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    PDF translation , 24 pages and 36 pages
    Proposed by freelancer
    Good day to translate I have two catalogs 24 pages and 36 pages , translation from English to Polish.
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    I am looking for a company or freelancer who has experience in translations from Polish to English in the IT industry, knowledge of industry vocabulary is important. The assignment will probably involve periodic cooperation. The content to be translated is case studies of our projects (descriptions include technical aspects of application/software development and all related technologies), testimonials, industry articles and other content for which there will be a need - the goal is to develop our English-language website and profiles. Ideally, we would like to see some examples of completed assignments, and we are also hoping for a rate proposal.
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    Agata Zakrzewska 39 deals
    I will commission the revision of the translation of a novel from Polish to English. I am looking for an experienced native speaker of English to help with the final editing of the text for linguistic correctness, style and overall comprehensibility. Requirements: English as a native language. Experience in editing or proofreading literary texts. Interest in literature. I offer a fee for the service and possible cooperation on future projects. If you are interested, please send me a short resume and information about your experience in editing literary texts.
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    Translation of together with subpages into English/British
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    commissions_is 1 deal
    We want to commission the translation of our business card website into English-British. We are looking for a person who has experience and a portfolio in translating websites with technical language and has a good command of the British language.
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I will commission the translation of content for the website. Industry: real estate developer, real estate. A total of 21 sub-pages with different volume of characters (the content for the most extensive sub-page is within 4500 characters, but there are some with 500 characters) Settlement preferably for the number of characters after the transfer of all files for translation. Requesting bids from people who can handle the topic of real estate and its specific vocabulary.