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interior visualization 3d design need +/- 10 rendering

Animation 3D, intro i outro

Valid until: on 2021-05-20

I would like to ask for an estimate of a 3d animation similar to those on the links: How the price changes depending on the duration of such an...

Renders, arrangements - 3D

Valid until: on 2021-05-13

12 pcs of renderings Interior design Design based on available products and textures.

The company will commission 3D models of the bed (frame) and mattress. Bed model - two sizes, one color Mattress model - two sizes, 4 colors (covers) Total 2 3d bed files and 8 mattress 3d files. The mattress must have the texture of the...

Modeling of robots and cars.

Valid until: on 2021-05-08

Hi, I am looking for people who will help me model robots and cars. If you are interested, write to useme. Thank you in advance for your help. Possibility of long-term cooperation. Until next time, Wojtek Please estimate the...

Creating a virtual walk 3 d.

Valid until: on 2021-05-02

I will order a 3D virtual walk in a commercial premises with an area of ​​approximately 120 m2 The virtual walk is to be placed in the google business card and google street view

Interior visualization

The job is closed

[EN]I'm looking for a 3d artist who will vizualize the interior of the house. 90square meters

3D animation

The job is closed

Hi! I need a person who is able to make a 3D image for me. The picture will be surreal, see examples below. People who will apply, please provide a portfolio to improve everything. Link with an explanation of how the image should look...

We are looking for a specialist / specialists to program and develop a virtual walk graphic similar to the version below: Programming on a ready-made 3D VISTA...

3D rendering

The job is closed

I need 3d renderings that will be used on the website (the products will be presented in a rotating manner, from each side) 3 products, one of which is a flower of a plant I would like to discuss the details in the interview.

3D render

The job is closed

Hello, I am looking for a person who will make product renders at an attractive price constant cooperation

2 3d models + 12 renderings

The job is closed

Making 2 3d models of cosmetic products: foam and mascara Execution of 12 renderings (shots) using 3d models based on guidelines. Payment for the order includes the transfer of both renderings and 3d models. Copyright transfer required.

I am looking for a person who will prepare visualizations of buildings with interiors for a construction investment in Szewce near Wrocław. The scope of the order for valuation: Visualizations of two buildings (twins) made with the use of a...

Autodesk Maya, object modeling

The job is closed

I am looking for a graphic designer who will model the object according to this movie:

I need to do 3d model recreation (Using sketch, swept, fillet etc) I have a drawing 3D. It is scan file i can't change anything, extend subtract etc, (It has no rounded, flat surfaces) New drawing must be the same, we cannot change dimensions:...

Na potrzeby produktów w sklepie internetowym (sklep jeszcze nie istnieje), potrzebuje wizualizacji produktów w rabatach. Posiadam zdjęcia produktów na białym tle i potrzebuje tych zdjęć w pokojach, biurka do pracy - pomieszanie biura, regał...

I will commission the design and manufacture of 2 3D models of workwear according to general guidelines. At the initial stage, the economic line (the least complicated) is to be designed. Sample guidelines for the first economic line...

3d pen box design for printing

The job is closed

Shows an orientation project for a 3d printer. The target one will be different, but it is generally a box closed with a click. My box will have straight edges, two rectangles, one smaller, one larger, closing. Preparation for 3d printing.

Parametric wall art

The job is closed

I will order the preparation of a parametric image model in DWG or Sketchup format according to pattern from the first picture. The file should contain a 3D model of the image and a graphic summary of individual elements. In addition, he also...

I am looking for a person to visualize an ongoing investment. * Visualization of the building from the outside with its surroundings according to the Development Plan (pavements, fence, garden, parking space, etc.). * A semi-detached house *...