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From: Poland

Location: Ożarów Mazowiecki, PL

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on 2023-09-08
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Gorąco polecam! Świetna komunikacja i niemalże błyskawiczna realizacja projektu

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  • Description of the order Files for printing should be prepared: -according to the mock-up (attached or to be sent) - with 2mm bleeds on each side of the project -in CMYK colors so that the colors are printed correctly -texts must be converted to curves - the project should be sent in PDF / JPG / TIFF or COREL - up to version 15
  • Seeking graphic designer to adapt collapsible flyer to new sign book.
  • I will order a logo for a paper dispenser Logo in black Brand name: Neos In the place of the frame of the dispenser where it is currently printed
  • The goal of the project is to create a unique gift for a specific person. It is about a 120x 80 painting slightly inspired by the movie Top Gun, with additional guidelines and based on the person's photos. Details of the project after presenting the price and date of execution. The technique of execution is free (for example, computer graphics, sketch, pastels, painter's crayons).
  • Making graphics for a printing house - I will order graphics for a printing house in curves Logo favicon 3 different ideas to choose from / possibility to improve already chosen version (prepare cardboard for printing house / prepare graphics for sticker for printing house)
  • Hello, I will commission the creation of 5 graphics in Illustrator. Graphic designs provided should be in curves, with the possibility of later editing.
  • I am looking for a graphic designer for long-term cooperation, with hourly billing. We make web applications, websites, and online stores. We need someone with documented at least one graphic design of a website / web application. Designs can be made in Figma / Inkscape / Illustrator / others. It is important that the final effect is satisfactory :) I guarantee nice and long-distance cooperation, flexible "schedule" adapted to your time possibilities and depending on common arrangements :)
  • Witam, szukam osoby, która podejmie się stworzenia firmowego pattern'u, do wykorzystania w różnych materiałach reklamowych. Ze względu na specyfikę branży, w której działamy (car wrapping), zależy nam na wykorzystaniu takich elementów jak: - Rakla -, - Taśma do dechromingu - - Opalarka - - Noż - - Opryskiwacz - - Rękawica- - Palnik - - Rakla turbo - - Rakla do szyb - - Skrobak - Zależy nam, aby grafika stworzona była w komiksowym stylu.
  • Przygotowanie projektu ulotki reklamowej dla klientów. Gotowy jest tekst i pomysł grafiki, którą chcielibyśmy zamieścić (ilustracja przedstawiająca kompas ale zmanipulowany zgodnie z naszymi wytycznymi). Mamy logo i brand booka, z którym chcielibyśmy utrzymać zgodność. Mamy też abonamet w Adobe, więc możemy korzystać z ich stocku.
  • I have some company materials, including the entire design for the car (.ai). This time, however, I would like to prepare a design of several magnets for the car based on this - logo (.sgv), text + some elements. 3 magnet sizes. Preferably for today.