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    Writing a plugin for WordPress
    Proposed by freelancer
    I am looking for a person / agency to make a plugin for me under WordPress: Scenario: A solution for a photographer to sell photos to clients: the photographer, after the session is finished, adds to a subpage dedicated to the user. The photos go to the gallery appropriately resized and watermarked with the selected watermark. The user adds photos from the gallery to the shopping cart on a select basis. Here, the necessary ability to freely set thresholds and prices. For example, after adding 5 photos at 200zl each, the next ones are at 100zl each. - Nothing rigid - we can not determine the prices or thresholds - it must be easily set manually when adding images for each gallery separately. In the column on the right is a classic summary of the shopping cart, i.e. photos added and the total price summed up. After payment to the customer to the indicated on the checkout automatically go to the higher resolution images without the watermark. It can be WooCommerce because of the ready-made solution in the form of a shopping cart / checkout / payment - but absolutely not necessary.
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    SQL column configuration Subiekt Nexo Pro
    Proposed by freelancer
    Configuration of a column in reports showing profit calculated on the net value of the document - the basis of the document calculation.
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    EasyUploader add-on
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hello, We need to personalize EU for our needs. We require building a simple add-on that allows us to speed up our work. If you are interested, please contact me. Best Regards
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    I am looking for a solution for a network of kindergartens to automate internal procedures of HR, Accounting, Payments, Time Recording, but the most important process that I would like to start with the implementation is the process of customer acquisition for kindergartens.
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    Modern-IT - programowanie 1 deal
    Pine script extension
    100.00 PLN
    The task is to add in the if / else if statement in the if statement at the time of calling that if. Please write only if you are experienced and familiar with writing in this scripting language.
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    Hello, I am looking for an experienced developer who can directly integrate payment methods into online stores. I am currently using the Tpay+Shopify payment gateway, however, at the moment, the customer has to go to the payment gateway page to select their preferred payment method when completing a purchase. I would like the payment options to be available for selection directly on the page, presented as shown in the picture.
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    500.00 PLN
    Connecting Facebook Ads Pixel Conversion to Zapier to count conversions. This is what it looks like in Zapier: Trigger: Calling the block (this is already done) Action: Calling the Facebook Ads Conversion Pixel (to be done) Only people who know how to do this.
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    Anna Orzechowska
    Hello, Need a simple application to read barcodes from toy products - store simulator and verify shopping lists.
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    Will commission to write a program to communicate with a fiscal printer based on the json api - will send the appropriate instructions to the printer to print a receipt
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    Byra Julia VA
    CRM system
    Proposed by freelancer
    I will commission a CRM system. The deadline practically at once. The system is not simple, there will be a lot of "rummaging" in it so I would ask for applications from people who are not afraid of challenges. Most willing to cooperate with a freelancer.
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Create a standalone app (executed from command line) which will:

1) connect to the gmail account (gmail credentials in config file)

2) fetch all the emails with attachments for given month (month configurable in the config file)

3) save the attachments in folder on google drive (folder path configurable in config file, google drive directory will be shared with the application)

3a) each file should be saved in the google drive with a prefix which equals to sender email: $path_to_the_google_drive/2023/08/somedude@gmail.com_attachment.pdf

(this will avoid overriding files with the same name, which has been send by different people)

3b) app should check if same file is already present, if so file should be overwritten (as google drive allows duplicate files with the same file name)

4) return to the command line the list of files which has been pushed to google drive

Application will be executed once a month to pull all the invoices from the gmail mailbox and store them in the dedicated google drive folder for the accountant.

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