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I will commission simple graphics for facebook in canva.

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    Gabriela Zambrano
    Support with Facebook project
    Proposed by freelancer
    Looking for someone that can assist me with a new project I want to launch on sustainability. Prefer someone that has previous experience in social media and a huge plus if fluently in Hungarian / Polish. The project is expected to last one year, so monthly based salary for the upcoming year, plus flexibility with working hours, remote position.
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    Milka Bachanek 25 deals
    We are looking for a person to help us get people to affiliate. Work mainly on instagram and TikTok. We are a food manufacturer whose products should be heavily advertised on social media. Work on a permanent basis, we care about the effect. At the beginning 500 PLN per month
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    Przemysław Pawlik
    Graphic design of content on SM
    Proposed by freelancer
    I am looking for a person who will do graphic development (on ready-made templates in Canva) of content on Instagram: posts, rolls and testimonials - based on ready-made factual content. Legal industry. Permanent assignment: about 3-5 posts per week.
  • no avatar is a web application connecting employers and employees in Poland and abroad. The platform is just entering the market and has unlimited network ranges. It allows the Employer to easily post any job offer. After registering, the employee has access to job offers along with detailed conditions for starting work, i.e. net hourly salary rate, accompanying benefits, etc. The employee has two options for using the application: free and paid. In the free version, you have access to job offers, the "Work Legally" guide, giving you the necessary knowledge about working abroad, and the possibility to send one message a day to the employer in your own language. No matter in which country you decide to work, trouble-free communication is ensured by an automatically translating messenger, thanks to which the employer writes and reads messages in his language and the employee in his. The paid option gives the employee more options, including: UNLIMITED online communication with the employer, thanks to the translator - for only 4 Euro per month (currently only €2 during the promotional period). An additional advantage of the paid variant is account verification by the Stripe system, enabling programmatic confirmation of user's identity around the world. This reduces fraud and significantly increases your chances of getting a job. will not have access to your verification data. The influencer's task will be to promote, present the advantages of the (web) platform, indicate key functionalities, direct fans to the website and encourage them to register. The aim is to reach a group of women and men aged 18 and over who are looking for employment abroad, e.g. in Poland. Please note that the app has just recently entered the market and new job offers are added every day. Showing and presenting how to properly register and use is welcome.
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    extension 1 deal
    We're looking for a marketing freelancer with strong social media & copywriting skills. Must have: - Strong writing skills in English - Basic understanding of web3 / blockchain concepts
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    Proposed by freelancer
    We need to create a new website (kebab production). In addition, set up and "rock" the profile on Instagram. We are also looking for a person who will take care of SEO. We are looking for a professional execution of the website along with the execution of all descriptions.
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    Albert Pośnik
    I am looking for a freelancer who has been in contact with the webwave platform and can connect the facebook pixel with a page for an ebook on the webwave platform.
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    MonikaKleczek 1 deal
    Editor to reels instagram
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hi, on a test basis I am looking for an editor who will create short reels, based on uploaded materials, in a specific theme on IG. I'm not interested in putting videos under ready-made templates, because I'm able to do it myself, but cool quality reels, with interesting transitions and text. Topics: travel.
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    Anna 3 deals
    We are looking for a specialist who would advise us in the issue of Meta advertising account. Currently the account has been blocked for about a year, so cancellation issues are not possible. We need advice on what we can do to be able to set up campaigns again. This is currently done by an agency that is added as an affiliate but we would like to cancel its services. We also can't add new administrators for company pages on FB.
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    Hi! I'm Michael and together with Sylvia and Paul we are creating Fine Marketing. We are slowly running out of days and fingers to grasp everything, we need your help! I'm looking for a capable and creative person to work with us on a permanent basis on running social media for our clients - mainly Fb and insta. To start, we need help with graphic and text content on social media for a recruitment agency hiring Poles for the German market - drivers and logistics workers. 6-8 activities per month - static graphics, carousels, short stock rolls, use of speech generators, etc. Content that encourages interaction, engaging, sometimes informative, sometimes funny - in general we are open to ideas. We don't practice "bulldozing," we don't shoulder everything and just press for deadlines - we talk a lot and work as a team. What's it like? Will you help? Greetings! Michal