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Let your skills and experience shine

You can truly shine when your head is free of paperwork! Be the creative star you are and show professionalism with us taking care of the boring part.

Professionalism at the core

We make sure your client gets all the essential documents on time. You gain credibility and get access to the best projects.

We've seen the future, and the borders don't exist

No matter where you're from or where you live, Useme is here to help you work with clients worldwide.

Sign a contract and stay safe

Sign a protected contract and make sure you'll get paid. Your client pays the deposit, we keep it safe.


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250K+ deals settled over the years
10 years of experience
107K freelancers from 96 countries

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You can start invoicing clients in less than 10 minutes. Take a quick tour to see how it works.

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You are in a demo mode. We filled in the sample data for an American client. Don't worry! Useme works for other countries as well.

You keep working your way, your style

Work with clients all around the world. We will keep everything in full compliance with the law.

Documents online

Whenever you need anything, it's here in Useme. Keep your head clear for creative endeavors.

Fast payments

Get paid in 160 countries within 24 hours.

Escrow service

Your client pays the deposit before you start working, you get paid after their acceptance.

International compliance

You don't need to know all the regulations - we know them for you.


Working with us is smooth and easy

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Learn all you need to know about freelancing, remote work, and financial freedom.

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Check frequently asked questions.
  • What is Useme?

    At Useme, we offer a comprehensive service for freelancers. We protect your job, provide an invoice for your clients.
  • We provide the solution for freelancers wanting to work legally without setting up their own businesses. You get paid, your client receives an invoice, and both of you sign a legally binding contract. We can also protect your deal with our escrow service, help you transfer the copyright, and more!
  • We concentrate on deals for digital services: programming, design, copywriting, translation, and more. But we often get less popular queries. The only condition is that you have some product to show at the end of the process: code, design, finished translation, etc. We need it to create a contract for specific work.
  • We will pay your right after the client accepts the finished work. You can use multiple payout methods: your regular bank account, PayPal, Wise, Payoneer.
  • At Useme, we will transfer your salary as soon as the contract ends to your specified account. We strive to send the payouts within 24 hours after the deal's closure. We send them at 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. CET on working days.

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  • Anna Wcisło

    Anna Wcisło

    Senior Helpdesk Specialist
  • Piotr Ogrodnicki

    Piotr Ogrodnicki

    Head of IT
  • Aleksandra Wajs

    Aleksandra Wajs

    Junior UX
  • Katarzyna Markiewicz

    Katarzyna Markiewicz

    Project Manager
  • Krzysztof Kapuza

    Krzysztof Kapuza

  • Robert Włodarek

    Robert Włodarek

    Senior Customer Success Specialist
  • Maciej Matowicki

    Maciej Matowicki

  • Michał Bednarz

    Michał Bednarz

  • Grzegorz Wojdalski

    Grzegorz Wojdalski

    Senior Backend Developer
  • Bartłomiej Król

    Bartłomiej Król

    Growth Team Leader
  • Anastasia Danilova

    Anastasia Danilova

    Team Leader: Helpdesk
  • Żaneta Siwik

    Żaneta Siwik

    Product Marketing Lead
  • Agnieszka Gadawska

    Agnieszka Gadawska

    Head of Growth
  • Natalia Zielińska

    Natalia Zielińska

    Head of Marketing
  • Dawid Szkiełka

    Dawid Szkiełka

    Head of Innovation
  • Magdalena Macalik

    Magdalena Macalik

    Test Team Leader
  • Paulina Becherowska-Stachera

    Paulina Becherowska-Stachera

    Project Manager
  • Marta Bielawska

    Marta Bielawska

    Mid Tester
  • Andrii Zhmaka

    Andrii Zhmaka

    Mid Tester
  • Stanisław Fortoński

    Stanisław Fortoński

    Senior Frontend Developer
  • Aliaksandr Tsykin

    Aliaksandr Tsykin

    Paid Marketing & Analytics
  • Natalia Jaworska

    Natalia Jaworska

    Junior Customer Success Specialist
  • Rafał Fuchs

    Rafał Fuchs

    Mid Backend Developer
  • Jakub Winter

    Jakub Winter

    Data & Analytics Advisor
  • Lizaveta Tsyhuliova

    Lizaveta Tsyhuliova

    Junior Customer Success Specialist
  • Krzysztof Jaworowski

    Krzysztof Jaworowski

    Senior Backend Developer
  • Przemek Głośny

    Przemek Głośny

  • Ching Li

    Ching Li

    Growth Marketing Automation Specialist
  • Zuzanna Ilków

    Zuzanna Ilków

    Product Marketing Lead
  • Marta Polowczyk

    Marta Polowczyk

    COO, Head of Product
  • Nikita Grygoriev

    Nikita Grygoriev

    Maintenance Team Lead
  • Agata Kołodziej-Dynaryńska

    Agata Kołodziej-Dynaryńska

    Head of Customer Success
  • Katarzyna Sałaban-Ogrodnicka

    Katarzyna Sałaban-Ogrodnicka

    Junior Frontend Developer