Photo retouching - women's clothing

budget: proposed by Freelancer / added: on 2020-09-13 / expires: on 2020-10-13

I need a photo retouching of women's clothing: - lightening the background - "ironing" clothes + adding color as it is difficult to determine the price without specifics, please contact people who...

Autumn poster

budget: proposed by Freelancer / added: on 2020-09-14 / closed

I need an autumn poster for first day off autumn. In that poster you should put some pictures of autumn (leaves, trees, plants, flowers, etc.). You can arange that poster as you wish and please...


Making packshots based on existing photos

budget: proposed by Freelancer / added: on 2020-07-07 / closed

I need a packshots based on existing photos. In addition, I am interested in placing dimensional arrows (without dimension values) according to the guidelines. There are about 80 photos to be...

Looking for a person to edit 1 photo.

budget: proposed by Freelancer / added: on 2020-05-27 / closed

I am looking for a person to perform photo editing remotely. The order would consist of adding a suit for the person in the photo to a document with a resolution of 2592x3872 px.


Photos of cakes and cupcakes

budget: proposed by Freelancer / added: on 2019-11-28 / closed

I need pictures of cakes and cupcakes to be used as a base for product photos. I need photos to be taken from the front on a clean background. The cake should be on a flat surface, the top of the...

Processing / Retouching of product photos

budget: proposed by Freelancer / added: on 2019-09-30 / closed

Hello, We are a large company dealing with packshots / photos of 360 Degree products etc. To relieve the team we are looking for permanent cooperation of an agency / company that would deal with...


editing several photos

budget: proposed by Freelancer / added: on 2019-08-30 / closed

I will order processing of several photos (changing the background, cutting out furniture from the current background and moving it to another, changing the color of the furniture). About 10...

Photo processing on Allegro [white background]

budget: proposed by Freelancer / added: on 2019-08-26 / closed

I will order processing of 100 photos; background cut-out of the products and light retouching. Delivery as graphics in the format required by Allegro on a white background

virtual walk

budget: proposed by Freelancer / added: on 2019-02-20 / closed

I need somebody to do a virtual walk of a small museum - about 7 rooms. We will also want to put in on the google map.

panoramic photography

Retouching or taking photos of the products

budget: proposed by Freelancer / added: on 2019-01-22 / closed

We offer 1000 watches. Each watch should have 5-6 photos. Can I have a quote, please?

3-4 Lightroom presets

budget: 170.00 PLN / added: on 2018-12-21 / closed

Hello, I am looking for a person who will create professional Lightroom presets for me. I have specific examples of what effect I would like to achieve. I want to change my example photo and...

Professional photo develop in Adobe Lightroom...

budget: 1000.00 PLN / added: on 2018-10-09 / closed

. Pictures in DNG format, most often made in AEB 5 mode with drones (DJI Phantom4 Pro, DJI Mavic Pro). The order is potentially large - if we like the results of your work - a large number of...

Packshots + retouching and preparing for online store

budget: proposed by Freelancer / added: on 2018-08-16 / closed

Hello, As in the description, we are looking for a photographer to work with. More specifically, it's about taking product photos on eBay auctions and Allegro. The photos must be perfectly...

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Photographer - Product Photo session

budget: proposed by Freelancer / added: on 2018-07-26 / closed

Performing a photo session of products. Photo Calendar. Product photos for the store's main page and for use for marketing purposes (ads, banners). We want to show pictures also in use, ie...

advertisement photographyadvertising photographymarketing photographyphotography


budget: proposed by Freelancer / added: on 2018-07-03 / closed

I'm looking for a photographer who can take pictures of curtains, bask drops and overlays (about 30 products for 3 photos per product) for online auctions. I am asking for offers for pictures with...

advertising photographyfashion photography

Cutting out images, remove background

budget: proposed by Freelancer / added: on 2018-06-25 / closed

We are looking for a person, who will cut our images. Images are after treatment from our photographer. We care about the quality of our images so we are looking for the person who pays attention...

photo edit

Design project

budget: 75.00 USD / added: on 2018-02-18 / closed

I need someone to alter some images . I need a photo of a car posterized and vector file, use with AI, budget is around $50 -$75.

200 stock photos fully professional edited

budget: 800.00 EUR / added: on 2017-12-28 / closed

I will need stock photos that will be exclusively for me and want them professionally edited and the source file to be submitted to me and please provide a sample of your recent works so that I...

Lifestyle Photography

budget: 1200.00 EUR / added: on 2014-10-03 / closed

Photography studio logo design

budget: 1500.00 EUR / added: on 2014-09-26 / closed