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Ski store + possibility of booking lessons with a trainer + ski rental store

Hello. I need a web store for the sale of up to 50 ski products (skis, helmets, small clothing) + a sub-site with the basic possibility of booking from the calendar the dates of skiing lessons for beginners and advanced (the possibility of...

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Natural Baby Care
Connecting BLIK payments to the WIX store.

Need to program a quick payment on an existing store using STRIPE. I found out from wix support - on which the site is created, that the simplest option would be to build a link for payment and connect it under the buy now button so that I can go...

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Building a store based on WooCommerce

Good day. I will commission the construction of a WooCommerce based store in the fashion industry. As part of the work, I expect to create a template according to the provided requirements, create a clear product card with several sections....