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    MIKE_W 9 deals
    Scope of action 1. entering in the application the town to which the phone would switch at a certain time ie: Warsaw 08:01 - 09:00 Lodz 09:01-10:00 Czestochowa 10:01-11:00 Katowice 11:01-12:00 Bielsko-Biala 12:01-13:00 etc Rzeszow 07:00-08:00 The important thing with this is that chrome, google so receive this information is that there is a change of location. That is, when you run and search for phrases, it indicated that it searches for them at given times in the indicated locations. Deadline for completion 5 days
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    I will commission the creation of an app that works on a principle like the known doctor, but from a different industry. There would have to be an option to communicate and add your profile for a fee or for free. An application that works on browsers and in the form of an app for ios and android. Polish language. Range: Poland. What would be the price and implementation time?
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    Mobile application for budget management
    Proposed by freelancer
    Good day, I am looking for a person to help me with a mobile application being developed in Android Studio in Java. I need to add some new features such as logging, data filtering and improving some smaller elements. I am very keen on the execution time, so I am looking for people who are available later this week.
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    Technology stack - mobile application
    Proposed by freelancer
    To settle the project, I need support to complete the technology stack used to build the system - i.e. the mobile app.
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    Mateusz 3 deals
    ZEBRA TC26 Android app
    Proposed by freelancer
    I order to write an application for Android device ZEBRA TC26 to retrieve information from EXCEL file. The task is to: opening an excel file from a NAS server crawling out the row corresponding to the query from the code reader (search in one defined column) Retrieving information from selected (previously defined columns, e.g. in the settings) for the corresponding row. Data presentation on the screen
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    Godot Oculus image processing application
    Proposed by freelancer
    Create an image processing application under Oculus in Godot or create a native application under Oculus (your choice).
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    Milena Cudo-Woch
    Hello, Nowadays, all available popular dating sites mainly consist of looking for people for casual relationships, sex, or are just full of scams. I have a complete and well-thought-out concept for creating a unique dating app for people looking only for lasting relationships and confident in their intentions. My idea mainly focuses on these important aspects: -detailed screening of users min. moderation of photos and the absolute requirement to take a live selfie, and the requirement to add a photo of the whole figure -accurate selection of couples on the basis of their expectations by conducting a survey (I have a set of specially prepared questions that will allow detailed verification of users, and accurate and most accurate selection of potential couples) - the possibility to converse with only three people at a time, if the user closes a conversation, he will only be able to start another one, -constant control, and moderation of accounts, as well as their immediate removal if there is suspicion of fraud. Details on prive
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    We are looking for an experienced team or freelancers specializing in mobile application design and development to help us realize our project.
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    Proposed by freelancer
    I am looking for a person to create a mobile application from scratch. Details when you contact me.
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    Needs to create a simple mobile application for iOS and Android. The app is to have the ability to log in create an account, connected to the website (Wordpress) there accounts are to be stored as WooCommerce customer accounts. After logging in, the user has access to challenge previews, e.g. Visiting each Voivodship city. After buying access on the website and unlocking the challenge, the user has the ability to document the challenge in the form of opening a form, in which under a given city he adds a photo of himself from that city, enters the date and additional information related to it. After conquering all the cities, he can be verified and has the opportunity to order a conqueror badge on the site. Such projects can display many. All of them are to be downloaded from the WWW. All content related to the challenges are to be downloaded from the WWW. The project will be developmental.
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Mobile apps
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30.00 PLN

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We are developing a mobile app that will solve a task-related problem in our company. The app will be used by a group of team leaders who will hold their teams accountable for shuffles. We need an add-on to take advantage of such an enhancement.

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