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Hi! My name is Mateusz and I create websites based on Wordpress CMS. I develop websites for business, online shops,...

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I am professionally interested and actively involved in programming and copywriting. I have been working as...

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With my hand on my heart, I can say: trust in me is trust in yourself. Why? Because I have been in this industry for...

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My name's Karol. I do create unique websites, dedicated design and advanced content managment. Feel welcome to see...

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I am developing object-oriented websites. I create business-pages and portfolio-pages. I design the OnePage...

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I am an experienced full stack engineer who has experience in 10+ years of software development. API development:...

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Webmaster Freelancer - Expert in WordPress and Internet Innovations, I bring a rich combination of technical...

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Hi! I'm Karolina, I create unconventional yet functional & visually pleasing websites. My goal is to create...

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Peter, 20 years old. I am passionate about computer science from an early age, previously computer graphics and...

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2D/3D graphics designer, website programmer and construction designer. What i can offer? - graphics design - dtp and...

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Experienced Web Developer, Designer and entrepreneur. I work dynamically in many industries and I focus on personal...

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Experience over 2 years, over six-month commercial and eighteen months freelancer. My English is on the level B2. IT...

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I offer services for building web sites based on the popular script CMS Joomla! and its associated extensions....

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H&S E-commerce Adrian Niedźwiedzki offers comprehensive e-commerce services, from creating online stores to their...

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Software and web projects. HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, mySql. jQuery, Bootstrap. Corel Draw, Corel Paintshop i...

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I have many years of experience, which I gained by working with agencies and freelancers in many projects throughout...

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[EN] Im Natalia from Wewillweb are 2 freelancers, specialists in their fields. We have been...

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I'm a professional, freelance graphic designer with experience in developing long-lasting client relationships. MY...

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PHP developer, IT specialist.

Creative and innovative software engineer with over 10 years of experience in producing robust code. Proficient in...

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    Kacper Marzoch
    Hello, I will outsource coding in HTML5 two animated banners 1200x300 and 900x300. We have a graphic design on layers in photoshop - I need a simple animation and finished HTML5 code following the guidelines from the attached Word file.
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    I need a person to help me hide a few things on the blog at the presta shop + for example on Firefox the main photo does not change when you click on the gallery + a lot of other bullshit + help in optimizing the performance of the site. I will send details to those interested.
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    I am looking for a Wordpress specialist to make a wholesale order panel for me. The layout is to be like the one on this site: We will determine the technical details during the conversation.
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    I have a website which is in an unfinished state and the task is to finish it. 1. the most important and first thing at the moment is to change the category tree and subcategories on the site, so that I can easily import the xml file ( to my site from the wholesaler, with which I want to cooperate in dropshipping system. 2. then I should just import the xml file so that my site has the current products. You should also change the description of the categories on the home page, in the filter, the drop-down list of the main menu, at the bottom of each page of the site (wherever needed). Of course, keep the style of the site, add the necessary images to the new categories. 3. payment system (AutoPay) and delivery system (Apacheka) are generally connected at the moment, but if necessary (after the actions specified in points 1 also 2), payment and delivery configuration should be done. Points 1, 2, 3 are the most important part of the work to be done now.
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    Justyna Bertrand
    PHP update of 3 pages on Wordpress
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hi, I'm looking for a person to update PHP of 3 small sites on wordpress and check if everything will be compatible with themes etc. so that the site can continue to work, in the future I would also like you to take care of/engage in site fixes that I have yet to catch. The sites have not been "taken care of" for about 3 years and need updates, but this we can agree on additionally when establishing cooperation :)
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    Meddtech LTD 24 deals
    I will outsource the copying of the site in the Spanish-language version, plug in the language plugin with translation and implementation.
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    Payments Lab
    Good day, please give me a quote for the implementation of the plugins mentioned in the title, we will implement 1 by 1, copyright transfer to us/integrate pay-by-link/blik payments with redirect.
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    Hello, I will commission the editing of a page on wikipedia, with the addition of content on it based on articles available about the client on the Internet. Doceolowo about 1000 characters should be, with linking to relevant subcategories. The client is an e-commerce store, Indian market, English language - selling erotic aricles. I send articles and materials.
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    Online bookstore
    Proposed by freelancer
    Creating a new website for a bookstore, a small publishing house.
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    Mateusz 1 deal
    Hi, I'm looking for a person who has already had contact with Klaviyo. Our goal is to set up proper automated emails and create templates like Cart Abandonment Email. Generally configuring multiple templates under our branding, where later we will only customize ourselves with ready-made content.

Hiring a Freelance Website Developer Guide

Embarking on the journey to hire a freelance web developer? You're making a smart move! This guide is dedicated to helping employers navigate the process of hiring a skilled freelance web developer, emphasizing the advantages of using Useme for this crucial task.

Why Hire a Freelance Web Developer?

First things first: why should you even consider a freelance website developer? Well, the digital world is evolving rapidly, and having a robust, well-designed website is no longer a luxury – it's a necessity. A freelance developer offers flexibility, specialized skills, and often a fresh, innovative perspective that can catapult your online presence to new heights. Plus, it's cost-effective!

The Flexibility of Freelancing

Freelance developers offer a level of flexibility that's hard to find elsewhere. They can adapt to your specific project needs, working hours, and even budget constraints, making them an ideal choice for projects of all sizes and scopes.

Specialized Skill Sets

Many freelancers are highly specialized in specific areas of web development. Whether you need a WordPress web developer, an e-commerce expert, or a master of responsive design, there's a freelancer out there who fits the bill perfectly.

Leveraging Useme to Hire Your Freelance Web Developer

When it comes to hiring freelance web developers, Useme stands out as a preferred platform. Here’s why Useme is ideal for connecting with top freelance web developers:

Streamlining Formalities

Useme takes the complexity out of hiring a freelance web developer. We handle all the administrative details, allowing you to focus solely on your project.

A Marketplace at Your Fingertips

Whether you want to invite your current freelance web weveloper or find a new one, Useme's marketplace makes it easy. Post a job, sit back, and choose from the best offers that come your way.

No More Contract Hassles

Forget about preparing and signing traditional contracts with freelance web developers. Useme takes care of all the documentation, letting you kickstart your project without any legal or accounting headaches.

Cost-Effective Deals

Hiring a freelance web developer through Useme is a budget-friendly option compared to traditional subcontracting, ensuring you get top-quality web development services at a fraction of the cost.

Getting Started with Your Freelance Web Developer

Ready to dive in? Here's how to get the ball rolling with your freelance website developer:

Define Your Project Goals

Start by outlining what you want to achieve. Whether it's a brand new website or revamping an existing one, clear goals help your developer understand your vision.

Communicate Clearly

Effective communication is essential. Keep your freelance web developer in the loop with regular updates and feedback sessions to ensure the project stays on track.

Trust Their Expertise

Remember, you hired a professional. While your input is crucial, trusting their expertise can lead to innovative solutions you might not have considered.


Hiring a freelance website developer can be a game-changer for your business, and Useme makes the process seamless, secure, and cost-effective. Ready to find your perfect web development partner? Let's get started!


Q: How do I ensure I pick the right freelance web developer on Useme?
A: Review their portfolio, read feedback from previous clients, and conduct an interview to ensure their skills align with your project needs.

Q: Can I work with website developers freelancers from different countries?
A: Absolutely! Useme's global platform allows you to connect with talented freelancers from around the world.

Q: What if the work from the freelance web developer doesn’t meet my expectations?
A: Useme offers a secure environment for hiring, ensuring that you're satisfied with the work before releasing payment.

Q: How are payments handled for freelance web developers on Useme?
A: Payments are held securely by Useme and are only released to the freelancer once you're happy with the completed work.

Q: Can I hire a team of freelance website developers for a larger project?
A: Yes, you can hire multiple website developers for different aspects of your project, managing them all through Useme's convenient platform.