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From: Poland

Location: Raszyn

On Useme since 14 June 2016

About me

Dr Warlecki LTD/

We do the same as others, but just a little better. How one of our customers said „You are doing the same as others – but little bit better”. Only just, we are doing the same things but better. We keep our promises, value our work in the vicinity of their value.

We are creating portals www, company pages, graphic identification, simple and specialized data bases, application for a special use, in all commonly known informatics technologies. In mobile versions either.

Analyses of visitors, positioning and marketization of Web sites.

We are writing in polish – not everyone in Internet can say it about themselves. Compile alternative version for English, German, French and Scandinavian language area, if it necessary.

But! We are not making Web sites based on CMS [Content Management System] and apps purchases online. Others do it for less and better.

We hate informatics boredom.

We are accepting specialized order, too hard or too dangerous for others, withou


Portfolio item
Dr Warlecki sp. z o.o. projekt własny.

We are the people, that may to say, you were able to meet us in Internet from hundreds of years. We are kidding of course. We are of the times, when Internet didn’t exist but we hope to be existing ourselves when the Internet will cease to exist....

Portfolio item Dr Warlecki sp z o.o. OBD II PLUS projekt konsorcj

(ONGOING PROJECT) Creating a diagnostic and prognostic system for monitoring the technical status of personnel cars based on artificial intelligence is a breakthrough, but natural consequence of the development of monitoring of the technical...

Portfolio item Dr Warlecki sp z o.o. proj

Platforma internetowa "Bezawaryjne auto", dzięki której posiadacze najpopularniejszych modeli samochodów w Polsce otrzymują konkretną prognozę usterkowości swojego samochodu. Dzięki takim informacjom, dokonują naprawy (regeneracji, wymiany itp.)...