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Graphic projects

1516 jobs

Logo for a startup


Hi, I would like to commission a logo design for an HR Tech startup. I would like the design to portray professionalism and competence. For the design, I would like to get a sign book. Detailed information will be provided to interested...

Hi! I am looking for a freelancer who can take care of UX/UI design of mobile and web applications. We are developing applications ourselves and we have regular orders for UX/UI projects so we are looking for a person to cooperate on projects...

We are looking for a graphic designer to make art prints. We expect artistic sense and knowledge of current trends. They can be their own projects as well as those using stock graphics. Graphics must be high resolution. Sample graphics are attached.

I will commission 18 aesthetically pleasing, customizable graphics with descriptions of animation offers for children on some nice, personalized background with graphic elements that I can throw on sm

We are looking for a graphic designer to join our new product creation team. Only people with BIG experience and sense of customer needs. Requirements: Experience in preparing graphics for Allegro or other marketplaces. Experience in...

Prepare a finished pdf file (12 pp) for printing in a printing machine.

Logo vectorization.


I would like to order vectorization of logotype. I have a .png file in good resolution (attachment). Logo is in 1 color and must be prepared for screen printing preferably in pdf.

On the basis of the existing mockup you need to make some changes: - change of spiral width (simple edition) - change of cover width (simple edition) - change from square to round holes (this will be the most work)

Hello, we are looking for interior designers who will make visualizations of wall murals for different styles, categories and arrangements of interior We have a database of photos

I would like to add a subtitle (claim) to the logotype. The claim is ready and it only needs to be placed under the logotype so that the distances, font, style etc. match. Preliminary, working project I will send to selected contractor. It is...

Hello. I would like to create a design and visualization, layout for a larger web portal, it will not be a business card page or an online store. The portal will contain the main page and 5 different subpages, where each of them will have...

Scope of activities - planned : several pdf pages about the company with product presentation 4 Product brochures (for many there is a layout from the producer, only the content needs to be adjusted) Newspaper advertisements Banners for...

Good day, I am looking for a person to develop a visual identity for a design office. The company deals with designing mechanical devices in 3d environment. The visual identity includes ( logo, color palette, typography and font, business...

Website design


Good day, we are looking for a graphic designer who will prepare a graphic design for a website. Please send me your portfolio.

Logo for a company


I will commission a logo design for our company. The target group are manufacturing businesses / having large warehouses. The design is to represent professionalism and competence. We do not require a sign book and other additions to social...

I am looking for a person who will do graphic design of a school board.

Hello. I have 3 graphic designs ready (two designs of roll up 85x200cm and one design of double-sided offer in A4 format) that need to be prepared for printing. The scope of work: - preparing 5 mm bleeds for two roll up projects, marking...

Enhance page style


I need to tweak the style of the site, ie, change the color scheme from dark to light, make stylistic changes to more contemporary, because the site is based on a script that is several years old.

Good day! We are looking for a responsible graphic designer to create a world map, which will be posted on the hostel wall with additional information. This is a simple task, however we expect openness to our "little whims" also understanding.

Hi. I'm looking for a graphic designer to do graphic design for firefighter industry websites. We care about a person who can boast a modern portfolio. The design should be done in figma or adobe xd.