We are looking for someone with a head full of graphic ideas for our Idea Factory.

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    One White Studio
    Hi :) We are looking for a person to work with who will create ,,moving content'' under the guidelines for the promotion of the applications we support. We care about a friendly and light to interpret style. We carry out our orders on the basis of scenarios, which we explain very carefully and implement in relation to each second of animation. A portfolio will be crucial for us when selecting a person for cooperation. We do not need beautifully enveloped files with additional visuals or a description of the work done. Even a link to published content on YouTube will suffice. Applications are already created and have their visual identity. We look forward to submissions.
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    I am looking for a graphic designer with UX/UI skills to work with me. We are creating a Marketplace service in the style of "Allegro:. Please send me offers for 1. overall graphic design 2. hourly rate. We are hoping for someone who has an artistic sense and is able to create something new.
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    BusinessWeb 121 deals
    Ebook up to 20 pages.
    Proposed by freelancer
    We are looking for a graphic designer to make an ebook based on the developed texts. Range of pages about 20. Example of the expected final result in the attached file. A link to the portfolio should be attached to the offer.
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    Magdalena Buda
    Here are a handful of details: - the team works in the area of devops, web development, UX/UI - we need a full visual identity, which should consist of: logotype, typography, SM post template, presentation template, offer template - rules for the use of the identity should be described in the logo book We care about a light design, even humorous. We are targeting young people in the job market and it is to them that the identity should appeal.
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    We are looking for an illustrator to color each of our 50 legends / fairy tales / parables. These are short texts about, for example, a princess signing a satanic cyrograph for a ball dress. Aesthetics - black and white scenes, simple line, slightly caricatured, subtly ambiguous or openly naughty - inspiration, for example, Ruja and Porubstwo by A. Mleczko. We are open to suggestions and different budgets (depending on skills, fit, efficiency of work). Regards, Jan
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    Creation of company website and new logo. Single page for softwarehouse sections: Company description Our services (creating applications from scratch, Hiring programmers [body leasing]) Our products -> mobile applications section (here creating some template) Contact us with a form. The site must animate, generally animations will be handled by the developer, but welcome, on-the-fly animation capabilities I would like the site to have a chance to hit awwwards. Possible inspiration : https://www.nile.se/ https://baseone.uk/ https://qbitcapital.xyz/ if you have a portfolio please link
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    Good day, I am looking for a person / company to create a graphic identity for the company, logo, business card, outdoor banner advertising. The logo should also be adapted for implementation on the website, that is, for business cards banners can be more elaborate, for the website - minimalist. The company deals extensively with car varnishing and tinsmithing with emphasis on the former.
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    AKCEPT 6 deals
    Creation of a logo for a lodging facility, with transfer of copyright to the owner.
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    A minor and rather unusual topic. I am looking for a person who will do a commission for me in the field of handicrafts. It is to be a Christmas tree ornament with a specific theme. Details already for a specific contractor - but it will not be anything fancy, a fairly common theme. The ornament is intended as a gift for a loved one. It doesn't have to be anything very advanced in execution - just a handmade, pretty, Christmas ornament. I don't have an exact preference when it comes to size - it should measure a maximum of 15x15x15cm. Materials natural, without plastic - for example, cardboard, colored paper, yarn, feathers, beads, twigs, paper pulp and the like. Deadline for completion - preferably by the end of November. Asking for offers from people who have done handicrafts in the past.
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    A subpage to an existing site.
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hello, I am looking for a person to make me a new subpage for an existing website. The current site is: https://lukaszpilat.pl/ Wordpress / Elementor - Elementor Pro. Therefore, it would be nice if the colors were kept. The new sub-page will mainly be used to make a particular phrase under SEO work well. Number of sections ~8/10.
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Together with my wife, we literally run a family business. We produce elements for the manipulation board and we encourage parents to assemble the elements themselves. We need help with graphic projects such as a banner in the store, a banner with a promotion, advertising on FB / IG, or drawing infographics.

Generally, we have a head full of ideas, but unfortunately, we do not have the skills and eye for graphic projects. ;-)

We work quickly and creatively. The ideal model is such that the graphic designer receives a brief from us with our requirements. We describe in it:

What's this gonna be?

Why should it be?

For what purpose?

What is he supposed to say?

What values ​​do we want to focus on?

What the client is supposed to feel / understand thanks to this graphic.

We already have the company's visualization, logo, and brand colors. We need banners and ongoing graphic care.

Model of cooperation: at the beginning, we can settle accounts for a banner, project, and with long and fruitful cooperation, we can settle subscription fees. ;-)

We have a large database of our own photos. We do not need to use stocks.

If you have any questions - please feel free to write.

Best wishes

Krzysztof from the Idea Factory

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5 pieces of graphics