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Graphics and design

1461 jobs

Good day! We would like to commission a map of the universe, for which we have prepared an alpha version in Inkarnate :) We would like to preserve the distances and obtain the climate of quasi renaissance maps. Ultimately, the map is to...

I am looking for someone with extensive experience in website traffic analytics, increasing conversions, designing the path to purchase. Not a theorist - a practitioner with relevant, documented experience. To redesign / improve is the process of...

Hi! I am looking for a contractor for a very simple graphic editing of text. About 4-5 pages. The text needs to be nicely enclosed with graphics, add icons, background, nicely divide the different sections. As a result, I would like to get...

We are looking for a graphic designer with a "sales claw" to create a sales landing-page in the creator on Further orders of this type are possible. Please write your experience in your offer - we answer to every offer!!!

I need graphics for a Facebook campaign (2000x2000 + stories). Topics: creating websites or running social media profiles Please send me an offer with a portfolio or an idea for execution.

I am looking for a 3D graphic designer To make: - 3D base character/avatar model - several dozens of additions to the base character. Teeth, eyes, hats, hairstyles, glasses, jewelry, etc.

Quixi Media Sp. z o.o. would like to establish permanent cooperation with a person who will design and prepare richly illustrated book publications for print (layout + typesetting in Adobe InDesign). Assumptions: * A richly illustrated...

I will commission design of patterns for computer/machine embroidery. I am asking for offers only from people who work in computerized embroidery design programs! I am not looking for a graphic designer. The job will involve...

I need a flyer design


I would like to design a thank you note for purchase in our online store, more or less something like the one attached

Visual Branding


Hello, I will commission to develop visual branding for an existing online store. Please apply only people with experience in branding.

We are a rapidly growing industrial technology startup. We are looking for a creative person to make our current branding more attractive and take it to the next level. We have a lot of ideas and a very precise vision, which will certainly make...

Hello, We are engaged in the production of furniture in the highland style. We need a person who will create for us, technical drawings with the use of carpentry joints such as dowels, screws and eccentrics of the furniture body. Preferred...

As in the title, finish cast silver to the polished surface, more info later as each model varies.

Preparation of graphic design of advertising walls and roll-ups as elements of an advertising stand. Work based on the preliminary creative concept. Preparation of files for printing, as well as sharing the source files after the work is...

Company logo


I order a company logo

Hello, We are looking for a graphic designer who creates graphics for websites. Let me ask you for price proposals. The order is about the home page and +/- 2-3 tabs. --- Best regards, dkstrona

I am looking for a person who will make an infographic for me (and later perhaps many others). The graphic has to explain to the employee the components of the cost of employment, in short, what amount from 100 PLN the employer receives after the...

Hello, We are looking for a clever and creative individual to prepare a base for social media, websites and corporate identity. We are interested in a creative person who is not afraid to take the initiative. Longer cooperation is...

Layout for


I am looking for someone who can design personalized layouts for streaming and banners and avatars for YouTube. I would love to work with a young aspiring graphic designer. Budget to be negotiated according to skills.

Fine illustrations


Hello, I would like to create a few dozens of small illustrations for specific instructions, for example, making a drawing for the command "do a ballet" or "clap your hands". I need about 40 illustrations of this type, each to a different...