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Hello! My name is Alexander. I specialize in interior design and 3D rendering, creating high quality and...

Hello! I'm Andrew. I have 10 years of experience in graphic design. Specializing in creating and prepress business...

When it comes to graphic design, I like to create almost anything. From minimalist logos to landing pages, from a...

Здравствуйте. Меня зовут Сергей. Я занимаюсь полиграфическим и веб дизайном, версткой печатной продукции и веб...

Hello I'm Zeezay, a graphic designer, Journal book creation, book cover, social media flyers, social media...

Hi, My name is Rafał, Im 23 years old, i'm Graphic Designer in TV Graphic Studio in Poland. I work in: After...

I enjoy reading and drawing which has expanded my scope and ability to design and create logos well. For 5years I...

I am a graphic designer specializing in branding design. I always try to do much more than just another nice logo. I...

HI! I’m a 2D Motion Designer and a Photographer As a motion designer I work with vector graphic and animation in...

Design Director of the #1 Design Studio in Ukraine works globally regarding IT Rating of Ukraine

I am a graphic designer and website developer (HTML + CSS) I have 12 years of experience in the design of printing,...

Hi! I have 9 years experience in video editing and animation. I can make video ads, screen savers, short movies etc....

Hello! I'm a freelance graphic designer and an illustrator with many years of experience both in USA and in Poland....

Highly-skilled, experienced, creative, and motivated architect looking for an opportunity to collaborate on...

Hello, my name is Vladimir! Ready to make your order with high quality and in a short time! I work with any types of...

Over 10 years experience in UI/UX Design and 5+ years in Design Team Management (20 team members). Resource...

Creative web and UX / UI designer Work experience over 3 years. Ready to do exactly what you need! Always in touch...

My name is Victor and I was born in Rio de Janeiro - Brazil, currently, I'm living in Warsaw. I've been working...

My name is Jamiu and I'm a freelancer... I work on Architectural designs, house 3D design, layout design... I use my...

My name is Sergey and this is my pride and immense pleasure to create high quality graphic design. I provide cost...

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    Oliwia Witkowska
    Project logo in social media graphics
    Proposed by freelancer
    I am looking for a person to create a logo design and about 10 graphics for social media content consistent in color. I am planning a rebranding. Please send me a portfolio.
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    3D animations
    Proposed by freelancer
    Looking for a person who is very good at creating 3D animations/visualizations, the idea is to model 6 interior objects and present them, each in a several-second presentation.
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    Katarzyna Adamczyk 1 deal
    Logo design for new Natura goddess brand
    Proposed by freelancer
    The Nature Goddess brand works in the trend of spiritual development and will eventually be a store with personalized products with affirmations. The brand's colors are earth colors (soft beiges, greens). All communication and products of the brand are aimed at women. The main values the brand conveys are love, joy and freedom. Love - starting with yourself, self-acceptance, confidence in yourself, appreciation of femininity, etc., only later transferring it to other people. Freedom - from patterns, conventions, "what's out and what's not," freedom to follow your own path and the desires of your heart. Joy - which comes from living in harmony with yourself, from living in freedom and self-love. It would be great if the logo symbolized these values. The brand archetype: niewinny.
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    Food stand design
    Proposed by freelancer
    We are looking for a person to design a food stand, specifically an island. Materials such as graphics/logos will already be ready- we are looking for someone to visualize it for us in 3D.
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    Angel Tea
    I commission a packaging design for a company selling premium tea called Angel Tea. Design style - any, preferably elements of minimalism emphasizing the high quality of the products. Color scheme - preferably: white, light blue, gold, black (at your discretion, several versions can be made. I will send a proposal, sketches of packaging. Square cardboard packaging thin about 9x9cm. On both sides of the package can be placed graphics of the wings (as in the sketches). Preliminary designs can be made and will be improved. The current number of products is 10 different teas. All in the attachments.
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    Progress S.A. 20 deals
    I will commission a photorealistic visualization of a 16m x 28m hall, We would like to include in the visualization of the hall: - the color of the walls and the roof is anthracite - roof pitch angle 8% - skylights - height of the hall 4.5m - gate 4m x 4m - entrance ( display window) - logo Please find attached a handwritten sketch of the hall and the perspective from which we would like to show it, We are very keen on a fast turnaround time, no later than 05.07.2022 ( i.e. Tuesday)
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    Hi, I'm David, this is my store that is under construction needs to make graphics for the store a few slides, graphic instructions for placing orders, graphics that show how the beds are produced, and a logo for the company / site I am setting up. He wants to start with the last one mentioned with the Logo I've gone through many logo creation wizards, but haven't found what I'm looking for :-). 1. the logo should emphasize the quality of the product, for example, the crown, which indicates a royal bed :-), all products are handmade, so I want to emphasize this in the logo. 2.The logo can include paws not only in one color, it can be similar to how it is now 3. in the logo can be inserted the text Qualität nicht Quantität, and the name of the site / company Deine Pfoten. I would be happy to accept proposals for the implementation of the logo and your ideas for it. Greetings Dawid
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    Graphics for the website
    Proposed by freelancer
    I will commission the creation of a few graphics for the website I mean promotional designs or messages such as free delivery. I would like these graphics to make the site look consistent, so the number of graphics and pricing for this order is to be determined. Please quote the preparation of 10 graphics.
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    Marek | Warszawa
    We are looking for a graphic designer to assemble a pre-prepared book cover, to develop additional materials, and for other planned projects (book, film). Prerequisite: possibility to meet directly, discuss and cooperate in Warsaw.
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    Stemhead 1 deal
    I want to design a graphic template for Allegro auction. Articles from the Home & Garden industry.