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Profile Overview: Creative and detail-oriented Graphic Designer with a passion for visual storytelling and brand...

Hi everyone! 🥰 I'm Karolina, e-commerce and marketing enthusiast, specializing in creating alluring unique content...

Hello! I'm Nenad, I'm 35-year-old Freelancer, with a wonderful family consisting of a wife, a daughter, and a Cat. 😄...

With a passion for coding and an unwavering commitment to delivering top-notch digital solutions, Kushal Developer...

My name is Magdalena Klimas, and I am a 23-year-old psychology student. I love the creative process, so in my...

Meet an extraordinary Educator with a wealth of teaching expertise spanning over 8 years. My fervor for embracing...

Attention to detail, proficiency in quality control processes, experience with documentation and reporting,...

Hello! In my previous life, I wore a chef's hat, navigating the intricate world of culinary delights. From crafting...

Strahinja Grozdanic is my name. I entered this world in the latter half of the 20th century, in 1986, in Belgrade....

Writing, reading, painting. I like to hear a good story, that's where I get inspiration for my stories.

Hello! I'm a UI/UX designer with a background in marketing. Therefore, I know how to create a conscious design. I...

Noting special :)

Social Media Expert with 15+ years of experiance in brand building.

I am a student who is interested in working in the field of copywriting and design. I have the ability to write...

Since 2009 I'm working as a professional in graphic design and web design. From idea to a complete implementation -...

Partnering with me means aligning with a commitment to excellence and a passion for delivering nothing but the best....

Media management, Editing video , COPYWRITING, Sales Men

I offer a well-rounded skill set, making me a one-stop solution for your project needs.I'm a detail-oriented...

I am a creative and marketing leader with vast experience in entertainment and communication. My unique skills...

I am a self-employed specialist in the field of multimedia and project management in the IT field. I have my own...

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    I am looking for someone to help me unlock my google ads account. I have a blocked payment profile and can't even pay my arrears. The problem is that I can't verify the account because there is a wrong company name instead of "name" limited liability company, there is only limited liability company. To change the name they require something impossible like confirmation of the name change from limited liability company to "name" limited liability company. I have no ideas what to do anymore, google even stopped writing back as I explained the problem to them.
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    Jarosław Mika
    I will commission the creation of an interactive map of investments for embedding on the website. I will provide materials - photos and descriptions of investments with geolocation. Number of investments about 50 Implementation time up to 3 weeks Przykład:
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    We are looking for an SEO agency to provide comprehensive support for an online store operating in the Indian market, English language of the site. Current traffic is 2million hits/year. Among the responsibilities: - repairing/removing many links created by changing the store template, optimizing the number of pages displayed for crawl budget spending - repairing/redirecting 404s - removing unnecessarily indexed pages from google search console - cooperation in improving page experience and improving loading times - fixing missing product snippets - IMPLEMENTING breadcrumbs navigation in Shopify Plus - working on page titles that duplicate each other - improving descriptions/text content (H1/H2 duplicates) And above all: - QUALITY BACKLINKS FROM PAGES THAT ARE NOT DEAD - CLEAR AND TRANSPARENT REPORTING An audit from your site is welcome, I will send a link to the site after making an offer. The topic is urgent.
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    Studio Psychologiczne
    GetResponse implementation consultation
    Proposed by freelancer
    We are a marketing team that is currently implementing the GetResponse tool into our marketing processes. We are looking for an experienced consultant to help us take full advantage of the tool's capabilities, with a particular focus on its marketing automation features. We expect the consultant to be able to guide our team through the following: - Giving Scoring to Contacts: How to effectively score and categorize contacts according to their value to our business. - Creating an Email Sending Funnel: We want to understand how to create effective email funnels with alternative automation paths to be triggered when people sign up for our newsletter. - Contact Retrieval Process: We need a strategy for recovering contacts with low scoring. - Tagging Contacts: We are interested in what GetResponse's contact tagging capabilities are and how best to use this feature. I-Other Ways to Use GetResponse: We are open to exploring new and creative ways to use GetResponse in our marketing strategy.
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    Advertisement design for banner on buses
    Proposed by freelancer
    #contract, #seekinggraphic designer I am looking for a graphic designer who will make for me the design of an advertisement that will be displayed on buses. Requirements: Resolution ( 1280 x 576 ) Animation mp4 JPG, PNG board Emission time: 15 seconds I am looking for a person who already has such projects behind him. Please let me know your portfolio, price and turnaround time from content delivery. I will contact the selected persons. I do not exclude permanent cooperation. Invoice.
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    Michał Szymański SEO 29 deals
    Hello, I am looking for a person to professionally hook up conversions to Ads. Conversions to contact, to form, to transitions to other topics we specify. We are looking for a specialist. We deal with this but need additional capacity. With good implementation of the order permanent cooperation.
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    Małgorzata Wellness 5 deals
    I need a person to make 10 rolls showing 3 relaxation exercises each presented by a physical therapist. Rolls up to 12 seconds with captions describing the exercises and quiet background music.
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    Karolina 5 deals
    Good day, I will commission the writing of a script for a podcast on the subject of true crime based on the provided links, articles and materials. The source materials are in English. The length of the script 30 thousand characters Possibility of permanent cooperation.
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    Travel Agency CRM Pipedrive
    Amazon sales
    Proposed by freelancer
    Activities on the Amazon platform: -Audit of current product pages - in terms of Amazon SEO, graphics, images - in terms of salesability and alignment with the platform -Audit of Amazon Paid campaigns -Optimization of product pages and campaigns - creating campaigns and pages for A/B testing -Development of strategies under Amazon - and joint implementation Please quote for a month of work for the declared number of hours.
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    Double Digital 2 deals
    I am looking for a person to carry out advertising activities on the market in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Requirements: 1. knowledge of Czech language - required. 2. knowledge of the e-commerce market in the Czech Republic/Slovakia - required. 3. experience in working with furniture stores 4. know-how of consumer behavior on these markets 5. know-how regarding shopping platforms, forms of payment, effective performance activities