Creating a script that updates the inventory in Baselinker of B2B products.

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We have B2B access to our suppliers. We would like to be able to use them in Baselinker. We already have a CSV file uploaded with all the products, now we just want to add inventory updated in real time according to the API usage limit.

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    Making a listing of job offers (simplified filtering + search inputs + tile listing), showing search results + empty state In addition, in the listing of offers, there will be an opportunity to bump the offer to a higher place in the list. Redesign of the offer view, where the application form for candidates is already ready. Offers are created by customers in a dedicated CRM (customer panel). The project is based on a ready-made UI. Node.js backend. Deployment to an already finished web application as a new product. Mandatory skills: - React, - HTML/CSS, Next.js, Typescript - Practical knowledge of GIT version control system, - ability to work with REST API, Useful: - knowledge of Tailwind, - knowledge of Docker, - experience with tools like Webpack, - familiarity with Jira and Confluence,
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    I need a script in PHP, implementing the API using an "Assistant" that uses a file connected on the backend (vector store). The script is supposed to, based on the API key, the id of the assistant and the ID of the file, accept the prompt and return a response. Please note that openai has recently made some changes to the API.
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    I will order the clickable application in FlutterFlow, which will contain several windows: - employee login window (email), - employee tile window (columns: employee photo, First and last name, email, phone number, leave dimension (working days), leave used, leave planned, leave to be used), clicking on the tile should take you to the calendar view with the entered leave periods (2-month view). - window with a list view of the entered leave periods (columns: date from, date to, number of working days of leave, type of absence: (Cleared, Planned), in addition button "add leave". \ ■ delete ■ edit. - A window with a list of employees and calendar in the same row (as in excel, columns: photo, first and last name, calendar days (view covering 2 months, current and next) with vacation markers in the working days of the calendar. Ability to scroll the calendar to the following months. - Settings window: list of days off except Saturdays and Sundays (adding), adding employee and initial leave size, permissions (only some employees can access the settings window and see all tiles with employees and with leave settlement, calendar with leave marked). Others can only see their data.
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    Development of a low code web application based on Google Workspace. We are looking for a person with experience in similar projects. The task is to create a web application that will reflect the bonus system for employees in the company, which is currently created in excel. The main goal is to transfer logic from excel, automate and lock in the ability to make changes in Excel. Tasks: Create the architecture of the bonus system solution for Google workspace users based on data in Excel Mapping the organizational structure in Google workspace Create an administrative panel for the manager ( head of the organizational unit ) allowing to set goals for individual roles Creating a screen for updating the level of achievement of goals Creation of a screen for an employee informing about the level of achievement of the set goals
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    Baselinker - script
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    Changes to an existing script for other needs in Baselinker. The script is tasked with creating sets from existing products.
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    JAVA SCRIPT Programmer
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    We are looking for JAVA SCRIPT programmer for 3D animation coding. Coding based on the library The final effect we want to achieve similar to the following animation: We provide a file in glb format with a record of all animations. In your bid, please include the cost of coding for an object like the reference animation with an office chair (link above)
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    Application with admin panel , in which I will have the ability to: 1. enter the customer 2) Assign what was done for him : type of service ( drop-down list ) , when the service done , the amount of payment 3. some kind of summary/report ( maybe with a graph? ) where I will be able to analyze who did the most orders , who paid how much in total for periods : quarter , half year , year 4. it would also be useful to be able to conduct e-mail communication with customers from the application level ( inbox )
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    Finish developing web portal in ReactJS
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    A portal where users, after registering, will be able to create individual profiles. They can then add additional basic information as well as event that are important to them. Users will be able to post comments/memories/photos below the created profiles and mark them on Google Maps. Each user will be able to invite their friends to plfatorma using a dedicated form. The platform also provides the option of purchasing services so the integration with external payment operator will be necessary. Part of the portal has already been completed. The technology stack is ReactJS (NextJS framework), Supabase (PostrgreSQL)