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Overwhelmed with hiring complexities and paperwork? Our platform's list of proficient 2D graphic designers offers an efficient solution. Useme streamlines your experience by taking over all formalities, eliminating the need for traditional contracts, and managing documentation. By choosing our skilled freelancers, you not only access top-tier graphic design 2D talent but also enjoy a cost-effective approach, bypassing the usual subcontractor expenses. Let's elevate your projects with ease and efficiency.

eS Studio | SEBASTIAN SAMULSKI - product and advertising photography. Im'a Sebastian Samulski - I've been working as...

Hello! I'm a freelance graphic designer and an illustrator with many years of experience both in USA and in Poland....

As a freelance graphic designer, I help build a brand image by designing both for print and web. In the field of...

Hi! I'm an expert in logo design and illustration, with a passion for creating unique, eye-catching logos that...

My name is Andrew I work on Corel Draw and Photoshop, Gimp I have many years of experience as a graphic designer. He...

The Office's offer to your needs! Better results, greater customer sympathies, increased recognition? We will...

Hi, I'm a graphic designer with a marketing background. I live in Poznań, Poland. I like simple and modern design....

I' m Ola and I am a graphic designer, illustrator from Gdansk, Poland.

Graphic designer, specializing in creating engaging brands. During three years of study (spec. Communication...

I am from Ukraine, and I have lived in Poland for 3 years. I love everything about design, especially Web design. I...

Hi :) My name is Mateusz, I have been dealing with computer graphics and illustration for over 4 years. I always...

Hello, I am graphic designer. I have a lot of experience - please see below portfolio. specializations: -web sites...

Hello! I am a graduate in Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice. During studies and internships in the...

More than three years working experience in agencies with different profiles, both digital and print, gave me the...

I'm graphic designer and Art Director with over 12 years of experience residing in Wroclaw - Poland. I specialize in...

I am a graphic designer and illustrator, font maker. I specialize in creating visual identities for new and existing...

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    369 Solution 2 deals
    2D graphics
    Proposed by freelancer
    - Design of online and offline graphic materials. - Creation of graphic designs for products and packaging. - Graphics for social media. Creation of eye-catching graphics in line with trends. - Retouching and graphic processing of photos. - Development of product presentations - DTP - preparing projects for printing, i.e. business cards, flyers, folders, brochures - Creativity and openness to experimentation in the creative process. - Assist in building brand awareness through creative approach to branding projects. - Photography is welcome
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    Damian 2 deals
    We are looking for an exceptionally creative graphic designer to take on the challenge of creating a unique logo and comprehensive brand book for ETIQ, an emerging brand in the field of textile labels that pushes the boundaries of ordinary design and traditional service. Our brand is synonymous with uniqueness, modernity, commitment, attentiveness, support, collaboration and innovation. ETIQ is not just a name; it is a promise of a journey towards discovering new possibilities and building lasting relationships - we are explorers and companions to our customers. The scope of the collaboration includes: Development of a minimum of 3 creative logo concepts that reflect the soul of our brand, its dynamism and innovation. Development of a full logo book that will communicate our core values and brand archetype: explorer and companion.
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    Przemysław Krawiec 40 deals
    Creation of 10 graphics
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hi, I will commission the creation of 10 graphics for advertising campaigns on FB. Brief is attached (I will share photos and logos with selected people). Deadline for completion: 05.03.
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    I will commission the production of color illustrations for an outdoor tourism guide. The order will include the production of about 10 illustrations with a relative degree of detail due to the pocket format of the publication. If interested, please send me your portfolio. A few people who will be selected will be sent detailed guidelines with a request for a quote. The scope of the service provided will include the transfer of full copyright to the illustrations made.
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    Luxwiev 17 deals
    Hello need a graphic designer to design an online store
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    Norbert Sobala 14 deals
    I will commission 6 promotional graphics for the store. Graphics in one style (As for the style, I will send some graphics that we like) The graphics will have text on them: encouraging to buy, etc.... Please send me your portfolio.
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    PPHU Robert Sarnowski
    I will commission mockup templates for mugs and other personalized products. Template in psd format I will provide more details in response to submitted applications.
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    PiecNaPiec.pl 1 deal
    Hi. We are looking for a person to redesign some graphics for us on our Social Media Agency website in such a way that they are consistent with each other and together with the site form a cohesive whole. These are small graphics, so far we have been using such ordinary template graphics, but finally we need to get behind it. These will be such graphics as: https://piecnapiec.pl/wp-content/uploads/2021/05/bg-footer1.jpg https://piecnapiec.pl/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/box-service-info.jpg https://piecnapiec.pl/wp-content/uploads/2023/06/Projekt-bez-nazwy-5-1-805x472.jpg (for 5 departments like Social Media, Linkedin support, etc.). I am anxious for a quick turnaround. I sincerely thank you in advance for your suggestions.
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    Brand Me Up Agency
    Due to the lack of time, I am looking for a creative person with time to help finally take care of the graphic design service of my agency, which on media is shining empty ;) I have a pattern of color scheme and style on canva templates for social media, and based on this I would like to create: Graphic portfolio of my offer to clients Facebook background photo Graphics on social media I am also hoping for advice from the above-mentioned person on what else could be cool to design. I am looking for a person for permanent cooperation. I rather aim at alternative/creative/different/artistic/weird aesthetics. Thank you for all your submissions :) Best regards
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    Natalia EU
    Interactive mock-up
    Proposed by freelancer
    Mobile mock-up, for example, in an interactive suitcase with LED lights. For more details I invite you to contact me by phone.