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Rebranding of Nyquista Acoustic Design

Brand NYQUISTA is being created by people who are united by their passion for acoustics and modern design. The company history goes back to 2011, when two friends decided to create a company that combines acoustics with modern design and high-quality products. Eight years of experience culminated in the leading position on the acoustic materials market in Poland.

NYQUISTA’s specialists handle the design, measurements, production and distribution of acoustic panels and mats. The company mission is to provide good acoustic conditions not only in recording studios or screening rooms, but also in a day-to-day working and leisure environment in order to create the most friendly and comfortable space.

Service We have created a coherent and professional NYQUISTA visual identity. We have rebranded the company by adding some freshness and innovation into the brand image. We have designed advertising materials: layout of the catalogues and file cards, mugs, T-shirts, offer files, business cards and letterheaded paper. We have also built a new company website that corresponds to NYQUISTA visual identity and the latest trends.

We encourage you to check what the effect of our work looks like at



CREADIS is a constantly developing company within an engineering branch. Using the already existent brand book, we have designed marketing materials underlining the technological and global CREADIS image.

We have created drafts of office materials such as business cards, notebooks or files. We have also formulated and designed marketing materials: leaflets, newsletters and animations. We have taken care of the headquarter design by creating flags and door veneers, that now decorate the interior of CREADIS’ office.


CREADIS is a company that works in the international arena – in Poland, Denmark, Great Britain, Spain, Germany, USA and Ukraine. Its force is more than 500 highly qualified engineers, who transform their knowledge into commercial solutions. Among other things CREADIS deals with energy market, metal, chemical, cement and medical industry. The company also specializes in food production and agriculture.

The global CREADIS experts team offers complex advisory services and business consulting. The company delivers solutions within project and programme management, automatics and energetics, mechanics or industrial design. The key to CREADIS’ success is passion for new technologies and their constant development. download:

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