Transfer of an application written in Android...

budget: proposed by Freelancer / added: on 2020-09-16 / expires: on 2020-10-16

I am looking for a person who will transfer an Android application written in Android Studio to iOS and make modifications to it. Currently, it is a very simple application with which photos are...

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Creating graphics (design) of a mobile application

budget: proposed by Freelancer / added: on 2020-09-07 / expires: on 2020-10-07

I request the preparation of the application design

Rock Paper Scissors

budget: 2000.00 PLN / added: on 2020-09-03 / expires: in 5 days

I ask you to make a simple game "Paper, stone, shears". The game should have the following features: - be in the multiplayer version -available on iOS and Android devices - beautiful graphics...

Finding a bug and repairing the Application,...

budget: proposed by Freelancer / added: on 2020-09-13 / closed

A company has created an application on my behalf. The application was to remind you to water the plants, but from At the beginning there was a problem, the application stopped sending the...


budget: proposed by Freelancer / added: on 2020-08-26 / closed

Creating a program for a tablet or smartphone to building management. I am looking for a person (programmer) to create a common product.

Android app - face and object detection

budget: proposed by Freelancer / added: on 2020-08-25 / closed

The main functionality of the application is to detect in real-time through a face camera, especially lips and cutlery (spoon, fork) and counting how many times a person has eaten food from the...

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[cocos2d-x] Sprite's rotate algorithm

budget: proposed by Freelancer / added: on 2020-08-24 / closed

I'm looking for a freelancer to implement the Sprite rotation algorithm around a specific point on the screen. Requirements: Cocos2d-x 3.x C++ the OXY Sprite plane should always be parallel to the...

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I will order the creation of a mobile...

budget: proposed by Freelancer / added: on 2020-08-12 / closed

I will commission the creation of a mobile application for Android and iOS. This application is designed to search and add interesting places to take photos. Below are the main assumptions: -...

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android application monitoring calls

budget: proposed by Freelancer / added: on 2020-07-21 / closed

There is a simple android application to create. Its main purpose is to send connection states to an external server by polling specific terminals. (The order is for the application itself, the...


Android + iOS mobile application, integration...

budget: proposed by Freelancer / added: on 2020-07-20 / closed

As part of the list of features to create, there will be an application with the following features. Please forgive the modest description, for this assignment I require an NDA to be signed before...

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Mobile application update (iOS and Android)

budget: proposed by Freelancer / added: on 2020-07-14 / closed

I need a simple update of the mobile application (we plan to completely rebuild it in the future) The application is native to iOS and Android, made in React Native technology. Please contact only...

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Mobile application in ReactNative

budget: proposed by Freelancer / added: on 2020-07-08 / closed

Hi, we are in the process of developing an application written in ReactNative and we need to add some functionalities: - the ability to send voice messages in the application chat - the ability to...

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Mobile application in Flutter

budget: proposed by Freelancer / added: on 2020-07-07 / closed

Hi, we are looking for a person who will undertake to write a mobile application based on Flutter. The project is to create a working MVP that will check if there is a need for this type of...

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Instaloader python script

budget: proposed by Freelancer / added: on 2020-06-15 / closed

Required is a script using Instaloader ( to produce a list of followed/follower from a specified target public or private instagram account exported to csv. The...


Button add to contact

budget: proposed by Freelancer / added: on 2020-05-06 / closed

programming the CTA button, which will pop up the "add to contacts" window on a mobile device (ios and android) and enter the data set there: First name Last Name company name phone number to call...

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Application for streaming

budget: 50.00 PLN / added: on 2020-04-06 / closed

Hello, A native iOS and Android app to stream your smartphone needs to be done. Ready SDK + to use additional functions. Application time up to 14 business days. I am asking for a quote for manhour.

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mobile application - Travelling

budget: 500.00 PLN / added: on 2020-04-06 / closed

The user gives the date when he would like to use the service, the number of people, chooses from several price packages, then selects from several sentences - those that describe him most. Makes...

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application in xamarin

budget: 3000.00 PLN / added: on 2020-01-08 / closed

I would like to write an application in Xamarin: 1. Compilation for Android and ios 2. User login 3. Account creation 4. 5 Screens downloading data from the API

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Google calendar Android

budget: proposed by Freelancer / added: on 2019-12-19 / closed

Hi, I'm searching for a person who can make calendar on android with an option to synchronize with google, sould works offline.

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Mobile Application Developer

budget: proposed by Freelancer / added: on 2019-12-11 / closed

Hi! We are GoodCore Software - an bespoke software development company from London. Here you will find more details about us: - Working on developing Mobile apps - Understand the...