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Poszukujemy osoby, która biegle porusza się w sieci. Zadania będą obejmowały: - tworzenie blogów na stronach polskich i zagranicznych np. Tumblr, strikingly.com, blox, site123 (przyda się podstawowy angielski) - pisanie komentarzy na forach...

Czesc wszystkim, Poszukiwany jest freelancer - specjalista ds social media. Jezeli jest ktos do polecenia prosze o pm. Zaznaczam ze angielski musi byc na naprawde dobrym poziomie i musi sie znac na nowoczesnych trendach w social media. Opis...

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Reviews adding on google and Facebook. They are ready to go, just need to be added. We only need accounts with history - massive account creating is forbidden.

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Industrial kitchen equipment corresponds to the sector that meets the kitchen equipment requirements of industrial kitchen equipment, hotels, bars, cafes and resturants. Using stainless steel material, workmanship, hand labor and fabrication...

Looking for some1 who can help me track my website with e-commerce module by google analytics.

Shadow Bet is an exceptional casino on the online entertainment map. Instead of candy, animals or superheroes players can expect mystery and true entertainment, that can only be experienced in Shadow Bet. Our own original game 'Shadow...