The world leader in the construction machinery industry opens its representative office in Poland. We are looking for a designer and contractor for reception and office spaces.

I need a person who will design and make visualizations of a kitchen with a living room with an area of 25 m2. It is mainly about choosing the right concept and arrangement of furniture to make the apartment as functional as...


Good morning, We are looking for a person who will design (taking into account the general guidelines) the decor of a single-family house with a total usable area of 116m2. The house is located near Poznań. There is a living room with a...

There is a living room with an annex and a bedroom for the project. the apartment is already furnished. we want to renew and modernize them. Mainly wall colors, wallpapers, furniture colors, lighting and indoor layouts. No general changes.

I will commission the design of office space in a house of 180 m2. I am committed to the creative use of space, not with a large financial outlay. We do not want to do major renovations but only adapt the current building to the office...

We are a company that designs furniture and offers it through its own online stores. We know what furniture customers like, but we do not know the interior. We are looking for a person who will help us embed our products in specific, attractive...

An apartment in Warsaw, 100 sq m, in a tenement house from 1933 to be renovated. Currently, there are four rooms, a kitchen, a technical room, a toilet, a bathroom, and a corridor. Office for an IT company Possibility to keep the current...

we want to get a 3d solid project. Possible further cooperation in the implementation of the project.

I am looking for a person who will design a living room with an area of about 40 m2 in the boho style.

Interior Designer


Hello. We are looking for an interior decorator who will select a photo wallpaper pattern that will match a specific room.

Hello, we are looking for the right person to support us in refining interior designs / permanent remote cooperation. Proficient support for CAD, SketchUp, V-ray programs is required. If you are interested, please contact me and present your portfolio.

Garden design 80m2


I will commission a garden design for a terraced building: area of about 80 m2 In project: - along the sides of the palisade with plantings, stone and irrigation system - aluminum pergola - traditional sown lawn - illuminated balls /...

- you must perform a technical assessment of the water and sewage system with regard to the implementation of new bathrooms and kitchenettes and the connection of new devices to existing installations, (assessment based on photos) old...

3D SHOP project


I will order a shop interior design. I need a 3D visualization. The store is 50m2.

I will commission a design / arrangement of a small office - 18m2 area. The design must include a visualization, arrangement and a list of furniture and accessories to be purchased. Ideally, it should be IKEA furniture.

Good morning Please provide the approximate cost of the Lodzianri project - premises 90 m, sales room 60. The premises previously served as an ice cream parlor, therefore the floors and lights will remain unchanged, as well as the facilities....

Good morning, I'm looking for a person who will visualize the wedding hall. Includes ceilings, floor and walls. No tables or other additions.

Terrace design


Good morning, I will commission someone to design a terrace arrangement. The area of the terrace is 60m ^ 2, irregular shapes, dimensions 6x9x17. I will provide more information in a private message. (Picture of the terrace, etc.)

Structural calculations for ceilings, lintels, rims and reinforced concrete columns with drawings of their reinforcement, steel specification and load / deflection diagrams of given elements as well as calculation of the roof truss structure,...