Wiktor Adamski

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My name is Wiktor, I love creating graphics and editing movies. He works in Adobe programs such as Photoshop, Premiere Pro, After effect or Ilustrator. I can also use Canva, Sony Vegas, Autodesk...

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For +20 years I have been dealing with copywriting in Polish and English. Specializations: - IT (MSc in Computer Science - several years of working for the largest global IT companies) - Creative...

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Hello! My name is Marta, I study American Studies on Jagiellonian University. I was prompted to start these studies by my interest in American English. Furthermore, I do run, work out and...


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Hi! My name is Karolina and I would like to try to work as a freelancer. I graduated in engineering (chemical sciences) at the Wrocław University of Technology. I like analytical tasks - Excel and...

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Salus Rei

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I am a graduate of UK University medical school and a student of a Polish university, specialization - clinical nutrition. I have also a diploma in English and Spanish linguistics and work as...

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Alicja Ciemińska

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I will gladly write an industry text: 1) IT, AI, programming, data visualization, algorithmization, dataification, platformization, new technologies, digital sociology, digital revolution, machine...

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Monika Włodarczyk

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I am offerring translation of short stories, novels, blog articles and subtitles done in a professional manner. I am currently studying English philology, with specialization in translation, on...

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Hello! My name is Ola. I'm a 4th year psychology student, and my biggest passion is writing (books, short stories, prose, novels). I'm an author of the book "Obudź mnie zanim umrę" (eng. "Wake me...

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Joanna Mucha

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I study English philology at Jagiellonian University, and I have a vast experience in writing, proofreading and editing a text. I offer translations.

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Divloy is an digital marketing agency has over 10 years worth of experience. We have the ability to collect, measure and utilize data what separates us them apart from other, standard agencies. We...

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Magda Wiśniewska

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I graduated with a master's degree in psychology from Jagiellonian University. Currently, I am a researcher in the domain of cognitive psychology, but I stay open to cooperation in the field of...

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Jakub Grzebisz

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My name is Jakub. I am a young and creative student from Poland. Since I was little I had a very big interest in writing and creative job. When I was 9 I've created my first YouTube channel and...

Emil Ryż

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First of all I would like to welcome you personally to my profile. My name is Emil and I am a Social Media and Marketing Specialist with 5 years of experience. My specialization is social media...

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Anna Czarny

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I'm a first-year student of journalism and social communication at the University of Wrocław. I am interested in editing texts, writing articles, translating from English to Polish and from Polish...

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5th-year student on a Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Sciences English- level C1, bilingual Matura exam French- level A2, DELF certificate fluent...

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I've always loved writing texts - stories. The world is changing, however demand for text always remains - now it's mostly digital. In my spare time, I still create short forms for Arkham Radio -...

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I am a freshman in collage, my major is Business and Administration (English-language major). I do not have much experience in offers given in UseMe. Even though, I am experienced in writing,...

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Zuza S.

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I am an open-minded person with an international approach to life and work. Creative mind seeking for new opportunities. Traveller, talker, observer, creator with an excellent eye for detail and...

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Anna De Angelis

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I am a psychologist. I have seven years of work experience. In my professional work, apart from my duties as a psychologist, I co-created international projects, prepared the evaluation of the...

Daniel Bartosiewicz

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The content costs. On black hat forums, you can buy pseudo SEO-optimized articles for $5. You can. And you can order generate them randomly, they'll be worth nothing. It doesn't go like this with...

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