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Modeling of robots and cars.

The job is closed

Hi, I am looking for people who will help me model robots and cars. If you are interested, write to useme. Thank you in advance for your help. Possibility of long-term cooperation. Until next time, Wojtek Please estimate the...

Animation - bubbles in oil

The job is closed

I need an animation - an oily liquid (circle) in which bubbles move up and down. Base file attached.

Creating a virtual walk 3 d.

The job is closed

I will order a 3D virtual walk in a commercial premises with an area of ​​approximately 120 m2 The virtual walk is to be placed in the google business card and google street view

I will commission a home + service template in Adobe XD for a creative agency. The style we like and we would like to go this way:

Icons for website, lottt

The job is closed

We are looking for a graphic designer for an order, and then for permanent cooperation Scope of the order: a) icon for the service: Market Research, Documentation Verification, Trade Negotiations, etc. b) Lottie - making an animation in...

We need an overview drawing, a graphic for a home sewage treatment plant, which will be included in the company's advertising materials.

Hello, I'm in need of a UX/UI designer who can make an interactive prototype for my app idea with the purpose to present branding. I need someone with a good sense of esthetic who can put all brand elements together. I've got a reference for...

3D animation

The job is closed

Hi! I need a person who is able to make a 3D image for me. The picture will be surreal, see examples below. People who will apply, please provide a portfolio to improve everything. Link with an explanation of how the image should look...

We are looking for a specialist / specialists to program and develop a virtual walk graphic similar to the version below: Programming on a ready-made 3D VISTA...


The job is closed

Need about 50 pictures/graphics(examples are attached)- subject is free. Pictures can be up to 4 in one subject,

3D rendering

The job is closed

I need 3d renderings that will be used on the website (the products will be presented in a rotating manner, from each side) 3 products, one of which is a flower of a plant I would like to discuss the details in the interview.

Good morning! I am looking for a graphic designer who will design the following elements: - a miniature of the course for the educational platform - course thumbnail for the online store - FB ad: mini course ad, webinar ad, webinar...

Creation of Selkie artwork

The job is closed

Creating a graphic depicting Selkie with a reference to the Song of the sea fairy tale and / or the Selkie legend. One-color graphics as a drawing to be cut at the edges with a laser cutting device made of self-adhesive foil. A clear,...

3D render

The job is closed

Hello, I am looking for a person who will make product renders at an attractive price constant cooperation

Hello, I am looking for a person who can upload the e-book to KDP in PDF. My e-book has a lot of graphics, it is indesign and after uploading it in KDP everything "drifts". It is about loading it in PDF format in such a way that the graphic...

I am looking for a person who will make designs / visualizations of several epoxy necklaces in combination with wood. I need about 4 different patterns that are already invented.

2 3d models + 12 renderings

The job is closed

Making 2 3d models of cosmetic products: foam and mascara Execution of 12 renderings (shots) using 3d models based on guidelines. Payment for the order includes the transfer of both renderings and 3d models. Copyright transfer required.

Hello, I would like to prepare a ready-made graphic for digital printing by guidelines: I have ready * .ai * .eps graphics please prepare a template.

Hi! It's time to graphically refresh a certain place. I care about a comprehensive service. Re-designing logos, menus, business cards, alcohol cards and posts on social media. We are looking for a person for permanent cooperation. Feel free...

I need a person to cooperate in creating a subpage layout in adobe xd. Shared work with the team. According to the calculations, the person will be commissioned to make one subpage layout and to refine or introduce changes to another. Of...