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Hello. – I like to do creative work with graphics, creating videos and making websites. – Portfolio →...

US - Hello! I have been working in the graphic design industry for 6 years. I have executed numerous advertising and...

Hello, I'm a creative with eight years of experience. I have graduated Polish-Japanese Academy of Information...

Video editing is a creative and technical skill that can make or break your video content. Whether you are making...

My Education: State High School of Fine Arts in Katowice / major: visual arts, specialization: intermedia Film...

Partnering with me means aligning with a commitment to excellence and a passion for delivering nothing but the best....

I am a creative and marketing leader with vast experience in entertainment and communication. My unique skills...

O mnie I am a film editor, motion and sound designer, and also a musician. I have been involved in film production...

A hard working video edior with 5 years of experience in film industry. Skilled in editing podcasts, commercials,...

Just a graphic designer, specializing in 3D graphic and animation.

I produce and edit commercials, promotions, corporate films, music videos, and TV programs. In addition, my credits...

Welcome to my Profile. Back in high school, I stumbled upon the captivating world of digital marketing. Intrigued by...

Hi, I am certified graphic designer and UI/UX designer with 5 years of experience. I offer top-quality graphics...

Available almost 18 hours ⌛ and known for my quick turnaround time. I have 3 years of experience in video editing...

As a freelance graphic designer , I bring a unique blend of creativity and technical skill to every project. With a...

Digital marketer with great deal of experience in design and marketing. Growth Hacker in development and strategy.

## Hello! Freelancer graphic designer experienced in animation, DTP, print preparation and vector/raster works!...

Hello! I'm a passionate 3D motion designer with 3 years of experience in the industry. I specialize in creating...

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    Performance Digital 16 deals
    YouTube video editing
    Proposed by freelancer
    Editing the 14-minute video according to the guidelines.
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    ForSpa 41 deals
    We are looking for a cameraman to make vlog recordings for YT channel and editing, We have our own mini studio partially equipped. Realization of recordings Warsaw Wilanów. Please attach to your offers examples of realizations.
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    We are looking for a person/company who will be available 30 days a month (10am - 9pm) and will be ready for "asap" materials. The amount of materials per month is 60 (2x30). Editing consists of cutting the material, color grading, masking the cuts, adding music and subtitles. The target length of the material - up to 1min.
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    Łukasz Mikołajczyk 9 deals
    I would like someone to make me a professional commercial that I can share with influencers. Ideally, the ad will include a person(or the voice itself on the background of some video) who will tell in a few seconds about the project, and then the ad will go into a video that will show the Channel with sent sports analysis, and at the end good efficiency and winning. I can provide materials for the video like screenshots etc, the rest I would like the person to record. Ideally, the ad should be 15 seconds or longer and fit on the users' account and encourage. Advertising for a typing site - Hosted at
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    We are looking for a composer to create music for a chain of venues - length 15h.
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    Escape Master
    I need a periscope view for an escape room puzzle. Ocean depth, full 360 degree horizontal rotation, at some point a depth mine should be visible. The depth mine should be some distance away and visible in 70-90 degrees. Additional animation that will also be needed is the view from the window when the ship is sailing, maybe sometimes passing some sharks or other sea monsters:) (there are 3 windows, so there can be 3 different animations, preferably it would be possible to loop them, they do not have to be long)
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    Making a short animation in after effects
    Proposed by freelancer
    I am currently realizing a short EB video. I need to add to it a short minimalistic animation in after effects - exactly the idea is to show the scale of the Company's activity (outline of the world map and lights lighting up with the names of countries/investments). This animation will be superimposed on the video and will appear as a complement to the voiceover: "We are already operating in more than 20 foreign markets, developing large-scale investments in our own manufacturing sources in Poland and beyond." I am anxious for a quick implementation :)
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    tomHRM 1 deal
    We will commission the creation of a video that will become a sales presentation of the system. The production of the video will include the recording of views of the system (showing the interface, clicking through the functions), along with voice-over according to the agreed scenario. In addition, we would like it to include some infographics. So we are talking about a static product tour-type video. We estimate the length of the video at about 20 minutes. We want the contractor to be able to approach the task comprehensively - to record the system views, realize the voice layer and edit everything together with the graphics.
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    Simple animation of cube rotation
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hello, looking for a person who will undertake to make a very simple animation depicting the rotation of a cube around an axis that is the diagonal of one of the sides, and what such a rotation will create(rotating solid). The animation is to be as simple as possible, without any quirks. Greetings.
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    Flawsome! 13 deals
    As the winter season has begun, we are looking for a photographer to create a series of lifestyle photos promoting our products in a winter setting. We don't want to focus on a holiday theme, we are looking for something more universal and modern. We are Flawsome! and we produce natural juices from non-ideal fruits. We are guided by the idea of sustainable business and are B corp certified. Photos would be used mainly on our social media. We have included more details about our vision in the attached brief.