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With more than 14 years of experience supporting clients in the area of foreign trade and 5 years as a licensed...

Greetings from me; I am a pleasant, kind, polite person, dedicated to work and service, motivated to do my best at...

"Hello, I'm Adnan Akbar, a passionate and skilled WordPress developer. With a profound love for all things web and a...

Programming teacher and hardware repairing engineer C++ , HTML, CSS, Data entry , network security, IT, Microsoft 365

A Social Media Marketing Manager, with a huge passion for content writing, creating marketing strategies and...

Projektuję m. in. różnego rodzaju identyfikację wizualną dla klientów indywidualnych i firm. Jestem młodą osobą...

I am a student coming from a Serbia, I am looking for new jobs and opportunities, and I know how to properly use a...

My name is Aleksandra Radosavljevic , Im from Serbia , 20 yrs old , stay at home mom who is willing to work.

I'm Amilia Grey, a Professional Website Developer. I have 4 years plus experience with great knowledge working with...

Hi! My name is Marijana and I'm from small town in Serbia. I'm here as your VA,doing everything that has to be done...

I’m 25 years old and a student of the Faculty of Economics, University of Kragujevac - accounting and business...

"Hello there! I'm Ivan, a dedicated professional with a knack for precision and efficiency in the realm of data...

Im a student who is chasing for work and working hard.

Hi! I am Justyna and I am 24 years old. In September I defended my master's degree in cosmetology, however, I...

I have 25+ years of experience in developing, implementing, and managing different programs and projects. In...

I am a skilled and reliable professional, who takes their jobs and clients very seriously. I have a master’s degree...

🌟As a versatile freelancer, I bring together the worlds of translation, virtual assistance, silkscreen art, and...

Professional Virtual assistant with three years of experience in working for Amazon,Cambly and Upwork. Fast working,...

Young and dynamic civil Engineer with a proven track of record recordmodf ensuring that structures are safe and...

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    Agencja Nowych Mediów 57 deals
    Preparation of 2 databases of general contacts by active social media channels, email, city, general profile statistics. Both up to 100 contacts in total. Please ask for an estimated budget and description of experience :)
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    Praktis 3 deals
    I will order the export of the texts of 2 instructions with a total volume of 170 pages. The work includes exporting and grouping in the same order these 2 instructions (texts and images).
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    Hello, looking for a person to make an Excel database containing manufacturing companies from Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland that export or import goods to/from Poland. Time of execution maximum by December 31. Please contact me if you have any questions.
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    maksioo 11 deals
    We are looking for a person who will be responsible for implementing an open innovation program in our company. The sought-after candidate should have the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively manage the innovation process, involving external stakeholders in the creation of innovative solutions. Responsibilities: Identify potential areas of open innovation within the company. Defining the scope of the initiative, including focusing on key areas and target audience. Planning incentives for participants and setting boundaries for collaboration. Designing and planning key milestones for the initiative. Developing rules of engagement with external stakeholders. Organizing relevant events and meetings. Requirements: Experience in managing the innovation process. Familiarity with the concept of open innovation and practical skills to implement it. Ability to identify potential external partners. Excellent organizational and interpersonal skills. Ability to work in a team and effectively manage a project. We offer: Challenges in introducing an innovative approach in the company. The opportunity to co-create and develop an open innovation program.
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    DarkBlue 1 deal
    We are looking for a person to add products to the store according to the guidelines. The contractor will be provided with detailed guidelines for the assignment-a database schema and a list of products. We request a quote for 100 records.
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    Creating a sheet with automation
    Proposed by freelancer
    I need automation in the database for salespeople in Google Sheets. When an appointment is set up, the employee enters the details of the customer and the merchant to hold the meeting. I need an automation that will enter the appointments into the salespeople's calendars and if the appointment has taken place and a certain amount of time has passed since the appointment then an email will come to me stating that the potential client should be contacted again
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    Sales specialist - foreign markets Silver sp. z o.o., the owner of a store in the beauty industry -, is looking for a sales specialist for the B2B market of a specific group of products. The person hired for this position will be responsible for: searching for companies to which samples will be sent establishing telephone and e-mail contacts to discuss the commercial offer advising customers on product selection maintaining ongoing relationships with customers From our side we offer: non-standard working hours - you work when you want remote work remuneration - commission on each order work in a stable company with an established position in the market
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    Looking for a virtual assistant
    Proposed by freelancer
    Looking for a virtual assistant. An organized student who can organize herself and others is welcome. I am in the process of developing a business. At the moment I have to reconcile my current job and the development of a new business plus family and child. Sometimes it is just too much. The baby stops seeing me so this is the moment where I need help. It's not about the big things. Starting from small things like finding Christmas gifts for my clients, to reminding me about simple things like appointments or declarations. I work mostly on piecework for assignments. When a job comes to me it is broken down into stages with predetermined dates lib they are determined in the course).For my part I will keep you informed of everything. I need a person who will organize it for me (table, execlem, calendar whatever) and then bravely will remind me of the dates and prepare a list of tasks what I have to do on a given day so as not to get lost. Basic knowledge of Office and other software in which we design a simple flyer or price list is welcome. Taste and taste in this area are welcome. Please contact me only if you are really willing to work. Let's respect each other's time. Thank you Regards.
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    Mateusz W
    Akre Poland is looking for a person to provide telephone and email support to Romanian customers on the EMAG platform and online store. Responsibilities: - telephone customer service - email telephone support Requirements: - very good knowledge of Romanian language - Commitment to the work performed We offer: - implementation to work on the Emag platform and in the online store - possibility of remote work - friendly atmosphere and interesting work in a young team - all terms and conditions of cooperation to be determined individually
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    Entering offers into crm
    1000.00 PLN
    Hello sincerely, I have an Asari CRM program to support real estate offices and I need a person who will enter the offers of development projects from an external website using the materials that are on it, reworking them and translating them through a chat gpt and then adding to me to enter there are dozens if not hundreds of offers please give in your offer an hourly rate, in an hour I am alone able to enter 5 offers into the system