Instaloader python script

budget: proposed by Freelancer / added: on 2020-06-15 / closed

Required is a script using Instaloader ( to produce a list of followed/follower from a specified target public or private instagram account exported to csv. The...


Button add to contact

budget: proposed by Freelancer / added: on 2020-05-06 / closed

programming the CTA button, which will pop up the "add to contacts" window on a mobile device (ios and android) and enter the data set there: First name Last Name company name phone number to call...

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Application for streaming

budget: 50 PLN / added: on 2020-04-06 / closed

Hello, A native iOS and Android app to stream your smartphone needs to be done. Ready SDK + to use additional functions. Application time up to 14 business days. I am asking for a quote for manhour.

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mobile application - Travelling

budget: 500 PLN / added: on 2020-04-06 / closed

The user gives the date when he would like to use the service, the number of people, chooses from several price packages, then selects from several sentences - those that describe him most. Makes...

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application in xamarin

budget: 3000 PLN / added: on 2020-01-08 / closed

I would like to write an application in Xamarin: 1. Compilation for Android and ios 2. User login 3. Account creation 4. 5 Screens downloading data from the API

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Google calendar Android

budget: proposed by Freelancer / added: on 2019-12-19 / closed

Hi, I'm searching for a person who can make calendar on android with an option to synchronize with google, sould works offline.

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Mobile Application Developer

budget: proposed by Freelancer / added: on 2019-12-11 / closed

Hi! We are GoodCore Software - an bespoke software development company from London. Here you will find more details about us: - Working on developing Mobile apps - Understand the...


Mobile application (medical clinic)

budget: proposed by Freelancer / added: on 2019-11-29 / closed

Good morning As a private medical center, we are looking for a contractor to implement a mobile application project to keep records of patients. The application would operate on the basis of a...

Creating a website and mobile application in...

budget: proposed by Freelancer / added: on 2019-11-26 / closed

I am looking for a programmer who is able to write a website and a mobile application in Xamarin. You need a back-end (api) and a front-end. It will be a social website / application for investing...


react-native, react, node developer required...

budget: 20 USD / added: on 2019-11-26 / closed

Help required on a new React Native app, and React websites. It's a new and interesting project in the bootstrap phase. We are only two developers for the whole stack - react native, expo,...

App for iOS in Swift (please read about the valuation)

budget: 3000 PLN / added: on 2019-11-12 / closed

Hello, I have an iOS app written in Cordova, but unfortunately there are more problems than benefits. I am willing to order a rewrite of the app on Swift. I am a developer, so I expect high...


android app, alarm clock

budget: proposed by Freelancer / added: on 2019-11-11 / closed

I would like to create a simple application whose task will be to trigger an alarm (alarm clock) when the battery level is charged to a certain percentage, which the user will determine himself.

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Application to find a job, React Native dev

budget: proposed by Freelancer / added: on 2019-11-05 / closed

We are looking for a Mid/Senior React Native developer with skills: Firebase, JS, Webpack, React Native, Redux

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React Native Developer - long-term cooperation

budget: 9000 PLN / added: on 2019-10-16 / closed

Company: agency creating mobile applications, remote work 100% We make mobile applications for startups (mainly from the USA) Junior and regular wanted. Net salary PLN: Junior 4000 - 6000 PLN...

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A mobile application for teachers

budget: proposed by Freelancer / added: on 2019-10-13 / closed

Zlecę napisanie aplikacji mobilnej dla nauczycieli i korepetytorów. Prosta aplikacja, posiadająca kalendarz, dane uczniów itp. Więcej szczegółów dla wybranej osoby. Proszę o stawkę oraz termin realizacji.

Connecting the mobile application (Android /...

budget: proposed by Freelancer / added: on 2019-10-13 / closed

Almost completed mobile application for Android in the Valley must be connected to the microservice backend in Node.js. Minor corrections of some screens may be needed. API in the Postman...

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A module for geolocation to an existing...

budget: proposed by Freelancer / added: on 2019-10-05 / closed

Order conditions: - the module should be added to a simple application in phonegap / cordova technology, which is to upload the current location of the smartphone (lat, lng) to the server, - it...

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Company mobile app

budget: proposed by Freelancer / added: on 2019-10-02 / closed

We are looking for a company / person who will create a mobile application for Android and iOS. We need an application supporting sales and customer service. The application would communicate via...

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creating a mobile application

budget: proposed by Freelancer / added: on 2019-09-30 / closed

General concept of the site: login panel, password reset, password reminder. After logging in on the left we have a list of clients on the right in the tabs from the top we have marketing...

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Application for drivers

budget: proposed by Freelancer / added: on 2019-09-12 / closed

The basic idea Application for car fleet management for small businesses and households. How it's working You install applications - Register - Refuel by paying apl. - You get reports, vouchers...

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