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OgarnęTo Arletta Pawlicka
OgarnęTo Arletta Pawlicka
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I would like to ask you to prepare a design for an outbuilding whose dimensions are:

- width 10 m,

- depth 3,5 m,

- height from the front 2,95 m,

- height from the back 2,87 m.

The roof is to be flat with a gentle slope towards the rear.

From the front, one window with a width of 1.7 m and a door with a width of 0.8 m.

It is to look like this, 3.3 m from the rant it starts, and there is to be a 0.7 m gap between the window and the door.

I need both a simple design and visualization.

The surface area in sqm.:

up to 35 square meters

Type and number of projects:

I need both a simple design and visualization.

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