We are looking for someone with a head full of graphic ideas for our Idea Factory.

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    Angel Tea
    I commission a packaging design for a company selling premium tea called Angel Tea. Design style - any, preferably elements of minimalism emphasizing the high quality of the products. Color scheme - preferably: white, light blue, gold, black (at your discretion, several versions can be made. I will send a proposal, sketches of packaging. Square cardboard packaging thin about 9x9cm. On both sides of the package can be placed graphics of the wings (as in the sketches). Preliminary designs can be made and will be improved. The current number of products is 10 different teas. All in the attachments.
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    Angel Tea
    I will commission a logo (vector graphics) for a company selling premium tea called Angel Tea. Style of execution - any, preferably elements of minimalism emphasizing the high quality of products. Black color. I send a proposal, a sketch of the logo.
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    Hi, I'm David, this is my store that is under construction deinepfoten.de needs to make graphics for the store a few slides, graphic instructions for placing orders, graphics that show how the beds are produced, and a logo for the company / site I am setting up. He wants to start with the last one mentioned with the Logo I've gone through many logo creation wizards, but haven't found what I'm looking for :-). 1. the logo should emphasize the quality of the product, for example, the crown, which indicates a royal bed :-), all products are handmade, so I want to emphasize this in the logo. 2.The logo can include paws not only in one color, it can be similar to how it is now 3. in the logo can be inserted the text Qualität nicht Quantität, and the name of the site / company Deine Pfoten. I would be happy to accept proposals for the implementation of the logo and your ideas for it. Greetings Dawid
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    Graphics for the website
    Proposed by freelancer
    I will commission the creation of a few graphics for the website eloco.pl. I mean promotional designs or messages such as free delivery. I would like these graphics to make the site look consistent, so the number of graphics and pricing for this order is to be determined. Please quote the preparation of 10 graphics.
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    Marek | Warszawa
    We are looking for a graphic designer to assemble a pre-prepared book cover, to develop additional materials, and for other planned projects (book, film). Prerequisite: possibility to meet directly, discuss and cooperate in Warsaw.
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    Stemhead 1 deal
    I want to design a graphic template for Allegro auction. Articles from the Home & Garden industry.
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    Sailing Byte 1 deal
    Graphics for two projects
    Proposed by freelancer
    I am looking for a graphic designer to assist me with two projects. One will involve changing a PDF report (to accommodate technological limitations), and the other will involve helping me set up a style guide and homepage template in WP + Gatsby. Requirements: - we use slack - we talk to developers - layouts to be delivered in Figma Please: - providing price for man-hour - please send me price for layout design of 6-section homepage - sending a link to your portfolio Work from now on the basis of a contract settled hourly. Information from Useme: We ask for applications only from people who meet Useme's criteria for contract billing, i.e. students under 26 years old or people employed on a full-time/ contract basis with a salary not lower than the lowest country's salary.
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    VirtuMedia 7 deals
    Packaging design + preparation for print
    Proposed by freelancer
    I would like to prepare graphics for product packaging + preparation for print. Design will refer to the website, which is currently being created. Package in the form of a cuboid with dimensions of 200x235x50. Please quote a fixed-price for the whole project. Please send me a link to your portfolio of similar products.
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    Graphic visualization of the website
    Proposed by freelancer
    Looking for a person to create graphic visualization of a sales website for a newly emerging CBD brand and to further collaborate on content creation on SC.
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    15 vector drawings of DOGS
    Proposed by freelancer
    Good Morning, I am looking for a talented graphic designer to do a total of 15 vector drawings (5 dog breeds with 3 different configurations each). I am looking for a person who will complete the job on time and give my concept the maximum. Of course, beforehand I will send guidelines and all the information + photos, on which you can model. I am looking for a person who will do the job with the transfer of copyrights to the drawings. I will be grateful for sending me portfolio to Behance / website / examples of similar projects. I will contact the people whose works convince me the most. It would be ideal if the person performing the contract had at least a minimal knowledge of cynology. I will add that there is a possibility of long-term cooperation.
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Together with my wife, we literally run a family business. We produce elements for the manipulation board and we encourage parents to assemble the elements themselves. We need help with graphic projects such as a banner in the store, a banner with a promotion, advertising on FB / IG, or drawing infographics.

Generally, we have a head full of ideas, but unfortunately, we do not have the skills and eye for graphic projects. ;-)

We work quickly and creatively. The ideal model is such that the graphic designer receives a brief from us with our requirements. We describe in it:

What's this gonna be?

Why should it be?

For what purpose?

What is he supposed to say?

What values ​​do we want to focus on?

What the client is supposed to feel / understand thanks to this graphic.

We already have the company's visualization, logo, and brand colors. We need banners and ongoing graphic care.

Model of cooperation: at the beginning, we can settle accounts for a banner, project, and with long and fruitful cooperation, we can settle subscription fees. ;-)

We have a large database of our own photos. We do not need to use stocks.

If you have any questions - please feel free to write.

Best wishes

Krzysztof from the Idea Factory

Type and number of projects:

5 pieces of graphics