Mockup of a mobile application for athletes.

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Our client created a web application for professional athletes. It is, however, too complicated for its audience. The recipients are professional rowers - there are several thousand of them. The customer monetizes the solution by offering a subscription. The basic version is free, it gives you some possibilities, and you can unlock more for an additional fee.

We need to create a concept mockup for a mobile application. For the client, the simplicity of using the application counts - he is a programmer himself, so he does not understand UX and does not know how to translate his difficult web system into a mobile application. The purpose of the order is to convince the client to MVP, i.e. to translate several functionalities from its web version into a mobile application. He wants athletes to have access to a simple mobile application.

We want to make a preliminary sketch without any graphic elements of this mobile application. The initial phase is to encourage the client to this endeavor and requires reduced implementation costs. Further details are available in additional materials after consultation.

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Conceptual design development