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I am lifestyle child & family photographer who also work on special occasions like christening and birthday parties....

I specialize in still life/product photography. Whether you need traditional packshots, new images for your... I am a Polish photographer and make up artist graduated from one of the oldest film...

Born in 1991. Chocolate and music addict. Strongly driven by curiousity for the people and their stories. Used to...

eS Studio | SEBASTIAN SAMULSKI - product and advertising photography. Im'a Sebastian Samulski - I've been working as...

Hello, I am Mateusz. I'm working in a photographic agency since 2014. I mainly take commercial photos, interiors and...

I’m Robert Szczechowiak a Polish freelance photographer, shooting since 2009 — constantly developing my skills. I...

ABOUT ME... Patrycja Jędrzejewska born in 1991. Graduate of Photography at Higher School of Art and Design in Lodz....

I have a creative mind and passion for all kinds of projects, both photographic and graphic. I also deal with...

I'm a communication designer and I do product advertising photography - mainly I create advertising pictures and...

I have experience in photography and retouching products, clothes, jewelry, accessories, models, beauty and...

I am an amateur photographer. I am interested generally in fashion photography and small objects photography.

Photographer with 6 years experience (events, weddings, business, lifestyle, family) Graphic, ux designer with 10...

Hi, my name is Natalia. For some time I have been making videos on my "kuferekeczekolady" channel on YouTube. I also...

After working in sales for last five years I decided to use my experience in photography and film. I am passionate...

I’m photographer from Poland. I have been in the industry for over 2 years, specializes mainly in portrait, fashion...

My name is Joanna. I run culinary blog I deal with culinary and product photography I invite you to...

Hi! First of all, let me introduce myself briefly. My name is Karolina Adamska, I’m a certified and passionate...

Good morning, i'm a photographer, graphic designer and DTP operator. I have many years of experience in graphic...

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    Process and edit YouTube tutorials.
    Proposed by freelancer
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    Klaudia 1 deal
    Proposed by freelancer
    Create reels for the company, short videos to attract attention
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    Zabezpiecz Auto 3 deals
    Creating an animation
    Proposed by freelancer
    I need to create a new animation for the product "Car anti-theft security - CANLOCK". The old animation we have is outdated, no longer meets our expectations, and we would like to make a new one taking into account the changes that have occurred over the years. Here is a colleague's discussion of our needs for animation in more detail: I attach a PDF file with the script. And here is our current animation that we would like to replace with the new one: The voiceover is provided by us.
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    MM 1 deal
    I am looking for a contractor to carry out a recurring order in two months: 1 - development of the lead and back story 2- development of a set of animated information boards 3- development of a 10-second countdown timer 4- development of a unified soundtrack (football stadium background sound) Editing works: 1 - for the purpose of editing 1 episode, you get 2 to 5 videos up to 1 minute. 2 - you convert the indicated video material - Video to VR 3 - you arrange the video in the indicated order, including the lead and the back, change the texts on the intertitles and edit them into one footage along with the soundtrack Output product - 1 video segment of 3-5 minutes in length. To edit successively 100 materials in 2 months. Please ask for the net price for editing one episode.
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    Course assembly - FIFA 24 / EA FC
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hello, MAKE IT is looking for an experienced editor to edit an online course on the subject of the new EA FC, which will be authored by Bejott. We are only interested in an active player of this game with high editing and animation skills, as there is a lot of merit in the course. This is a larger assignment, for about 2 weeks of work. If you prove yourself in this project, we will also be interested in long-term cooperation on other projects related to courses and more. Requirements: - full availability, 7-8h Monday-Friday - knowledge of FIFA/EA FC game - operation of adobe progammes - basic 2D animation
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    We are looking for a team of amateurs and/or professionals, film freaks to shoot a series of short films according to a script provided by us. We are asking for offers from people who have experience in filming, preparing films and know their stuff. We provide guidance and guidelines as to the scenery itself, although the filming location can be anywhere in Poland. However, it must match our assumptions. The order is 20 videos of about 30 - 60 sec each. I will ask for a quote for the entire order and an approximate completion date. Please visit our website:
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    Paulina Chyła 1 deal
    Looking for editor(s) for long-term cooperation. To start with videos for YouTube channels edited in this style: and successively short forms in this climate: I do not require editing on a specific program. Assignments are from various industries. I care about timeliness, creativity and attention to detail. If you have experience, that's great, but I will also cooperate with ambitious people at the beginning of activities in editing. I look forward to your application! :)
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    granator 3 deals
    Background keying and subtitle animation
    Proposed by freelancer
    Good day, we are looking for an animator who will be able to add background keying to the project and add subtitles to the moving plates + substitute subtitles on the coupon in one language version. There will be 6 language versions to be prepared in material lasting 29 seconds. Final version of all videos will be needed on 6.10.
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    Need an experienced editor who learns new styles quickly and is very detailed in his work to make such a film - The company is all about quality and this will be verified. You will be given the materials needed to master this style (YouTube Guides), and then we will ask you to prepare a demo. In a month such videos can be from 10-20. At the beginning I suggest 150 PLN gross per video.
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    Future Videos Sp. z o.o. 8 deals
    90x Tik Tok/Shorts per month
    Proposed by freelancer
    Good day :) We are looking for a person who would like to fulfill himself in creative content on short/tiktok/reels type videos - length 30-60 sec max. We do general video editing, so we have no limitations on ideas for series. We have created so far typically videos with AI, news, trivia. One of the channels: Requirements: CREATIVITY - you will create your own series to run :). If you can't do your own research, series, ideas, content e.g. from AI then this is not the assignment for you VERY good knowledge of editing programs like Premiere Pro/After Effects Perfect communication - contact on e.g. messenger TO DO: 3x tic toques/shorts per day 90 x per month total. SEND: Shorts/tik toki you have already made, their quality and ingenuity will decide :) Greetings, Future Videos