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I'm asking for a quote to make a 2d animation lasting 2-3 minutes, you know, approximately. The animation is to explain what environmental actions children can take, etc. It is necessary to attach a portfolio of 2d animation and write what is approximately the time for such an order.

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2-3 min

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    Agnieszka Rudnik 2 deals
    Film editing with light animation
    Proposed by freelancer
    I'm looking for someone to glue several videos into one, and additionally give a black and white filter with some red. I care about the dynamics of the scenes - automotive brand.
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    Origami Recuperators 2 deals
    I will commission several visualizations or animations of air flow between rooms of a facility, for example, an office or apartment. The presentation is intended to show how ventilation equipment installed in the rooms works. It will include shots of the operation of the system of devices in standard mode, i.e. designed mode - how the air moves between the various rooms, and in emergency mode - for example, how the situation in which there was a need for intensive ventilation of one of the rooms. The freelancer's task is to mark the air (particles, masses, etc.) conventionally in a way that is clear and intuitive to the viewer (ordinary user) and to show how the air flows. The visualization will be used in a video showcasing the technology, in which a voiceover will discuss the presented situation.
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    Lean Action Plan
    We are looking for a person to create a short video/animation for an advertisement for our Youtube channel - in this style https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a8AIwoyc31Y (voiceover will be attached separately). - Production branch https://aplikacjelean.pl/ To start with, one animation under the application https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=epwpcfJrgjc
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    Mateusz_Powerup.pl 3 deals
    I will commission to make an animation consisting of changing the logo before and after rebranching of a well-known brand. Here is a good example of how ma.tp look like https://www.gpd.com.pl/wp-content/uploads/2021/12/430110-ODM_ODM_OLD_NEW_LOGO_big-copy.gif I need it by Monday at the latest.
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    Mateusz Loch
    I will commission the creation of an animation of the logo. I will provide the finished logo in SVG. The animation is to be used as an intro to a video. Animation time about 5-7 seconds. Smooth/liquid animation with 3d effect. The element of the logotype is a button, so called switch which should be animated. Deadline - needed right now. I choose the contractor on the basis of the submitted portfolio.
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    Emilia Frąckowiak
    Good day, I am looking for a person to make a graphic (drawing) describing the process of laser ablation.
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    LŻ Studio 7 deals
    We are looking for a motion designer (or a skillful graphic designer) to help with simple animations in After Effects and Adobe Premiere. Mostly it's about simple presentation animations of text, following slides, driving icons or stock video transitions, etc. No character animation, 3D or complicated fireworks. The key is the attractive delivery of information, not the art of animation. What we have: templates for most animations animation scripts styling access to movie stock access to music stock We need: replacement of content in templates replacement of photos, movies and other elements sometimes adding some animation details voiceover recorded by us selection of music from our stock account All materials and source files are in Adobe CC cloud and we will ask you to work on these files. The most important things for us are: - timeliness and good contact - That the animations look good, have a clear message and are user-friendly We are looking for a person who is roughly familiar with After Effects and Premiere. Before we start we would like to see your sample animations. To start with, there would be 10 animations-rolls to prepare for SM
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    Evermore Sp. z o.o.
    logo animation
    Proposed by freelancer
    Good morning, We deal in vintage Mercedes. We sell parts and do restoration. The logo is ready. I need to make an animation of the logo. It is to last max 5 sec. Lidia Górecka
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    We are looking for an experienced person or team to create a series of video-explainers for our advertising portal. We are interested in working with a professional who efficiently uses the capabilities of artificial intelligence in the production process. Job Description: Creation of Video-Explainers: The client expects to create a series of short, dynamic video-expllainers presenting the features and benefits of using our ad portal. Use of AI: The candidate should be skilled in using artificial intelligence-based tools and technologies in video production. This may include subtitle generation, data analysis for content personalization, automation of the creation process, etc. Experience: We are looking for individuals or teams with a proven track record of creating high quality video explainers and with a portfolio that demonstrates their skills. Creativity and Innovation: We expect creative and innovative ideas for presenting content in a way that captures attention and engages audiences.
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    2D Animation
    Proposed by freelancer
    Looking for 2D graphics animators to create interesting videos for fb 3D animation is welcome