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Hi, I am looking for an advertising specialist on FB. I would like to set up an ad account and set up an ad campaign. I arranged something for myself, but I would like someone who knows this WELL to take a look and optimize the creation and,...

Good morning, I am looking for the cause of a sudden drop in top50 / 10/3 (04/03/2021) in my online store, which has been operating for 4 years. I do not observe such a decline on other sites. The theory of too few links and weak texts is not...

Hi! For a client from the Beauty industry, we are looking for an agency / freelancer However, the offer you present will be the most important Price plays a secondary role The goals we would like to achieve are: Increase our online...

I will commission the running and increasing the reach of Facebook, Instagram and Tik-Tok for the newly created educational platform. Please give me a quote for 3 posts / activities per week.

I am looking for a person to effectively promote a fan page on Facebook - a Sports Center focused on winter sports + rental. - ad setting, - reaching the area of the nearest large city (Poznań), - minor advice on content and photos, -...

I am interested in setting up a very specific advertisement in FB and Google ADS. The advertisement is to be displayed to a group of people who visited specific websites. (to be precise, these are not my websites)

I am looking for a person with experience in Bing Ads who will create and set up campaigns: - in the search results - product The store sells wooden furniture, we currently offer about 40 products.

I am looking for a person / company to implement the GA configuration (report preparation + GTAG configuration) and prepare and support in the creation and launch of advertising campaigns. Adaptation step 1: GTAG, GA Support setup step 2:...

I am looking for a freelancer who will undertake two accounts on Facebook and Instagram. Number of entries - 2 per week for each account.

Need for 35 crowd links for now. Will appriciate the long term coworking. Thematic - Apple and the service of it's devices.

Do you want to develop something non-standard in the long term? Do you want to have an impact on the real growth of the product? To be independent without looking at your hands and to develop? The AdFoxly product is looking for a Social Media...

I will commission advertising campaigns on Google Ads Comprehensive guidance or various types of support are considered. The renewable energy industry, mainly photovoltaics. We care about people with appropriate experience and...

I will commission a Facebook page for an online store from the home / garden industry. One product in different variants (size, color).

I am looking for a person to run ADS, LinkedIn and Facebook campaigns. Experience in running campaigns for B2B companies is necessary (it cannot be e-commerce). The goal of the campaign is to obtain valuable leads.

Link promotion


Posting links related to my business on your blog and promoting them. Performance-related salary.

I am looking for a person to generate static back-end pages from a "master" wordpress installation. The work consists in modifying the titles, supplementing the content (3 articles), generating static website files using a plug-in and placing...

Google Ads campaign


Zlecę przeprowadzenie kampanii Google Ads



Person needed to create campaign ads on google Germany

I run an online store with household goods (one-pages - one product = one page). I am looking for a creative person who would take care of marketing campaigns and profile on TikTok. Please submit your offers with a description of the activities...

Good morning, I am looking for a person who knows Facebook. Specifically, it is about Pixel and an advertising account on FB. I have a problem with the correct configuration. Pixel is installed correctly but FB has only downloaded some of the products.