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10000.00 PLN

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I am looking for a person who will be responsible for the maintenance and development of e-commerce systems based on PrestaShop, as well as the creation and programming of new functionalities in stores based on this engine.

Please quote a month of work for the declared number of hours.

Required functions:

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    Wordpress developer / website fixes
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hi, Background: dev site is put on wordpress production is on static. Looking for someone who is able to help with the following: 1. redirects - unfortunately after flipping to static they don't work for unknown reasons. 2. problem with loading google sitemap 3. the current dev version is exposed to the public - it should be hidden 4. in addition, I have a list of things related to WCAG 2.1 compliance We don't expect a freelancer to be able to embrace everything, even help in some extent will be ok. I'd very much appreciate some information about the cost per hour.
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    I am looking for a verbal and reliable programmer with knowledge of Prestashop, Baselinker to improve the store. I will be happy to provide more details if interested in the offer. EMERGENCY TO REMOVE- ERROR during purchase with delivery IN POST - purchase with parcel delivery - customer selects parcel machine - appears a message that does not allow to go further "Select parcel machine". WORKS a) possibility to change the order of displaying products, e.g. change the product in the store from 5 items to 20 items b) the ability to search/sort products by categories (applies to the back of the store) c) rebuilding the menu- details to be determined d) reviews- most likely to change those that are - only for those who have made a purchase - after the order comes an email with a request for an opinion, e.g. a link to the product and underneath add an opinion - with the possibility of deletion - after clicking on the stars show opinions e) adding a button next to "add to cart" button "Express 1-3 days" underneath "+40zl" and "wrap as a gift" at the summary the ability to remove from the cart ... and more
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    I will outsource the verification of the implementation of conversion tracking, extended conversions, GTM, GA4, Google tag (under the correctness of data collection by Google Ads) - so as to verify that everything works correctly and does not duplicate. I am looking for a person who knows: - WooCommerce - Google Ads - multivariate problems - GTM, GA4, GAds - duplication of events
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    Hi, We are looking for a developer with knowledge and experience in Liferay for a short project of 1-3 months to modify UI in frontend. English required. Kindly ask for offers with rate and experience information. Thank you.
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    Kamil1989 1 deal
    Program-"database communication error".
    Proposed by freelancer
    I have a program "BusMAN" and when starting the program, the message "database communication error" appears. I am looking for a person who could fix the error so that the program starts working.
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    RZEPL 1 deal
    I need a script for handling cookies on a website. The site is based on Joomla, but it doesn't matter, it can be an independent script. Its task is when you enter the site to block cookies - scripts, display an appropriate window compliant with GDPR, LGPD and CCPA and IAB TCF 2.2. According to the user's choice to unblock cookies or block them, and transmit to Google the user's preferences with all the necessary parameters (Google Consent Mode V2). The script is to be for me to self-install on the site and basic configuration - the script does not need to have a backend, I can edit the code myself.
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    Looking for a person to support our IT department in implementing new system modifications in Dynamics AX 2012 and integrating it with other systems. Please provide a quote for a month of work for the declared number of hours.
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    Crawdad Software
    appointment bot
    600.00 PLN
    I will order to make a bot for making appointments on the indicated portal.
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    Codepred 2 deals
    Attached is my environment main_123 and it should be run in Matlab version R2023b, which is freely available on inernet. I have a problem with combining DE,ES algorithms with a hibridizer algorithm. As an example, I send attached such algorithm(hibridizer) to MPA algorithm and it is hMPA algorithm. In addition, I still have such a problem: although the EO and hEO algorithm start up, they still work badly. Just make a graph and you can see that straight lines parallel to the x-axis are drawn, and yet this cannot be, because a line something like a hyperbola in the first quadrant of the coordinate system is supposed to be drawn. The file for the program
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    Miko93PL 2 deals
    Hello, I will commission the creation of plugins, automations and overlays for Baselinker that will provide additional capabilities such as additional buttons, fields or entire automations of actions triggered by moving an order to a certain status or pressing a button. I am looking for people / companies only for permanent cooperation, not for one order !