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    Wojtex 39 deals
    photo retouching, icons and simple logos
    Proposed by freelancer
    Good day I am looking for a graphic designer to do such things: - redesigning the photo removing contact information and adding others - preparing icons/graphics with sizes of waste containers - about 10 pcs (something similar to what is here: http://www.redskip.pl/ceny-wywozu-gruzu-smieci-odpadow-w-kontenerach/) - changing the design of the site, we also changed the 'logo' if you can call it that, while we have it only in text on the site and we need to make some graphic file from it, which can be used for example in documents and we need to design a letterhead/offer so that the printed documents are the same as what the website looks like.
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    FotoSklarnia is a photo studio that so far operates without any graphics only on social media. For yesterday we need a design for an elegant voucher even with a simple logo, followed by a logo and a design for a decorative envelope. I can provide any number of photos, I have plenty of that. instagram.com/photoglassroom
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    Portal prototype
    Proposed by freelancer
    I will commission a prototype of a large portal. Please provide a price range
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    Sign book
    Proposed by freelancer
    Good Morning. I will commission a sign book for Logos. Please provide me with offers.
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    I will outsource the company's visual identity using Adobe package. 1. create Logo, business cards, graphics for FB, IG, YT, LinkedIn, etc. 2. creation of an animated logo (Lottie) for use on the website. 3. optionally create an intro to YT with the same logo animation. I am looking for a person for permanent cooperation. Please specify the deadline for completion.
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    Strayker Software
    I will commission a set of graphics, specification of simplified visual identity and texts for a software brand and one of its products. - Enhancing the existing one and making different variations of the brand's logo, including banners, - Creation of an icon for Work In Progress status marking, - Gathering Word file identification documentation, - Designing a brand theme for Word files, according to previously created guidelines, - Create a brand website mockup in Figma tool, including text for the website, in accordance with SEO and Material Design specifications (preferably Angular Material) and prior brand identity guidelines, - Design from scratch the logo and graphics for the Steam store for the audio visualization program, - Product descriptions for the Steam store, The order of execution is important here, as some of the points are dependent on their predecessors. I provide the base files for the work. In bids, please estimate the time of work.
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    Teosto 25 deals
    Creation of graphics for Facebook posts
    Proposed by freelancer
    The order includes the preparation of graphics for Facebook posts Once the order is completed, production files needed Experience in working with Adobe Photoshop required Dimensions, examples and number of pieces specified in the attachment
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    Teosto 25 deals
    Creation of FB/IG/WWW/G-Ads graphics
    Proposed by freelancer
    The order includes preparation of graphics for Facebook posts, Instagram, Google Ads, website graphics and one type of animation Billboards and Gazette is sent by us in the form of PDF/PSD files, from which you need to extract products for graphics Once the order is completed, production files needed Required experience in working with Adobe Photoshop Required ability to create a simple animation Dimensions, examples and number of pieces specified in the attachment
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    Martyna Ż. 17 deals
    - knowledge of the subject of personal development, self care and motivation. - minimalist style - permanent cooperation - monthly settlement
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    Krzysztofff 4 deals
    10 pages (graphics + text layout)
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34 deals
Job category:
Graphic projects
Expected budget:


Preferable skills:
adobe illustrator
adobe indesign
adobe photoshop
bussines card
corporate identity
layout design
vector graphics
web design
Valid until:

Job description

I am looking for a person who SPECIALIZES in creating PDF offers. After receiving access to the system, the contractor with support (in terms of the desired information) will create an offer in the form of a ~ 10-page PDF offer in two editions: instructions (how to start) and what you will gain (list of benefits, functions, basic system description). About 2 * 10 pages in total.

We take into account only people who provide folio with similar realizations at a high aesthetic and substantive level, with a clear ability to perform independent research and a sense of benefits for a potential client.

Possible permanent cooperation and its extension, e.g. with elements of the parties. Please do not let agencies come forward - only independent contractors with relevant experience supported by folio.

Type and number of projects:

2 * 10 (two separate presentations).