONVERSATIONAL sites ! He works on wordpress with optimizepress and Cartflow
  • no avatar
    AdrianJochymczyk 6 deals
    I will commission the rewriting of a calculator made in MS Excel into a web application - that is, to make everything work on the side of the website. The application must have the ability to: user registration, save projects, open and modify. The operation of calculators for review: - please see the video. Please ask for a quote for a single calculator including login and saving system. After successful cooperation there will be a need to rewrite more calculators - eventually about 15 pieces.
  • no avatar
    Takeshi 2 deals
    We depend on someone with a very modern/cyber/gaming vibe. The design itself with prepared graphics for coding and we will already handle the rest ourselves. We have more or less an outline and direction in which we want to go, so rather cooperation should be pleasant and easy ;). Pleasantly if we had the project to review in Figma ;) Longer cooperation may result if we find the right person.
  • no avatar
    Jacek 1 deal
    Python/django consulting
    1000.00 PLN
    I am looking for a person who has experience in web applications written in django. I need a few hours of consulting for an educational project (sales system - no fiscal, warehouse, products), which maybe in the future will be used in the company. assumptions: 1. sales - a simple transaction by the cashier, the exit of the product from the stock 2. warehouse - product base, inventory, prices. Adding a virtual warehouse 3. admin - viewing of data by the administrator. Information from Useme: bidding is possible only if: - possession of a valid student card (for pupils/students up to 26 years of age) - confirmed statement of full-time employment for at least the minimum wage - having a business activity
  • no avatar
    Jakub Olczak
    Creating an online store based on a template from shoper store and plugging it into baselinker. Configuration of all integrations with wholesalers and connecting payments, couriers, invoicing software. Preparation of the configuration of the store. More details to be discussed.
  • no avatar
    Hello, I am looking for a person to apply changes to an online store (store is functioning) based on Idosell. I am interested in long-term cooperation.