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    DevITjobs 77 deals
    Assignments include: - preparing 20 new email templates in German language
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    KUNAGONE 33 deals
    Person to run TikTok channel
    Proposed by freelancer
    We are looking for a creative person to provide comprehensive support for the TikTok channel. Our brand is natural wildlife repellents ( Industry: home and garden. We offer products for: martens, moles, wild boars, mice, cats, among others. What we care about: - on setting up a profile on TikTok - on a jointly thought-out content strategy - on recording and editing rolls - publishing rolls - to start: 1/2 a roll a week? - moderating comments and activating the community - on partial handling of messages (specialized questions on our side) More details to be determined individually:)
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    YouTab 4 deals
    I am submitting a file with products within one category for example - phone cases. It contains various attributes like Brand/Model/Color and I am interested in optimizing the current titles for SEO. The current titles can be seen here;
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    YouTab 4 deals
    Permanent cooperation. in the offer please specify the amount and what is included in this amount. Please let me know what experience you have in working on Klaviyo.
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    YouTab 4 deals
    Please provide an offer and a description of what exactly such a strategy will include and what things you need from us to create it. I will add that the store is already several years on the market and has customers, which will certainly be helpful.
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    Bartosz | Twój Marketingowiec
    Video recommendation
    50.00 PLN
    I will order a video recording of a recommendation. It is important that the face of the speaker is visible on the recording. I already have the text ready to add to the prompter.
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    VICTORIA 1 deal
    I will order to upload url list to Api for example in Python.
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    I will order to set up a campaign for an e-commerce business in the area of agritourism to reach customers who visit the site, abandon the shopping cart, are potential customers, returning customers, etc.
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    Nonamem 4 deals
    Hello, As in the subject, is it possible to change Google hints to the name of my company when typed into the search engine ? I would be happy to commission such work + additionally writing sponsored articles in Google and positioning my site . I ask for offers ONLY from companies that can help with changing hints in Search engine.
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    We are an innovative educational company specializing in creating discussion sheets and ready-made lesson plans for English language teachers. As we expand our operations, we're seeking an experienced Digital Advertising Specialist to undertake a project focused on creating and optimizing advertising campaigns on Meta platforms (Facebook, Instagram), primarily targeting Poland but also expanding to other European Union countries. Responsibilities: - Design and manage advertising campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. - Optimize campaigns to increase effectiveness and Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). - Analyze campaign data and produce efficiency reports. Requirements: - Experience in advertising on Meta platforms. - Proficiency in data analysis and report generation. - Creativity in developing advertising content. - (Experience in promoting educational materials is a plus) How to Apply: Please send your portfolio, CV, and a brief description of your experience in managing advertising campaigns via, along with your expected monthly gross rate.