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I have an interview of about 50 minutes, recorded with an iPhone (video+audio), where one of the microphones got unplugged during the interview. I am looking for a person who would bring out the person's voice to make it more audible.

We are looking for a person to provide English for our ugc advertisement

We are looking for a person to provide German language for our ugc advertisement

We are looking for a person to provide Slovak language for our ugc advertisement

We are looking for a person to provide Czech language for our ugc advertisement



Hello I am looking for people to cooperate who are involved in editing video shorts and long films. My goal is to undertake permanent cooperation on projects in which I prepare sound music sound effects, voiceover recording I can also work on the...

Audio book soundtrack


I need to add a suitable soundtrack to an approx. 20 min audiobook. Ideally it would be done in Adobe Audition. I want the file open from the program, it does not need any export.

Songs for children


I will undertake long-term cooperation in writing songs for children. 100-200 songs. Text + melody line

We are looking for a composer to create music for a chain of venues - length 15h.

I am looking for a person to prepare an episode for publication. When recording I sometimes get confused, so there is sometimes a need to verify the content in the middle of the recording.

Reader - Ukrainian


NEXLER Ltd. is looking for a Ukrainian-speaking voiceover artist (preferably a native speaker) to make a recording for a product video. Text volume: 1.5 pages The lector gets the translated text. Please send a voice sample in your offer.

Voiceover - English


NEXLER Ltd. is looking for an English-speaking voiceover artist (preferably a native speaker) to make a recording for a product video. Text volume: 1.5 pages The lector gets the translated text. Please send a voice sample in your offer.

Good morning, I am looking for A person who will remove the vocals from this audio. Work to be done now. Thanks

I am looking for an experienced expert/expert to support me in the process of editing an already recorded podcast episode (audio + video). NOTE: Podcast in English, language skills welcome. What I need: - adding selected music to the...

Hi, we are looking for a sound engineer for permanent cooperation. We are looking for a person to help us with our podcasts. Your tasks will include mastering. We are looking for a person with knowledge of the Reaper program, so that with...

We are looking for a composer to create music for a chain of venues - length 15h.

How to Get a Job as an Audio Engineer: A Freelancer's Guide

Are you passionate about sound, and dream of molding audio into perfection? Whether you're a budding audio engineer or a seasoned pro, this guide is your roadmap to a successful career in the dynamic world of audio engineering. We'll explore everything from the nuts and bolts of audio transcription to becoming a freelance audio engineer and why platforms like Useme are game-changers for freelancers.

Understanding the Audio Engineering Landscape

Audio engineering isn't just about fiddling with dials and sliders. It's an art form, a science, and a business. In this world, your ears are your most valuable asset, and your ability to transform sound can open doors to a myriad of opportunities in various sectors including music production, live events, and audio transcription services.

What is Audio Transcription?

Ever wondered how spoken words transform into written text? That's audio transcription for you. It's not just about typing what you hear; it involves understanding context, nuances, and the technicalities of sound.

Embarking on Your Freelance Audio Engineering Journey

So, you want to dive into the world of freelance audio engineering? Here’s your first note: start by building a solid foundation. This means understanding audio equipment, software, and the nuances of different audio projects, whether it's mixing a track, mastering a podcast, or crafting the perfect sound for a video game.

How to Become a Freelance Audio Engineer

Breaking into the freelance audio engineering scene requires more than just talent and gear. It's about building a portfolio, networking, and continuously learning and adapting to new technologies and trends. And yes, it's also about knowing where to find the right opportunities.

Essentials for Success in Audio Production

To make a mark in audio production, you need a blend of creativity, technical skills, and a keen ear for detail. Understanding your client's vision and translating it into audio magic is key. Also, staying updated with the latest software and audio processing tools is crucial.

Leveraging Useme for Your Freelance Career

Now, let's amplify your freelance career with Useme. As an audio engineer, you're not just looking for any gig – you're looking for the right gig. Useme connects you with a symphony of opportunities, ensuring that your skills don't just echo in an empty hall.

Job Opportunities Galore

Imagine a place where a plethora of audio engineering jobs await your expertise. That's what Useme offers. From audio editing to podcast production, the opportunities are as diverse as the soundscapes you love to create.

Securing Your Payments

"Show me the money!" Yes, Jerry Maguire had it right, and so does Useme. With their payment security, you can tune into your work, knowing that your hard-earned money is safe and sound.

Invoicing and Legal Contracts Made Easy

No more fretting over paperwork! Useme harmonizes the not-so-fun part of freelancing by handling invoicing and legal contracts. Whether your gigs are inside or outside of Useme, they've got your back.


In the grand orchestra of freelance audio engineering, your skills and passion are the melody, and platforms like Useme are the rhythm that drives your career forward. Embrace the opportunities, secure your finances, and let your audio artistry resonate across the globe!


Q: How do I start as a freelance audio engineer?
A: Begin by honing your skills, investing in good equipment, and building a diverse portfolio. Networking and joining platforms like Useme can significantly boost your visibility and opportunities.

Q: What kind of jobs can I find on Useme as an audio engineer?
A: Useme offers a wide range of audio-related jobs, including mixing, mastering, sound design for games and apps, podcast production, and audio transcription services.

Q: How does Useme ensure payment security?
A: Useme ensures payment security by having clients deposit funds before you start working, guaranteeing that you're paid for your completed projects.

Q: Can I handle legal contracts through Useme?
A: Yes, Useme provides invoicing and legal contract services, streamlining the administrative side of your freelance business.

Q: What's essential for success in audio production?
A: Success in audio production hinges on a mix of creative skills, technical proficiency, an understanding of client needs, and staying updated with industry trends and tools.