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Unity game

I need a simple game in unity, not made from a tutorial but from my own idea, with my own mechanics, you can use ready-made assets. Game menu and 2 levels required. Can be both 3D and 2D

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Freelancer in make/zapier automation and OpenAI

Looking for Freelancer for permanent cooperation, Responsibilities: -Creation of automation in make/zapier systems -Integrations with external services via APIs -Very good knowledge of OpenAI APIs As a sample automation for quotation...

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Application/bot to activate OLX ads

It only takes a few clicks and so on.... I would be more interested, however, in the option, hooking up to the olx API and setting the ads so that when enabled they activate themselves (turning on the olx consignment), as far as I know so can...

PDF to CSV table - Python microservice

I will order to build a mini-service to generate CSV files from tables in PDF. Tables quite complex, from 5 to 7 columns, to implement row recognition. To use the library:

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RevenueHunt integration with OpenAI GPT-4.

Hi, I'm looking for a specialist to help me with integrating RevenueHunt with OpenAI GPT-4. I need a PHP script that will receive data from the survey (using webhook) and process it, generating responses using the OpenAI API. The script should...

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Automating Data Extraction from PDF to Google Sheets - AI

I am looking for someone to help me automate the extraction of data from PDF contracts and their transfer to Google Sheets. Currently ChatGPT is doing an excellent job of analyzing the data, but I need someone to automate the process. Task...

Agencja Reklamowa Kapuscinscy
Agencja Reklamowa Kapuscinscy
Making a CAD Program

We are looking for a contractor to create a cad program that will create house designs with visualizations from our finished furniture

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Modifying the ESP32 chip's software

Our company is developing a proprietary access control system based on a control panel on the ESP32 chip. We need to modify the software by adding some more functions. The most important one is to add a scheduler, i.e. the possibility of card...

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Ordered assortment report

I will order a custom SQL report for Subiekt nexo Pro. Extract report - showing assortment ordered by customers by group/customer. The columns we want in the report are: 1. Lp, 2. assortment 3. date of original 4. quantity to be...

How to Get a Freelance Software Development Job?

Embarking on a career as a freelance software developer offers a world of opportunities. This guide outlines the steps you need to take, from mastering essential programming languages to leveraging platforms like Useme for securing work and ensuring payment security.

Understanding the Freelance Software Development Landscape

Freelance software development isn't just about coding skills; it's about understanding the market, knowing your worth, and finding your niche. Whether you're an entry-level programmer or a seasoned pro, the freelance world has a spot for you.

Identifying Your Niche

Specializing in specific programming languages or industries can set you apart. Consider your strengths and interests to find your niche in software development.

Building a Portfolio

A strong portfolio showcases your skills and projects. Include a variety of work that highlights your expertise and versatility in software development.

Leveraging Useme for Freelance Success

Useme stands out as a platform that not only connects you with a plethora of job opportunities but also ensures your financial security and takes care of legal formalities.

Accessing Diverse Job Opportunities

With Useme, you can explore a wide range of remote software development jobs, tailored to your skills and preferences. It's a gateway to a world of possibilities.

Securing Your Payments

One of the biggest concerns for freelancers is payment security. Useme addresses this by securing client deposits before you start working, ensuring you're paid for your efforts.

Handling Invoicing and Legalities

Freelancers often struggle with invoicing and legal contracts. Useme simplifies this by providing comprehensive invoicing and legal contract services.

Developing Essential Skills and Languages

To thrive in software development, mastering certain programming languages and skills is crucial. From Python to Java, each language opens doors to different opportunities.

Choosing the Right Programming Languages

Your choice of programming languages can define your career trajectory. Research the most in-demand languages and align them with your interests and career goals.

Continuous Learning and Upgrading

The tech world is ever-evolving. Stay ahead of the curve by continuously learning and upgrading your skills.


Becoming a successful freelance software developer involves more than just technical prowess. It requires understanding the market, leveraging platforms like Useme for job opportunities and financial security, and continually honing your skills. With the right approach, the world of freelance software development can offer rewarding and diverse career opportunities.


What are the best programming languages for a beginner in freelance software development?

For beginners, languages like Python and JavaScript are great starting points due to their widespread use and relative ease of learning.

How can I ensure payment security as a freelancer?

Using platforms like Useme that secure client deposits before you start working can provide significant payment security for freelancers.

Is it necessary to specialize in a specific area of software development?

While not necessary, specializing can help you stand out and may lead to higher-paying jobs that match your skill set.

How often should I update my skills as a software developer?

Technology evolves rapidly, so it's advisable to regularly update your skills, at least once or twice a year.

Can entry-level developers find success on platforms like Useme?

Absolutely. Useme offers opportunities for developers at all levels, including those just starting their freelance careers.