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Graphics and design

1935 jobs

Logo for a website


need a logo for a website

We are looking for a permanent, remote graphic designer to prepare projects Permanent work, 8 hours a day

Good day, I would like to create fan art. Possibility of permanent cooperation. Regards

Apartment plan 3 D according to guidelines e.g. sketch or plan view. Other guidelines: colors of walls, furniture, etc. Examples of projections in the attachment.



Same gif as this just different design and different information

T-shirt print design


Good day, I am looking for a graphic designer who will make a simple design for a t-shirt. It should be a selected text in some cool convention. Simple does not mean plain - it should be simple, modern and with a cool idea (the target group is...

Hello, I would like to prepare a mailing footer for three company employees in html, which includes [name and surname] [mailing addresses] [phone number] [e-mail address] [job title] and links to the website, TT and Linkedin. The footer...

Good day! I am looking for a person who will make graphic design (very simple at the moment) of my sports service more attractive. You should consider designs for up to 10 subpages (homepage, login page, rules page, etc.), but of course they...

A simple, modern logo design. Something along the lines of the graphics attached. It has to look good both online and on t-shirts. I am not interested in designs of fighting dragons tigers etc. As an addition, the words "START FIGHT" can be...

I am looking for a graphic designer who will undertake to design a layout for the main page and subpages for a construction company. If you are interested, please send me your portfolio.

Graphic composition of the presentation containing graphs and tables based on the prepared pdf document. Number of pages 20-30.

We need to create a logo design for a company that offers medical products for tattoo artists MED.TATTOO

If you love new challenges, are a creative and punctual person who would like to participate in an interesting startup project, you couldn't have found a better place! Because we are growing rapidly and there is more and more work for us, we...

I am looking for a designer who will undertake to design a homepage layout for a foreign language school. The materials for the page (content, photo, layout) are already ready. If you are interested, please send me your portfolio. I will contact...

I will outsource a shopping form/package selector to a contractor with experience in developing commercial, sales, e-commerce projects. Here is an example: The idea is to develop a new version of the...

Modeling of a selection feeder similar to the photo in the attachment

We are looking for a person who will make visualization of the planned housing estate. Semi-detached houses. Estate consisting of 3 rows of buildings with access roads, parking lots etc. The project is to be a sales one, you can add parked...

- based on the spatial development plan: - Resolution No. L 559 2002 - area marked as 8MN - area of 250 m2, - separate valuation of: architecture and construction - All elements required for the...

Design of ebook / book cover - subject matter marketing design 1 and 4 pages Please attach samples of past work to your offer.

Good morning Due to the growing number of orders we are looking for a graphic designer for permanent cooperation. Graphic projects will concern websites and online stores. We are looking for a person to permanent cooperation, available,...