The Rule of Mike

The Rule of Mike

Joined on: 2017-10-10
Poznań, Poland
SKILLS: 3danimationarticleblenderbussines cardc#copywritingcorporate identitydesigndtpgamesgraphicsillustrationsInkScape layout designleafletslinuxlogomobile gamesmodeling 3Dpythonrecordingsrenderingscrumseospecializedunity3DUX designvector graphicsvideovideo editingvisualization visualizing 3D

An experienced 3D/2D artist (including DTP) and game developer. A wannabe writer in my free time.


I worked in various graphics related software for the last 12 years, and I’ve spend the last 6 in Blender.

In the Blender environment, I worked creatively with both computer game assets (high-poly and low-poly – inanimate objects, and organic/mechanical beings including rigging) and complex high-quality scenes designed for ray-tracing based rendering. I’ve also managed to sufficiently master complex animations (including the usage of motion-capture data).

I posses immense experience when it comes to creating assets for the Unity 3D engine (the specular workflow and the metallic workflow in the highest efficiency). Asset creation from concept, through high-poly, to a production ready optimized object.


  • Knowledge of SCRUM. Experience in working in SCRUM teams. Currently as a Scrum Master in a multi-lingual team (achievements: 400 – 500% productivity increase, removing the need for overtime work, decreasing developers stress to acceptable levels).
  • Experience with small scale marketing campaigns. Natural and efficient handling of Public Relations issues.
  • Massive general knowledge allowing an analytical approach to the projects and competent execution.
  • Good knowledge of the Python programming/scripting language.
  • Sufficient knowledge of modern web development standards (including HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery).

Robo-lector ex futurae.

Speculating about the literary taste of the common robot.

Dezintegracja geometrii w nieznaną abstrakcję. / Desintegration of geometry in to an unknown abstract.

This piece was one of the propositions for a client, who wanted to extend space in a lit room. The final choice of the client, in my opinion, is inferior to the attached abstract piece of art, and that's why it got a place in my portfolio.

Wizytówki - przykłady realizacji / Business cards - examples

Business card examples. DTP.

Wizualizacja projektu wizytówki "metalicznej". / "Metallic" business card design visualisation.

Business card design with a metallic background. This can be realized, for example, using chromoloux paper or actual thin metal sheet.

download: CardChrome.mp4

Wizualizacja architektoniczna z realistycznym oświetleniem. / An architectural visualization with realistic lighting.

A semi-detailed visualization of a part of a flat with realistic lighting. Architecturally 1:1. Detailed sofa and curtain with a curtain rod.

The Writer's Block

Wykonanie minutowej animacji trójwymiarowej nadmorskiego miasteczka z otoczeniem i symulacją dymu z kominów. W tym modelowanie.

experience: positive | written:

Comment: Profesjonalne podejście do zlecenia. Finalnie Michał zrobił dokładnie to czego oczekiwałem w dość krótkim czasie - świetny kontakt, wszystko wykonane terminowo i przejrzyście, pełen profesjonalizm. Michał, jest profesjonalnym artystą z bardzo dobrym podejściem do swojej pracy jak i klienta!

Wykonanie wizualizacji maszyny testującej.

experience: positive | written:

Comment: Profesjonalne podejście do zlecenia, kontakt dostosowany pod klienta co ułatwia cały proces projektowania i ewentualnych poprawek. Efekt finalny na 110%. Polecam współpracę.

Stworzenie sceny 3D w Blenderze

experience: positive | written:

Comment: Mega polecam- świetny kontakt, wszystko wykonane terminowo i przejrzyście, pełen profesjonalizm wart swojej ceny :)

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