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Programmer with 4+ years of experience, main experience and passion is front end but first year started with...

I am a professional software engineer with much experience in iOS and Android mobile app development. I am good at...

Hi I have 5 years of hands-on experience coding websites and applications efficiently using modern React,...

We make Wordpress, Woocommerce, Laravel and unique PHP jobs. For example: Wordpres Plugins, unique API integration,...

I’m A Web Developer Living In Poland. I Am A Fan Of Design, Fitness, And Programming. I’m Also Interested In...

I’ve struggled, I’ve fought, I’ve lost, and yet I’ve achieved so much. From a small school in Pakistan to a top 100...

A self-taught, open-minded person who's looking for a way to be remembered. Fully motivated and focused on the...

Beginning front-end specialist, I am engaged in the creation user interface design and implementation. I actively...

"Itach Soft” is a company with a shared value system, aiming first of all at results. Dealing with our company, you...

Hi, my name is Alex, I am from Ukraine. My freelance and other experience: Audio and Video Production more than 15...

We are here to bring all the innovative ideas to life by creating high-quality, well-designed, reliable, and...

lukas_anthony01 is a branding and multi-design agency based in lagos, nigeria. The agency, founded in 2016, has a...

Self-taught 32 years old web developer with 17 years of experience. Enthusiast, from childhood stoked on internet...

I'm an IT specialist and IT manager. My business is IT outsourcing, websites building, cloud servers for rent...

Software translator (interface, documentation, sites). I translated: NVDA - Screen reader for windows (application...

Due to the war in Ukraine, some industries are not working. In this regard, I decided to get a professional...

Hi, I`m full time front-end develper from Ukraine. I`m interested in your project, I think we can cooperate with you...

Bulk emails. Email marketing is a full cycle. Marketing. Consulting. — email mailings on bases of the customer and...

Hello! I'm an Art Lead in Room 505 with more than 6 years of experience in 3D Art. I made a long way from the low...

Hi. I am happy to help with topics in which I have over 10 years of experience: - Wordpress (administration,...

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    Bot to buy Tauron/pgg eco-pea
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hello, I will commission to write a bot that will buy coal eco-pea in bulk on tauron(priority) or pgg. Please ask for a quote. Of course, everything within reason. We will get along somehow for sure :)
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    RAPIT 11 deals
    I will commission to make a mobile application in the form of a web overlay for ios and android and put it in the apple store and google store.
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    Bernadeta 3 deals
    Please optimize our website _ Joomla Please send me offers.
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    Reverse hosting with several WP projects
    Proposed by freelancer
    As in the topic, the hosting was infected, the provider ran a scan, but it does not detect all infections, I need a specialist who has experience in getting rid of malware from hosting accounts and servers. Definitely possible permanent cooperation -> unfortunately this is not a one-time situation. The hosting account currently has 5 projects on WP.
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    Schedule system - back end only.
    Proposed by freelancer
    Order description Schedule system - front end only - like many available on the Internet modified with the following aspects - On Premises - Additional inter-branch validations between separate companies - Budgeting of staffing by different types of contracts - Handling of on-call and oncoming on-call duties - Integration with active directory
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    Bartosz Malinowski 111 2 deals
    I have a macro from downloading the way the company is represented and the persons and functions. Due to the version change to api.v2. I have the details of the change from the portal people along with an example of how to change it, but I don't feel like it. I provide all the information from with a description of the change. According to them, it is 30 minutes max for someone experienced. An email from them: "API v1 was disabled on June 10 this year, according to the email announcing this change when we introduced API v2 in November 2021, and according to the reminder email from early June. Fortunately, updating your program is not difficult: - Please change the URL for querying to:<this is the organization's KRS or Tax ID number preceded by the word nip>/krs-chapters/general - Please update the rest of the code according to the changes in the fields, which are illustrated by the attached two files. One shows the data you are interested in for the example company in API v1, and the other shows the same data in API v2. For an IT specialist, such an update should take a maximum of about 30 minutes of work. The most important thing to note is that in API v2 the data is one level of nesting shallower than in API v1, because there is no "fields" node. Everything else is just field name changes."
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    Prolego 631 deals
    Modifying ready-made software in Laravel
    Proposed by freelancer
    One of our sites uses ready-made software from them forest (Laravel, PHP 8.1) we need to make minor changes and add one Polish payment system (Przelewy24). Urgent "off the shelf" assignment for a good developer with experience in LARAVEL! Please apply with experience.
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    As in the topic. A very small, intimate, but somewhat neglected forum that no one has touched for 5 years. I would like to wake up this forum, but its condition does not allow for normal administration. What I expect: 1. cleaning up spam. 2. application of mechanisms to protect against spam. 3. Fixing the mechanism for registering new users. 4. Upgrade the version (at the moment it is 3.1.9). 5. Implement mechanisms to improve online visibility. 6. Perhaps other necessary activities that I am not aware of. 7. Subsequent maintenance, to a limited extent (only on an ad hoc basis, if something goes limp). Who I expect: Rather, a savvy freelancer who will treat this as an additional fuchsia, rather than a large company (limited financial possibilities). I would very much appreciate offers in the subject line only.
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    If you have these tools in your stable I will be happy to take care of these steeds. I am implementing a small project not exceeding 9k links I will buy access for a short period of time to the tools mentioned above.
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    I will outsource sending Spam inside phpBB private messages to all users. Work for one single forum. I want a person who has previous experience with posters and message submission. Preferably someone who has a script or also knows how to do the configuration of a software like XRUMER / XNEOLINK for this kind of action. I do not want to outsource the writing of the module from scratch it is only about a single action on one forum.