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From: Poland

Location: Kraków, PL

On Useme since 11 April 2019

About me

My first websites were made in HTML 4.01 almost 20 years ago. Since that time many things have changed. What started as a hobby now becomes my work. Currently I use open source CMS and modify them according to client's needs. At the same time I learn new technologies and frameworks to be more flexible and rely less on ready solutions.

In terms of photography and graphics I like creating:

  • Socialmedia content;
  • Product photography;
  • Stock photos;
  • Infographics;
  • Logotypes;
  • Vector icons and signs;
  • Graphics made of hand drawings and calligraphy.

I run social media profiles. With carefully crafted content I approach right target groups. I run brand blogs and establish cooperation with other brands or influencers. In a clear and straight manner I highlight the message of the brand to create good attitude.

My favorite social media is definitely Instagram but I also like to work on Facebook or such places as Reddit.


My homepage. A place for my photographs. Also place for some extensive blog posting. English version will be implemented soon.

Thes website has been created by me. It uses Wordpress CMS and serves as an example of my work.

Dobre Ziele

Out of all my works, Dobre Ziele is the oldest. It was started over 10 years ago as a yerba mate suply for family and friends. Now it is present in two cities in Poland and offers over 200 different kinds of yerba mate, along with accessories and...

High Away

A website for travel agency from Zakopane, Poland.

My job:

  • Content layout design
  • Graphic layout adjustments according to client's requirements
  • Introducing e-commerce functionality (trips as products) and replacement of "add to cart"...